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I need 2 total knee replacements

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Favorite Health Food: Avocado

Favorite Sinful Food: Chocolate

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Swim

My Approach to Weight Loss: Keto/IF

My Diet Plan: Keto/IF

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Fooducate, CarbManager

Fitness Devices: FitBit

TIME PERIOD: All 60-Days 30-Days
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04/22/2019 8:34AM in Fatgirlfedup's Post Easter Spring Slim Down
  • Time to start this week and game with stepping out of our comfort zone! Time for a challenge! This week I challenge you to try something new! This could be a certain workout, food, gym, workout class, or even just buying a new outfit out of your comfort zone! Let us know what you tried this week below!

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I tried to ride a racing bike. I always dreamt of having one. But I have to admit it’s not very attractive.. instant neck pain :(


Today I went kayaking for the first time. I'm in love.


04/20/2019 3:37PM in Fatgirlfedup's Post Easter Spring Slim Down
OMG! I'm so Frickin excited to do this! I will win this Bet! So will all of you! Let's do this!

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Yaaaay! Keep the positivity flowing! We got this giiirl! :raised_hands:


04/18/2019 5:41AM in Fatgirlfedup's Post Easter Spring Slim Down

It's our favorite time of the week—we’re announcing the 22 winners of the Fitbit Versa SmartWatch! Congrats to all of our winners! You’ll receive an email from us with details, so be on the lookout. Want a chance to be a prize winner next week? Become a member today! Without further ado...

Allie, Amanda B, Anke, Cicely, Erica R, Heather M, Jessica G, Jolene G, Juliann C, Katarzyna S, Kelsey Lynn, Kim, LeeAnn R, Lera C, Lydia G, Mary Pat, Rasita C, Sarah H, Sharon D, tasha l, Theresa, and Vickie!

Next week’s prize is a Ninja Foodi XL TenderCrisp Pressure Multi Cooker! Assassinate tough recipes with a pressure cooker that air-fries and crisps! 17 players will be selected to win.


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Brittany S.





04/15/2019 9:57AM in Fatgirlfedup's Post Easter Spring Slim Down - via iPhone
This is my first Diet Bet. I joined because I want accountability. I’ve lost 54.4 pounds since March 27, 2017. But until recently, the last 4 months have been up and down.

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Tami S.

We must be related! Lol. I've lost 59 lbs since January 2017 but in the last 5 months I've gained almost 20 of it back (ughh). These Diet Bets really help to keep me accountable. With it only being 4 weeks, you really have to stay committed. It's so exciting when you get the email saying you won a bet! Granted, we're not getting rich off the winnings but where else can you get paid ANY money for losing weight? The support you'll receive from the tribe is awesome. Good luck and keep us posted on your journey.


This is my 2nd bet. First with fatgirlfedup. I am so happy I found diet bet it really motivate me and keeps me accountable.

Ceri J.

04/14/2019 11:45PM in Fatgirlfedup's Post Easter Spring Slim Down - via iPhone
Well I have never tried this before, slimming world and weight watchers groups have worked for me in the past but with two young kids getting out to group is hard and although my diet is very healthy, my glass of wine or gin when the kids go to bed is definitey adding the pounds in.
I’ve followed Lexi on Instagram for a while now and think she really is amazing, I turn 40 at the end of May and would love to be 1 1/2 stone lighter by then!
I’m in the UK, just wondered where you’re all from and is this your first time? Xx

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Mel J, I'm from Victoria too!


This is my 2nd bet. First with fatgirlfedup. I am originally from Sweden but live in Barbados!