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07/11/2019 7:43AM in Summatime Fine w/ Franny
  • I reached my 50 pound down mark this morning 😎

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Briana R.

Congratulations! I did earlier this week! Keep on keeping on:muscle:

Cassidy W.

Congratulations! That’s awesome!!


07/11/2019 1:00AM in Summatime Fine w/ Franny
Ladies, I go on vacation in 19 days. I’m up a bunch of weight and bloated as hell. I know I can lose the water weight and bloat before I go but why do we self sabotage like this? Can anyone relate?

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Bethany M.

I'm the queen of restarting this journey!! I can totally relate. I was on vacation for the past week and gained back everything that I had worked for.


You guys are absolutely right!! I’m going to have a great time regardless. I’m going to drink my water, eat better and fake tan :joy: thanks ladies


07/10/2019 11:00PM in Summatime Fine w/ Franny - via android
At the gym .... Feeling like I have NO motivation at all to do anything. Well I'm here and I'm going to make this a great session I'll just have to push through these first 20 or 30 mins lol :/

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Amy S.

30 minutes is better than nothing :) you got this!


07/10/2019 7:38PM in Summatime Fine w/ Franny
Finally scale is moving 67% to goal! 11 days to go I know I will crush it! Already planning on joining Frannys next one. Love the accountability and motivation!! One more day of my work week and my weekend begins! Which means 2 a days! I am so pumped! Lets kill the next 11 days people!

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Amy S.

Woo great job:tada:

Jestine L.

07/10/2019 1:50PM in Summatime Fine w/ Franny
  • MADE IT! After the week of the 4th of July it was rough, and getting back on it was hard, many times I thought oh well I have done good so far I could just stop now. But I buckled down pushed through and remembered why I started, and got back on it, and now I am recharged and ready to crush my all time goal which is 140, a little over half way there!

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Amy S.


Jami M.

07/10/2019 3:20AM in Summatime Fine w/ Franny
  • Feeling really good today. I messed up over the 4th. The 3rd was my 20 year anniversary so I went off the rails for 2 days. Been back on it since and now I am back down to my lowest and only need to loose 2 more pounds to win the dietbet! We can all do this! I have lost 92 pounds so far! @findingjami

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Amy S.

Thats amazing progress! Keep it up!

Christine S.

Wowzers !!!!


07/05/2019 7:38PM in Summatime Fine w/ Franny
Ok I’m writing in here to keep me accountable. I’ve just decided I want to go for a run to get my cardio in but I can’t go until later on tonight. By then I know I’ll be tired and full of excuses, so this is my way of making sure I do what I need to keep. Will keep y’all updated. Hope everyone is having a fantastic day!

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Amy S.

You can do it!


Got there in the end guys 30 minutes on stair master 10 minutes on treadmill whoop


07/01/2019 10:36PM in Summatime Fine w/ Franny
Guys it’s the week before shark week and I’ve spent the last 4 days eating everything in sight. How do I break this habit. I feel awful, bloated and actually physically ill 😭 self sabotage is a bitch

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Briana R.

You are one meal away from getting back on track. Remind yourself of your goals. That always helps me. Doing what I’ve always done isn’t going to move me forward. Changing habits is. That time of month is always going to be there. When you want to grab something bad, drink some water. Give yourself healthier versions of the crap you do want (dairy free ice cream, fruit for the sweet tooth. Some gauc and carrots for the savory). You got this!! I believe in you and Amy! :muscle:

Brandy M.

Jay-same!! I’m so disappointed in myself right now I cried. Hormones suck but we can definitely overcome the urge to eat too mu h. Good luck to you!!


06/20/2019 10:10AM in Summatime Fine w/ Franny
  • A new low guys!!!! So proud of myself, hope you all are getting ready for our game to start! Encourage friends and family to join the more the merrier and bigger the pot!

    Tomorrow I will post some helpful tips for any newbies on how to get weighed in! You can start weighing in on Saturday but don’t worry you technically have up to 14 days after the game starts to get weighed in (sooner the better tho)

    Make sure these next few days you are putting a plan together for yourself. Physically write out your goals and what you want the next 4 weeks to mean for you, if you need help/questions leave them in the comments so I can respond!


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Brook T.

So amazing!! You constantly inspire me!

Amy S.

Congratulations! Recently I’ve dropped the ball and regained lots of weight. Using this dietbet to motivate me to stay consistent with simply being healthy!! (At least staying active and not eating junk food for every meal) :blush: so excited for everyone to reach their goals!!