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Jennifer P.

07/23/2019 11:49AM in Weight Loss 3.0 Summer Slimdown
I lost my motivation and slacked off for 3 weeks. I suppose I have no chance of losing 7 pounds in the next 5 days.

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Kisha W.

Keep pushing. Every pound is still a win. :wink:

Keshia H.

Right there with you, Jennifer. Gaining and losing the same few pounds, I think I threw the whole month away... :weary: Let's pick up where we left off and keep it pushing! We got this!

Linda K.

07/05/2019 5:47PM in Weight Loss 3.0 Summer Slimdown
I tracked and jogged today. What positive things did you do today for your weight loss?

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I took a spin class and walked for an hour and a half on Friday and for Saturday I so far took a spin class and this afternoon I plan to walk to a job I have which would be about 2.5 to 3hrs if walking with a late lunch early dinner in between.

Keshia H.

I fasted, OMAD, and scrubbed the house from top to bottom today. Also, some dancing in between time...

Keshia H.

07/04/2019 10:32AM in Weight Loss 3.0 Summer Slimdown
  • As I walk past the sweet smoking bbq grills, in the shadow of ribs and briskets,
    Through the valley of decadent desserts, chunky potato salads, regular Triskets-
    Cold frosted sugary drinks, libations runneth over with a coke and a smile,
    Tracy insists I sit by the homemade banana pudding, feel like I'm on trial! 😩
    Do I do or do I don't? Whatever I do don't stay where you used to be...
    Whatever you choose, walk on through; or run, or power walk, to the cheese. KH

    A little humor as we face this weekend, and strength 🙌????❤

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Maren H.

That was great!

Keshia H.

Lol. I have to kick it up a notch for this DietBet! :weary: Fell off the wagon, drug it across the field, and used it for firewood :pray:

Keshia H.

06/27/2019 8:38AM in Weight Loss 3.0 DietBet
Congrats Everyone‼ I just need to say... I haven't been this weight since 1998

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Keshia H.


Keshia H.

06/12/2019 9:40AM in Weight Loss 3.0 DietBet - via iPhone
I have a question for the tribe... We are not to lose more than 12% even if we have a lot to lose, is that correct? (I mean to win) I saw that somewhere and now can not find it. Thanks in Advance! ❤🎯

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I think if I was close to the 12%, I would t mind losing the round

Keshia H.

I wouldn't mind either, just wanted clarity... Thanks a bunch.

Lucy M.

06/09/2019 1:26PM in Weight Loss 3.0 DietBet - via android
  • Did a Wonder Woman 10k this morning! First time ever had to stop and use the restroom! Affected my time but still had a ball! We got to go through Six Flags!

Elizabeth , Amy B. and like this photo.

Keshia H.

Wow! So exciting! Good for you!

Keshia H.

06/01/2019 6:54PM in Weight Loss 3.0 DietBet - via iPhone
  • I have a lot to lose but during the last DietBet 3.0 I got down to the lowest I’ve been in 15 years. I just might reach a milestone in this current challenge, one I haven't seen in over 20 years 😢. I'm looking into finding a budget-friendly gym near south metro Atlanta and a workout buddy for motivation and accountability. Here's to NEVER GIVING UP ON YOU! 🍻 🍇 ???? 🏆

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WeightLoss L.

You got this!!

Keshia H.

Thank you

Keshia H.

05/29/2019 9:38AM in Weight Loss 3.0 DietBet - via iPhone
  • Let's Go! Don't Let The Stumble Make Us Quit! 🏆❤🎯

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Keshia H. accepted the challenge.
05/21/2019 1:24AM in Weight Loss 3.0 DietBet
The pot is now $240

Danielle D. , Samantha C. , Tee , Wallsmomof3 and StepKing like this accomplishment.

WeightLoss L.

05/20/2019 10:52AM in Weight Loss 3.0 DietBet - via iPhone
  • Welcome!!

    If you’re here with us for round 2, please comment below 😉 we are glad you’re back and hope that this community can help you continue to crush your health and fitness goals!

    If this is your first time challenging with us, welcome as well and you can comment to let us know if you’ve participated in a DietBet before or if it’s your first time!

    We will again be offering a $25 gift certificate to a random player that invites at least one friend to the game (will be awarded if the game grows to more than 75 players) so share away!!

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paula M.

It is my 2nd Dietbet; I lost 2lbs. It is my 1st Dietbet with this Weightloss 3.0; so excited. I need to lose 5.6lbs and I am going to work really hard to reach my goal:)


2nd DietBet first one here!!