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I want to finally get to a place where I feel the most confident/energetic version of me.

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My Preferred Method of Exercise: Beachbody programs

My Approach to Weight Loss: 2B Mindset/Working out

My Weight Loss Program: 2B Mindset

My Diet Plan: Gluten Free Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

Fitness Devices: FitBit

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Ilana Muhlstein

12/04/2019 8:24AM in Year-End Strong with Ilana Muhlstein
  • How many pounds or ounces are you away from your goal?? 2 pounds? 5 pounds? Let me know!

    When you call it out, it usually seems less than you think and it’s likely still very possible to hit!

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Whitney S.

5.4lbs left :cold_sweat: I was killing it then Aunt Flo came and I blame the hormones for everything. I’m not sure I can make it back in just 9 days.


3.5 lbs! But I know I can do it! This is my birthday gift to myself! It’s in the 22nd.


12/01/2019 12:09PM in Year-End Strong with Ilana Muhlstein
I’m so happy to see new people still joining this group recently!!

If you are feeling discouraged... please believe in yourself.. You can absolutely still make your goal!!! People are just signing up now and will be able to do it. Pretend today is your very first dietbet day. Buy 2bmindset if you need education and help .. you can always find success!! A few days of plate it meals and you will be so happy and seeing results. Love yourself and embrace little changes, it really does add up.

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Hope you had a great day’


Needed this! Thank you!


12/01/2019 5:17AM in Year-End Strong with Ilana Muhlstein
Road trip today! Planning to make better choices for food on the road today than while we were driving here! I looked up a bunch of different fast food menus so I'm ready to go no matter where we stop!!!

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Great job doing your research so you are ready to make great choices!!

Ilana Muhlstein

11/30/2019 11:24PM in Year-End Strong with Ilana Muhlstein

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Rachel F.

True that!


So true!!

Ilana Muhlstein

11/29/2019 12:27PM in Year-End Strong with Ilana Muhlstein
  • Full disclosure: I’m feeling far from my December 16 goal! But I still know it’s possible. Tomorrow is my husbands birthday and I’m making him a lunch party versus a dinner one because I feel like that will help with plate it! (2B mindset) and with not drinking alcohol.

    I’m going to stay super focused this weekend and need to hone in on DINTEO. DINTEO stands for so I need this eating opportunity?

    I explain it deeper within the 2B mindset events videos and it helped last night from not mindlessly eating more fruit as dessert lingered on the table and I hope it helps tomorrow with birthday cake and such.

    I’ve definitely made a habit of being too lax with my BLTs (bites licks and tastes) so I’m excited to be reminded of the thrill of discipline. Who’s with me??

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I need to be better disciplined!

Jackie C

I was down 3 lbs as of yesterday, then boom! It all came back overnight! I don’t get it and am feeling defeated. I will have to put DINTEO into practice for the remainder of this challenge and moving forward!


11/28/2019 4:23AM in Year-End Strong with Ilana Muhlstein
  • Gratitude looks different for everyone. The moments captured in these pictures are of me feeling grateful that I can move my body this way, that my body works and is strong and healthy, that I don't feel rushed or stressed out or angry or sad.

    I just am.
    I exist.
    I'm alive.
    I'm well.

    Thank you to @elisejoanfitness for this program I'm sampling for the second time and I already feel like I'm going to love it and more importantly that I'm going to love myself doing it!! ❤

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This is beautifully written and SO true. Thank you for your inspiring words and Happy Thanksgiving!! :maple_leaf:

Ilana Muhlstein

11/26/2019 8:55AM in Year-End Strong with Ilana Muhlstein
  • Give yourself permission to be stronger than your past. What’s your plan for the week?

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stephanie v.

Discipline! I make it a point to wake up every morning and stick to a morning routine. This consistency has been helpful and proven to be a key indicator of my success.

Melissa M.

Turkey trot today. 15 mile run Saturday.


11/26/2019 6:09AM in Year-End Strong with Ilana Muhlstein
Forgive me if this is a bit of a jumbled post. I was kind of just thinking out loud. This is only my second contest and first post.


Our bodies are an extension of our minds.

Food is for energy, yet so many of us develop the habit of tying unnecessary emotion to it. I recently began losing more weight again (after hitting a plateau at 230lbs) from simply being nicer to myself and allowing myself to make big or small mistakes without mentally beating myself up for it, for hours after.

By being more forgiving of my own mistakes whether in dieting or everyday life, I began to see more success. I slowly realized I had been coping with feelings of guilt and self hate by stuffing my face with sugary foods.

I used to hate the person I saw in the mirror so I stuffed my face more, it was a vicious cycle until I finally decided to make a change. There's a deep pain that comes when you don't recognize the eyes staring back at you in a mirror. Thinking "How did this happen?" or "What did you do to yourself?" Those days were some of the hardest, but I wish you all the strength to feel the self love that you deserve. Even if you can't feel it now or for whatever reason feel you don't deserve it... YOU DO! Everyone does.

When we stop standing in our own way and allow ourselves the strength and courage to love and accept ourselves for all our quirks and flaws, things begin to fall into place, because self love affects so many aspects and relationships in our lives.

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Adrien B.


stephanie v.

Love this, I have to agree that we stand in our own way. We should be our biggest cheerleaders!

Ilana Muhlstein

11/18/2019 2:26AM in Year-End Strong with Ilana Muhlstein
  • Good morning goal crushers!!

    I recently created my Top 8 for Losing Weight list and I’m premiering it exclusively with this group!!!!

    Twice a week I will be sharing 2 of the tips each week of this diet bet group. This will give us each a chance to focus on it, apply it and help it become a more sustainable habit after the game window has ended.

    This first tip may be a scary one for some of you but I want you to realize that day to day the scale fluctuates. You could gain 6 pounds this week and still lose this diet bet game. It’s really week to week that the scale shows progress but when you start to look at it as a feedback tool, it can be helpful for staying consistent.

    I recommend only going on once a day first thing in the morning, undressed, after using the bathroom, and before you eat or drink anything.

    For more of an understanding of how to view the scale in a positive way along a weight loss journey I recommend doing my 2B mindset weight loss program if you haven’t already. There’s a 30 day money back guarantee so if you don’t lose the weight and want to try returning it you can. And if you do lose the weight and win the diet bet, you will have helped pay for your amazing investment!

    I’m so excited to rock this month with all of you! Please support one another in the comments and let’s keep this a really positive and fun community that we can all feel grateful for!

    Note: if this goal or any goal doesn’t work for you, feel free to use whatever approach makes you feel best mentally and physically.

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Maria S.

Weighing myself every morning has helped me enormously. Especially because my scale connects to the app and makes a chart that helps me see the overall trend

Adrien B.

Consistency is my goal through out this process

Hannah H.

11/17/2019 12:17PM in Year-End Strong with Ilana Muhlstein
Hey everybody!
I’m super nervous to be doing this. I’ve had a lifelong struggle with my body image. I used to be severely underweight, and now I’ve bounced to the other extreme- overweight and uncomfortable. I know my healthy happy zone is in the middle, and my long term goal is to get to that place. I’m really really full of shame right now about the way I look and I don’t feel good physically on top of it. I’m too embarrassed to go out in public because I don’t want to run into people who knew me before at a smaller weight. I’m ready for these feelings to end and I know it won’t be easy but I have to start somewhere and thought that connecting with some sort of community like this could be a good start. Here’s to healthy changes!

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You got this Hannah!!!

Valbona K.

Girl, you are not alone! 100% on the same boat! You got this!!
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