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Favorite Health Food: Eggs and avocado

Favorite Sinful Food: Ice cream or chocolate

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness Devices: FitBit

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05/18/2019 11:32AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
  • Ho ???? ly ???? shit ???? look how much my waist and midsection shrunk in 6 months! And my posture improved too!

Elana S. , Caitlin H. and like this photo.

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Eva P.

Wow that’s awesome!!

Caitlin H.

my jaw is dropped !!! loook at that waist !! You did that !!!!! YOU FREAKING DID THAT !!!!!

Caitlin H.

05/17/2019 6:48AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
  • Baddies !! Can you believe we are more than halfway down with only week one and are already down over 500 lbs as a tribe ?!?! This is wild and also makes my heart so flipping happy. I wanted this dietbet to be filling with support and motivation and you guys are surpassed all my hopes !! I want to hold a weekly give away for each of the 4 weeks.
    Sundays will be the drawings for each give away!!
    This weekend I wanna focus on your WHY !! Tell me below why you are doing this ?! Why did you start your weight loss journey .. why did you join this dietbet ?! Why are you not giving up ?!
    Post below from now till Sunday at 8pm and a winner will be announced shortly after, randomly.

Jill K. , Nikki W. and like this photo.

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Nikki W.

I’ve struggled with my weight my ENTIRE life. I’m using dietbet as a way to share my struggles and accomplishments with people who are having similar experiences as me. I want to be healthy and happy—no excuses!


I needed a little extra motivation to drop down to the weight that makes me feel the best


05/15/2019 10:42AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
I’m feeling very proud of myself this week for a number of reasons, but currently most proud because there is a big baby shower at work today with all kinda of snacks and sweets and I purposefully packed my lunch and ate it BEFORE attending so hopefully I’ll be less likely to pig out!

Jill K. , Caitlin H. and like this comment.

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Definitely a great achievement!! Let us know how your event went xx

Caitlin H.

Way to be prepared!!!!!!! That’s amazing !! I am freaking sooo proud !!!

Catherine H.

05/15/2019 8:18AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
  • I know I’m already talking with several of you on Instagram (ketogeniccath) and seeing all of your pictures, but for those that don’t have one, I thought I’d post this here! Exactly 4 months on keto!

Jill K. , Caitlin H. and like this photo.

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YESSS!!! You look amazing! Keto love <3

Caitlin H.

Baddie Babe !!!!!

Caitlin H.

05/14/2019 6:28PM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
  • Dietbet only requires a weigh in at the start and the end !! I am most successful with weekly weigh ins !! I like to participate in #weighinwednesday on IG and would love to have a thread here on Wednesday’s.
    I am posting a few hours early for those who may be ahead on me on time zones and what not .. feel free to participate if you’d like !! Post your weigh in Wednesday down below and feel free to share how much you’ve lost for the week and or since starting the game !!!

Jill K. , Rebecca G. and like this photo.

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Down almost 2 lbs :grin:


Down 1 lb but need to lose 8! I really need to start working out, I suppose the wine isn’t helping either :joy:


05/13/2019 9:18AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
  • As I was walking down the hall at work my pants just kept sliding down. I made an elastic band fix lol lol lol

Jill K. , Caitlin H. and like this photo.

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What a great problem to have. Congrats!

Caitlin H.

Sounds like an amazing NSV to me !!! Congrats !!!!

Caitlin H.

05/13/2019 9:06AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
  • What did everyone have for breakfast or “1st meal” if you IF !!
    I do intermediating fasting sooo my first meal was 11:45am.. I had 5 hard boiled eggs with hot sauce & a protein coffee !!

GG , Jill K. and like this photo.

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I've started eating chia pudding in the mornings. It's delicious, filling, super low calorie and high fiber. And easy to make! I do 2 Tbsp. chia seeds in 3/4 cup of almond milk. Makes me feel full for a couple of hours.

One of my goals is to increase my fiber intake, and chia has a LOT of fiber (10g in just 2tbsp!).


Looks good Caitlin! I had 2 boiled eggs at 6am and eat every 3 hours.

Alicia M.

05/13/2019 8:31AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
  • Day 1 hour of cardio done! ✅

GG , Jill K. and like this photo.

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Ashley P.



Well done:clap::clap::clap::clap:


05/13/2019 7:20AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies
Happy Monday everyone! Good luck as we start this brand new Dietbet I m so excited to be here with Caitlin as our host! She is one dynamite woman!

GG , Jill K. and like this comment.

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She sure is!! My first db of all.

Caitlin H.

Awww you guys are the best !! I am sooo excited to be doing this with all of you and hopefully many more dietbets to come !!!!


05/13/2019 12:44AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
  • Good morning to everyone!)
    This is my first DietBet. And I’m very exiting. Lately my weight lose stop and I just can’t go back on track. So I’m hope this new experience help me.
    This is my breakfast today. 306 kcal. Not my usual breakfast because I don’t feel myself very well.
    But anyway good luck to everyone 😘

Caitlin H. , Patti and like this photo.


Looks great! Good evening from New Zealand:wink:

Caitlin H.

Looks yummy !! I am soooo happy you are here with us !! I think dietbet will be a great way to kickstart your weightloss back up !!!
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