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kennedy n. created this game!

08/09/2019 7:53AM in Fallin' Into Fitness with kpnfit!
Players will compete to lose 4% of their starting weight in 4 weeks. Everyone who wins splits the pot! See how it works.

Up to the challenge? Join this game!

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kennedy n.

07/24/2019 9:13AM in Keepin’ Fit For Summer with kpnfit!
congrats to all the winners!!!! and for those that didn’t win, totally okay!! keep at your goals, i believe in you!!

i’ll be hosting another dietbet in september so keep your eyes peeled!!💕

Joanna B. , Hannah H. and like this comment.

kennedy n.

07/17/2019 2:48PM in Keepin’ Fit For Summer with kpnfit!
how’s it going everyone??

Marissa S. , Hermissionpossible and like this comment.

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Jules J.

Doesn’t look good for me. I’m 4 away and feeling discouraged


Riding a roller coaster the last bit of time we have left

kennedy n.

07/03/2019 10:26AM in Keepin’ Fit For Summer with kpnfit!
yay!!! we hit 700 players!🙌

Nicole E. , Marianna C. and like this comment.

kennedy n.

06/28/2019 5:29AM in Keepin’ Fit For Summer with kpnfit!
happy friday loves!! as the weekend approaches, i want to encourage you a bit — enjoying yourselves over the weekend is okay! try not to miss out on fun life events for the sake of losing weight. one meal that goes over your cals won’t make you lose all your progress. keep up the hard work cuties!

Shelby P. , Lorena H. and like this comment.

kennedy n.

06/28/2019 5:27AM in Keepin’ Fit For Summer with kpnfit!
we are getting super close to 700 players!! you can join up until 7/7 so invite your friends!

Madi , Allison S. and like this comment.

Marla K.

06/27/2019 2:56PM in Keepin’ Fit For Summer with kpnfit!
  • Celebrating a NSV. I went to the gym during my lunch hour!!

Julie M. , Cassie P. and like this photo.

kennedy n.

good job marla!!!

kennedy n.

06/24/2019 6:13AM in Keepin’ Fit For Summer with kpnfit!
happy first day of the dietbet!!

what are you doing this week to meet your goals?
i just got to the gym and feelin super confident!!!💕

Janessa W. , Abraham G. and like this comment.

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Materjay K.

I will be Tacking my meals on my fitness pal, intermittent fasting exercising 4-5 days a week and portion control plus drinking 2 tables spoons of Apple cider vinger with cayenne pepper and ginger every day before bed.

Janessa W.

I’m a little late to the group, so technically today is my first day. I plan on only eating when I’m actually hungry instead of snacking because I’m bored. I also will be upping my water intake and activity level.

kennedy n.

06/18/2019 1:33PM in Keepin’ Fit For Summer with kpnfit!
ahh! the pot is at $3500!!! who’s getting hyped???

Hermissionpossible , yourlovelyc and like this comment.

Crissy F.

me!!!! can’t wait for this to start :blush:

kennedy n.

06/02/2019 8:21AM in Keepin’ Fit For Summer with kpnfit!
  • hey loves!!!
    it’s giveaway time!
    in order to enter — comment on this post letting me know your goals! any kind of goals: weight, NSVs, life, etc!
    you get an extra entry if you invite your friends to join!!

    i’ll announce the winner on wednesday.
    there will be 2 winners to get my guide bundle! :)

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My goal is to be healthier overall! I've recently had several close family members pass away and it made me realize I need to take better care of myself.

Berenise C.

My goal is to graduate on August 3rd and be able to take pictures comfortably. I’ve gained so much weight that I have become so insecure about myself. I want to be comfortable again and feel healthy!
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