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05/20/2019 7:38PM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
  • This weekend I did pretty well, limited carbs...but then I drank a bottle of wine yesterday evening while waiting for and during the GoT finale 😂 Kept it very light today and finished the evening with cold rotisserie chicken and a Mexican slaw I whipped up. My gut is feeling much pretty today!

Jill K. , Alyssa L. and like this photo.

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Caitlin H.

That Mexican slaw is what dreams are made of !!! It looks soooo fresh !!! I am drooling. I just started game of thrones.. i know i know.. late bloomer... but i see many bottles of wine in my future hahaha


It’s cabbage! Just a bag of Kroger cabbage with stuff I had around the house thrown in. I topped it with fresh pico de gallo bc it’s my favorite!

And Caitlin! I binged from season one episode one starting over a month ago :joy: I was completely caught up by this past Sunday night!

Caitlin H.

05/17/2019 6:48AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
  • Baddies !! Can you believe we are more than halfway down with only week one and are already down over 500 lbs as a tribe ?!?! This is wild and also makes my heart so flipping happy. I wanted this dietbet to be filling with support and motivation and you guys are surpassed all my hopes !! I want to hold a weekly give away for each of the 4 weeks.
    Sundays will be the drawings for each give away!!
    This weekend I wanna focus on your WHY !! Tell me below why you are doing this ?! Why did you start your weight loss journey .. why did you join this dietbet ?! Why are you not giving up ?!
    Post below from now till Sunday at 8pm and a winner will be announced shortly after, randomly.

Jill K. , Nikki W. and like this photo.

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Nikki W.

I’ve struggled with my weight my ENTIRE life. I’m using dietbet as a way to share my struggles and accomplishments with people who are having similar experiences as me. I want to be healthy and happy—no excuses!


I needed a little extra motivation to drop down to the weight that makes me feel the best

Caitlin H.

05/14/2019 7:06PM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
  • I wanna have a weekly challenge !! Something to focus on throughout the week on top of the usual !! I think it is great to start week 1 off with a water challenge !!
    I know for myself I do best with drinking lots of water by using larger bottles. 38oz bottles are my go to.. I drink 4-5 a day and tackle them like many times challenges.. I like to drink one to work, 2 at work, 1 home from work !!
    This week let’s focus on water intake !! How many oz do you aim to drink a day ?! Report here when you reach your daily goal, when your slacking and need a push, or when you just wanna check in for accountability!!!
    Share your strategies on how you get all your water in !! Are you a room temp person or ice cold ?! Bottled or tap ?! Infused, selzter, sparkling. flat ?!
    This post is all about water and hitting those water goals !!

Jill K. , Gigi and like this photo.

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Carmen N.

I use 1L water bottles and have the times and amount on them with cute sayings for encouragement (I.e for Fox’s sake...drink your water, or chug it like its wine, etc). I also use a tracker with my Fitbit to ensure that I am hitting my target eat day.

Keleigh F.

Gallon for me a day, not including what I drink at the gym.

Laylan P.

05/14/2019 7:07AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies
Low carb blueberry yogurt bar for breakfast this morning! Saw a whole spread of carby sweets in the kitchen and avoided them like the plague!

Jill K. , Caitlin H. and like this comment.

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y'all know what helps me avoid food at the office? I see the way our restrooms look and how ppl don't clean up after themselves in the break room - and yup, or nope, i don't want to eat their food hahahah

Caitlin H.

Way to stay focused !!! That’s strong will power !!!!


05/13/2019 11:03AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
Anyone else do Keto? I have found this to be the most successful for me as well as the most versatile and easiest to maintain. I know lots of people who have had great success.

GG , Jill K. and like this comment.

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Caitlin H.

Soooo many successful Ketos in here !! We all know I’m keto incognito!!! Hahahaa




05/11/2019 11:44AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
Weigh in has been accepted! So excited to get this thing started!

Cat Zito , GG and like this comment.

Lucy Elizabeth

Mine too :). Can’t wait xx

Caitlin H.

YASSSSSSSS lets do this !!!!


05/03/2019 12:56PM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
Hello everyone! This is my first DietBet. I started following our amazing game hostess a few weeks ago and was truly inspired. I’m down 19 lbs since starting Keto (again) mid-March. I definitely need more accountability so I’m joining! My wife and I have four fur kids and are hoping to start adding human babes to the mix in the next year. I really want to be a healthy mom and have the energy to do everything. I work full time, am currently pursuing my MBA and have a side business. I’ve been over weight most of my life but have had periods of being thinner but it always comes back. I’m excited to meet everyone and go through this journey together!

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Caitlin H.

Look at your fur babies!!! SOOOOOO CUTE !!!!!!


Caitlin, thank you!

Ashley P.

05/03/2019 7:59AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies
  • Hello everyone!! I'm so excited to be apart of this dietbet with you guys!!! I have been following Catilin since she started her journey. We both started at the same time and she has been one of my biggest inspirations and supporters! I'm hoping to find more people here to connect with as dietbet and dietbet support has been so helpful to me!! I thought i would share my story, as i love hearing everyone elses!

    My name is Ashley and im from Canada and I am 23 years old. I am recently engaged and a new step mama to 2 amazing young boys. It has been a big adjustment in my life but im so happy for it. I have been over weight my whole life. its always been a struggle. I lost over 70 lbs a few years back when i was in a very toxic and abusive relationship. He did not support my weightloss, yet when we broke up told me he never loved me because of my weight. Never understood that but i went into a deep depression and ended up gaining all my weight back plus more. It was a dark time in my life. I was so lucky when i met the man of my dreams a few years later, my now fiance. He has been so supportive from the start about my weight and loved me at my highest. At the end of last year i stepped on the scale and was mortified when i weighed in at 415 lbs. I said enough was enough an started my journey January 1st. I have had nothing but support from my fiance and family and i know i can do it this time! I know theres no giving up! I am not going back to that life. Now that i have children and a family to be there for, I need to take my life back. I want to play with them and be there for them. They need me. I want this so bad, and i finally am in a good place when i know i can do this! I also have a wedding to plan now! I would love to be at goal weight by then!! (no date set yet haha) But anyways, Dietbet and instagram is what is getting me to where i am now! 69 lbs down!!! I would love to connect with you guys and learn your story! My instagram is @fatsm.ash.er!

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Following you! Congratulations!!!

Caitlin H.

ASHLEY ASHLEY ASHLEY !!!! Girl I am sooo happy you decided to join the tribe!! I love following along in your journey on IG and now I am so excited to be apart of your dietbet journey as well!! 69 pounds is freaking amazing !!!! you are amazing !!! You are so strong and so brave and sooooo worthy of love and i am soo happy to watch you continue to love yourself throughout this journey. <3