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Frances C.

05/16/2019 3:30PM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via iPhone
Headed to a big work dinner tonight with tons of food and booze. How do you cope in these situations?

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Frances C.

Thank you everyone! Great tips! I did enjoy a vodka soda and a big salad with shrimp. Yum!!


I agree with Molly, eat very light all day and save your calories for dinner but make healthy choices. Have a drink or two but try to do vodka waters or wine. (healthier than beer and dark liquors). Have a sparkling water in between drinks so you still get the sensation but without the cals!


05/16/2019 4:26AM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via android
I am definitely new to this and trying to navigate the areas. I have 2 questions, how do i read comments on my post people send, without have to scroll clear back to read them? Also are there certains places that you always navigate to that i may have not checked out. Thanks in advance.

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You can click YOU in the top sections of comments and it'll show your posts and what people say.


Thank you everyone i figured it out

mols inspire


    I've never done this one before but I feel like it's so so so so important. Some people THINK they have a plan but it's not written down and they can't get clarity on it.

    It's so important to have a game plan and have it written somewhere, so i challenge you guys EXACTLY the plan you have to win this game.

    I want diet details,
    Workout details
    Motivation details,
    Schedule details,
    meal pretty details.

    I want to know how you're going to do it and whats going to make you stick to it! THE MORE DETAIL THE BETTER!

    Winner will be announced on MONDAY!!! You have until Sunday night!

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Hannah T.

Accountability and motivation: tracking cals/water/steps and workouts on Fitbit; Instagram and DietBet to collab with others on our journeys!
Workouts: 6-7 days a week. Monday: lower body focus. Tuesday: upper body focus. Wednesday: core focus. Thursday: cardio. Friday: HIIT. Saturday: hot yoga or cardio. Sunday: rest day or any workout!
Diet: I am flexible with my dieting. As long as I am in a calorie deficit, I’m happy! Tracked on my Fitbit.

Betty L.

I know I missed the deadline but I didn’t want to go skip this because then I would be cheating myself out of the plan since I wouldn’t have anything to hold me accountable.

•I will be eating 3meals/day with 2 protein snacks in between. Meals will consist of protein, veggies, healthy carb, and fruit. I’d like to eventually get to the point where I’m eating 100%clean in the future but for now this is where I’d like to start so I don’t overwhelm myself.

•I’m going to workout at least 30min/day for 5 days a week (M-cardio, T-arm focus, W-legs, Th-cardio, F-full body workout).

•I’m going to post daily on here for accountability and to stay motivated. Also plan on doing at least 30min. of PD daily as well.

•Meal prep will take place on Sunday and Thursday so that I don’t have an excuse to not eat healthy.


05/16/2019 2:31AM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via iPhone
  • I’m baaaack! I have been globe trotting the last 3 weeks and wasn’t sure if I was going to continue with these games. After spending the last few weeks in Europe drinking, eating and drinking even more I figure I would return to get rid of these 8 lbs I put on (which is most likely not from fat and probably wine weight lol). Like Molly I am ready to finally hit my goal of 20% body fat. Prior to vacation I was at 20.9% but I’m up slightly. Not only that but I have scheduled a date for my next skin surgery and I’m determined to go into it in the absolute best shape of my life. Those that are just starting their journey and might be discouraged just know you can do it. I was once 315 lbs (hw 325). It may seem difficult at times but trust me when I say we are all stronger than we sometimes give ourselves credit for. I went from being so darn unhealthy. I was on 3 bp meds and it was still uncontrolled, asthma that was uncontrolled, only being able to walk a short distance before being out of breathe, clothes that didn’t fit and overall unhappy with myself. Now my bp is stable and I’m off all but one of the meds (taking a very low dose). Haven’t had to use my inhaler in over a year and a half and can’t tell you the last time I was on steroids. Not only can I walk without being short of breathe I can walk far. Just last week I hiked Montserrat in Spain and I left the whole group I was with behind me because I moved much quicker than they were. My clothes have never felt or looked better and unhappy I am no more. So when I tell you guys if I can come as far as I have which I’m not done yet, so can you! So let’s make day 2 better than yesterday and kill this bet!!! 💪????🏆????

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Welcome back girl! You look amazing! Love that dress!

danielle w.

U look AMAZING! Awesome work!


05/15/2019 8:11PM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via android
  • I love spaghetti squash. Anyone else? What do you like on it?

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I love it with just a little butter and salt


I made a lasagna once! So yum!


05/15/2019 11:30AM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via android
What is everyone's plan for the next 4 weeks?

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Im doing WW and going for walks when i get home with the dog and my lil girl


Keto diet and intermittent fasting... maybe an extended fast if I’m feeling it..

Linnea L.

05/15/2019 6:15AM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via android
  • My lunch today

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Natalie K.

Oh yum

mols inspire

looks delicious!

Vanessa V.

05/14/2019 4:23AM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via iPhone
First dietbet where can I find the weigh in word?

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Click "weigh in" at the bottom the submit picture. It will give you the word before the option to upload


Hope you found it!

stacie f.

05/12/2019 6:15PM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via iPhone
  • I also do StepBet and run bet to keep me on track and hold me accountable for getting my daily workout and steps in!!! This is warm up week. Game starts tomorrow.

    If you want to connect on instagram: running_on_avocados :)

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stacie f.

Yes download runbet and it explains everything. Has helped me stay accountable so much. Cuz who wants to lose that $ ?? Lol not me




05/12/2019 4:58PM in MOLSINSPIRES - THE LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER - via android
Has anyone won their money back using this?

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Kailey M.



I won last month. Lost a total of 10 lbs. It's achievable if you remain focused and accountable!