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Danielle D.

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07/30/2019 4:05AM in Felicia Fitness Health's Summer DietBet!
Has anyone yet had their photo rejected and had to resubmit? Getting nervous. Sent in my photos 4 hours ago.

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I haven’t heard anything, no.

Katie M.

Kels, I submitted at 5 this morning and just got my verification!

Stef P.

07/29/2019 3:14PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame28 #EndGain

    BBM!!! Special edition
    ❤ my heart grew about a trillion sizes on Friday. It was an extremely rough birth on both of us. We’re both recovering and finally home! I went back and saw so many posts I wanted to
    Comment on and know once they’re older
    No one pays attention anyway 😂 BREEZIE kick the bastard to the dog house and get a side piece.
    Love you all for thinking of me.

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Corrie P.

Congrats stef!!!! So happy you are all home!

Danielle D.

Congratulations Stef. Beautiful beautiful baby.:heart_decoration:
Danielle D. accepted the challenge.
07/24/2019 12:33PM in Fatgirlfedup's July Jumpstart Dietbet
The pot is now $121,110

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Danielle D.

07/10/2019 7:46AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame28 #EndGain
  • My 3 Wishes Wednesday...
    Bar one milkshake, Nachos and a Steak Gatsby????????????

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Sweet Caroline

OMG, yes!!!


06/30/2019 10:09AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame27 #DinnerIsComing
Well I just joined the next shame game and it automatically used my weigh out from yesterday. It didn’t even ask if I wanted to. I’ve eaten a lot. This could be very bad!

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Danielle D.

Had the same experience with another db. As a result...I have an extra 2kgs or so to lose.:hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Carolina R.

It’s not new. Before the update it used to do the same thing.


06/28/2019 1:53PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame27 #DinnerIsComing
  • They look jealous...

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Danielle D.





06/28/2019 7:56AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame27 #DinnerIsComing
  • #feelgoodfriday
    Cleaning out the 3000 pics on my phone and was seeing how my look has changed with weight-loss. Like my face and body shape. And seriously am so proud. December to June. Not half bad if I do say so myself! And I have coming back to the shame game to thank for that! Well and being a greedy bitch who hates to lose!

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Omg!! You look amazing and sooo much younger!!! I never would have realized that was you if you hadn't told us.


Looking great!


06/26/2019 8:32AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame27 #DinnerIsComing
  • Sorry to bombard you guys but I couldn’t hold my excitement in! I had ordered two bathing suits last week and they arrived yesterday morning. I was so eager to try them on and to see if the fit since I ordered them online. Let’s just say I was elated how they looked on me. I’ve lost 30 lbs so far and have 20 more till I reach my goal! I have vacation in the next couple weeks and by then it will be my lowest weight in two years! I’m ready to feel confident in myself and rid of all the insecurities I have about myself. Sorry if the post was long but just wanted to share how happy I feel ☺

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Beautiful, you chose well! First one is my favorite (more skin?). Where'd you get them?


Lizzie thank you so much. I got them from Target actually! They were buy one get one 50% off. For two bathing suits I paid a little over $60.

laura g.

06/26/2019 4:21AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame27 #DinnerIsComing
I don't feel like typing out my insignificant concern bc seeing it in words will make it seem as stupid as I'm sure it actually is. I just want someone to know I'm frustrated.
That is all. Thank you for listening, or continuing to scroll, your choice.
Have a good day!

Sina , Phat Liz E E. and like this comment.

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Samantha F.

Feel free to vent anytime!


Venting is good.
I hope you feel better very soon.


06/26/2019 2:55AM in Weight Loss 3.0 DietBet
Uuuupssss. I just did a misstake in my final weight in... Registered 71 lbs instead of 71 kg and got desqualified. I just send an email to the support service. Has this happened to anyone before?

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That happened to me in my last bet and they fixed it for me, no problem


Fixed! DietBet support is super quick and nice!! Thank you all. I will be extra careful with next subits. :)
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