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Favorite Health Food: Chicken

Favorite Sinful Food: Mexican

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking & Swimming

My Approach to Weight Loss: Discipline and Consistency

My Weight Loss Program: Weight Watchers

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Map My Fitness

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $47.83

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06/17/2019 7:42AM in Deesgonnaloseit Summer Slimdown
Seven days left!!! We got this!!


06/17/2019 6:19AM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down
Does anyone know if we can submit our final weigh in on Sunday? Or does it have to be on Monday?

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Annoying (when you’ve already made goal) you have to wait until the day after the game ends. So this game ends Monday but you can’t weigh out until Tuesday or Wednesday (which is great if you haven’t quite made goal)




06/16/2019 3:07PM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down
  • Happy Fathers day tribe! Got in a workout still & I hope you had an amazing one! No matter what happened today or this weekend in fact just remember that tomorrow is a new day! To celebrate all the dads out there I'm giving away two Skype sessions with me! Leave a comment below about your favorite thing about your dad (or other family member) below by Monday June 17th at 2pm eastern to win! All winners chosen at the end of our game! Good luck!

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I think I may have missed the deadline but I am commenting just in case. My favourite thing about my Momma is how she has preserved and stepped into single mom role when my father fell ill and passed away. I have wonderful memories of my Dad, and my Mom has fufilled both her role and his amazingly. Glad she is now getting to enjoy being a Nan to all her grandchildren.

Lisa T.

My amazing husband who has stepped into the role of stepfather to three teenagers who aren't very accepting all the time but yet he has incredible patience and continues to show incredible love towards them

Dee is the overall MVP of the game! They invited 11 friends.

06/11/2019 12:12AM in Deesgonnaloseit Summer Slimdown


06/09/2019 10:15PM in Deesgonnaloseit Summer Slimdown
  • Happy Monday!! As you go throughout your day, remember why you joined this dietbet!! What are your goals this week? What challenges do you have facing you right now? Push through and fight for your victory!! You can do it!$


06/09/2019 5:37AM in Deesgonnaloseit Summer Slimdown
  • Who are you doing this for? Remember your long term goals. Small disciplines create big changes!! We got this!! Have a great Sunday!

Nickie C.

06/08/2019 7:37AM in Deesgonnaloseit Summer Slimdown
Dee! I was doing great, then Alberto brought home macaroons last night- something we hardly ever buy, but are a weakness. 😫 We didn’t just have one or two. They’re gone. 😱 Now, to check that off as a fall and get back on track today. That is the goal.

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Oh no!! That’s great you’ve been on track though! Just get right back on and I am sure you’ll be fine! One indulgent shouldn’t break you! You got this!!


06/07/2019 6:30AM in Deesgonnaloseit Summer Slimdown
  • How’s everyone’s progress going? Happy Friday!! I know weekends can be challenging so here’s to hoping everyone pushes through! We got this 🎉🎉 Feel free to share your progress status in the comments!


06/06/2019 6:43AM in Deesgonnaloseit Summer Slimdown
  • How is everyone doing? I have 4 more pounds to lose to win this dietbet! Working hard, and staying on track with my nutrition and exercise. What are some changes you are making right now to help you achieve your goal to win this dietbet and be a healthier you?
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