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Rudy C.

05/02/2021 6:02AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
I reached my goal this round. But, I accidentally clicked “re-submit weigh in” As I was trying to get my password. It sent my previous weigh in weight. I just sent a message hoping to get the proper password for this round. I hope I get a response in time. As I worked my butt off yesterday to lose the lb I was needing. Fingers crossed!

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Rudy C.

All corrected and submitted. Thank you to the referee for their quick response! Good luck all!

Christin A.

They are usually quick to respond to issues! Congrats!!

Rudy C.

05/01/2021 6:30AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
Congrats to all that made weight this round! I had reached my final goal last round and just focusing on maintaining this weight and losing a few more along the way. I am still 1.1 lbs shy of my target for another transformer. Hoping that a day of exercise and clean eating will get me to where I need to be. Stay focused all!

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Rudy C.

04/24/2021 8:37AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • Happy Saturday! I’ve already reached my daily step goal and it isn’t even noon. Crunch time! Stay focused, all!

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Great job, Rudy!

P D.

That’s awesome

Tiffany C.

04/23/2021 7:19PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
Uggg.....I was doing so good. Then I fell off the wagon. I had my goal weight hit (early one morning naked on the scale) and now I I don’t even have this round anymore. The pounds come back quickly...😞

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Nakia C.

There is still time! That’s what I’m telling myself anyway...

Rudy C.

Hang in there. I can fluctuate 4-6 pounds in a weekend. Gained and lost. Just stay focused and get back on track. You got this!

Nate S.

04/06/2021 11:32AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • Transformation Tuesday!! I’m still feeling pretty bummed about losing my first dietbet round, so I’m posting this for some inspiration. This was me 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my 2nd food baby. Apparently I like headbands? I dunno. Anyways, my weight-loss has been slow and chaotic, but it has been steady. 80 lbs so far. There’ve been a lot of failures and setbacks, but the weight rollercoaster has always been trending downwards. I think the only key to success is never giving up. I take baby steps everyday towards better nutrition and fitness and after several years those steps have added up. And those changes have become ingrained healthy habits. I’m still 20 pounds from my “goal” but that is just a vanity goal. I’ve crushed my goal of getting healthy. I’m not going to die in my early 40s because of food and alcohol addiction. Instead I’m going to try and have abs for the first time in my life. My GF deserves it after having to be with that blob for so long. He was a lovable blob. But a blob nonetheless. I guess I’ve learned that I’d rather fail at hard goals than succeed at easy ones. Keep failing everybody! 💪😁

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Nate S.

Thank you for the support! Dietbet is one of the best things I’ve discovered on my journey to becoming a healthy person

Jessica MM

I agree and this game has been the best db team I’ve been in yet. Hopefully I’ll muster up a side by side post by June!

Smashing work!

Nicole H.

04/06/2021 6:41AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
Down 50 pounds!! Don’t mind me while I rip my clothes off and prance naked through the snow past all my exes houses

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Sheri C

:joy:That's one way to celebrate!! Well done!!

Jessi S.

YAAAS! lol that’s awesome! Keep kicking ass!

Rudy C.

04/01/2021 5:40AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
I was 4 lbs under my target for this month last week. I quickly gained that back with a cheat weekend. But, managed to get back down and exceed my target by .8. I’m quickly realizing that those cheat days aren’t worth hard work I put in. Need to scale back on my indulgences! Congrats to all that met their goal this month! For those that fell short, keep at it. We have several months left to get back on track!

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Greg M.

This was me too! Maybe not as far under my target before but ballooned up over the weekend and worked hard to bring it back down. Congrats!

Laura S

03/21/2021 10:18AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
I’ve looked at the figures for what the max weight loss is per round (I was checking to see the % before you’re disqualified) and I still can’t figure out what the max of lbs/kg I can lose per month is, thanks Dyscalculia 😩😳.
Could a kind soul please give me the most simple explanation for the max that I can lose for round 2 and 3 if my round two goal was 150lbs and I’m at 149.8lbs? My poor brain.

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Laura S

Thanks Elizabeth I was really struggling to visualising it, even after using a calculator. I definitely won’t be doing/aiming the max, was just a little worried as we’ve had a heavy cold go round and now it’s a tummy bug doing the rounds - I work in a school. Didn’t want to end up disqualified because of it,

Rudy C.

Disqualification: Each round in Transformer has its own disqualification threshold. If you lose more than the maximum allowed weight, you will be disqualified for the remainder of the game. This is to prevent players from going overboard or using bariatric procedures during the game.

Round 1 - 12%
Round 2 - 18%
Round 3 - 24%
Round 4 - 27%
Round 5 - 30%
Round 6 - 30%
Also, you can be disqualified for losing more than 12% in a round. For example, your starting weight is 200 pounds and at the end of Round 1 you were 192 pounds. If you then lost more than 23 pounds in Round 2 (that is, more than 12% of 192 pounds), you would be disqualified.

Chessie C.

03/19/2021 7:11PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • Weighed in this morning at .2lbs past my round 6 goal weight! Although I may be “done” with this bet, I won’t be stopping anytime soon! I just joined another transformer that goes from March to September to keep up the motivation! If you want to follow my progress, my Instagram is @chessiegetshealthy

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Lisa R.

Great job!

Rudy C.

Great job! You look great! I too, have surpassed my round 6 goal. I’m 5 lbs below. Keep on track and good luck with your other transformer!

Chronically Fabulous

03/19/2021 11:20AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • Just wanted to share something that I am a little proud of.

    With a week notice I suddenly had to have brain surgery. I have a brain disease and I knew I had this surgery coming. But because of covid, they would wait to do the surgery until the positive procentage came down. (We was and partly still am in a form of lockdown. With only the importants shops open)
    But my condition got worse, and suddenly very fast. So they couldn't wait any longer.
    Unfortunately the surgery took a bigger swing at my body than what they had thought. So I had to in hospital longer than expected, and was and partly still am bedridden. But I can do more and more without too much pain.

    I thought about contacting dietbet support, and tell them about my condition and hope to get reimbursed for this month. (I pay monthly). I even thought about quitting this game because I thought I had lost all chance of succeding this game. Especially that i probably have to have another brain (and actually also abdomen) surgery in the near future. And that will be a bigger one than the first one. Even though I had managed to win the first 2 rounds.

    But then i thought "Hell no". I aint a quitter. I'm gonna do my best and I WILL succeed. Because that is what want to and therefore I will do it!

    - continued in the comments. Because apparently I can't write short posts 😂

    - if the picture offend/bother or trigger anyone. Please let me know and I will delete instantly. Because I don't wanna make anyone uncomfortable.

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Rudy C.

Great attitude! Wishing you a quick and full recovery!

Chronically Fabulous

Rachel S - Thankyou so much!
That is really kind of you, i really appreciate it! I wish you all the best too!

Rudy C - Thankyou so much! I am glad to hear you think that. I really appreciate it!
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