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Amber C.

10/01/2019 8:38AM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
Is anyone else in a plateau? What do you do to get through it?

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Amber C.

Thank you everyone for your feedback! First, this is a neutral place, and not everyone holds your beliefs, so please keep your religion to yourself and share actual helpful diet tips. Second, I’m hypoglycemic and unfortunately I can’t intermittently fast or completely cut carbs. Last, a few of you mentioned changing up my routine. I haven’t tried that yet and I think I will! I have been going at it pretty hard on my bike, so i think I’ll try weights or walking, or I’ll just take a day off! Thank you again to everyone and good luck in your journeys!

Carrie L.

I’ve been stuck for two weeks. Thought today was the day. Nope. Going to try a week of only chicken and broccoli. Should kick things up . Also I found if I eat clean for two long I actually need a junk day to kick my body. Good luck

Denise B.

09/21/2019 9:46AM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
So disappointed in myself. I had met my first round goal about 10 days early. Then for some reason, I gained back 3 lbs and could not lose them. Lost round one and feel defeated for the first time in months.

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Katie J.

Get back on the wagon. You got this!

Denise B.

The weight is finally starting to drop again this past week or so. I will keep pushing thru. Thanks for all the support. It's nice to know we have each other.


09/19/2019 5:06AM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
If I happen to not make the goal weight for round 1, do I still get to go on to round 2?

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Mary G.

  • Then you'll see what your monthly requirements are. You don't get booted for missing them until round 5.


Thank you guys so much!


09/18/2019 5:49AM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
Missed weigh in by .02 lbs. Bleh. Should have just waites until tomorrow and went hard in the cardio today. I thought i had to submit it today. Ah well

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If it was asking for a weigh in, I'm guessing you're a member and it was asking you to submit a progress weigh in to be entered in the weekly raffle. The round weigh in isn't open for another 8.5 hrs and it will most likely have a different word.

Audrey S.

Resubmit either Thursday or Friday! You still have time!

Marisa B.

09/06/2019 8:36PM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
  • What does everyone do for meals? Do you do the same thing everyday or switch it up?

    I tend to be a creature of habit, making my breakfast, lunch, and snacks the same everyday with only dinner being the variety.

    Still working on finding a workout routine I can do with a 2.5 year old and 4 month old in tow. Once it’s cooler out, I plan to walk everyday. This Florida heat is too much 😂🔥🔥

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Shea Ali

I do best when I have like 5 meals I can recycle from. However, I’m doing a vegan diet right now and I haven’t figured out what 5 meals I’m okay with eating over and over and over yet

Jill K.

I just transitioned into low carb so I rotate chicken and steak and for vegetables either brussel sprouts or broccoli, sometimes a vegetable medley. Habit is good I use different seasons to change things if I need it

Jill K.

09/04/2019 11:05PM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
Anyone have experience with egg fast? It's a keto thing I guess, I'm not keto just low carb, so I'm interested to try it.

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Jean Chandler

I live the Keto WOE, but I haven't done the egg fast myself. One of my favorite bloggers has an egg-cellent webpage dedicated to recipes if you want to check them out!



I’m trying to get back into ketosis so I’m thinking this Monday I might start an egg fast to speed up the process. The egg fast for me is difficult to stick to but I have to remember it’s only 3 days.

Kim B.

09/02/2019 11:59AM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
So my doctor keeps telling me my sodium and magnesium are too low and that I'm dehydrated. I'm trying to make sure I get in more water each day but how much water is too much? I have read about getting "drunk" on water and I don't want to make myself sick. Thoughts?

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Kim B.

Thanks everyone for suggesting I talk to my doctor but my doctor is the very one telling me to hydrate and that my sodium and magnesium are low so calling her about it won't help. I already take a magnesium supplement and have had a magnesium infusion. Thank you for all the suggestions! :)

Laurie L.

I started out drinking half my body weight in ounces of water per day, but as I have lost weight I have not changed from that number. I rounded it off to an even 128 ounces per day (gallon).

Jean Chandler

09/02/2019 10:11AM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
  • Let's share how we stay hydrated!

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Lisa C

I have a favorite water bottle that I got at a feline medicine conference a few years ago. It's 20 oz, and I try for 4 bottles per day.

Laurie L.

  • MY “drinking buddy” 😍

Jill K.

08/28/2019 3:10PM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
I've been binging at dinner time and my calorie deficit is struggling.. any suggestions to stop the mini binge?

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Crystal S.

I know everyday that I will get "the mini-hunger" after dinner so I always plan for it. I start off the day with adding an evening snack into myfitnesspal that way I know how many calories I have for the first part of the day. This helps me tremendously! In fact last night it got late & I didn't want to have my snack right before going to bed so I actually ended up being slightly under my calorie goal! I love it when that happens LOL Anyway maybe something for you to think about :)

Crystal S.

Also I have found that eating something super filling for lunch helps me do better for dinner, If I get off work & I'm starving to death then I make worse decisions such as wanting to stop for fast food so I can make the hungers go away lol Also I'm hypoglycemic so I can't let my blood sugar get too low. Maybe adjust what you're eating for lunch & make sure & include some healthy carbs to keep your energy up & keep you feeling full longer! Unless of course you're doing Keto stuff & then maybe not...


08/27/2019 7:36PM in Dog Days Doubledown Transformer - 2X The Winnings!
Any tips to help prevent binge eating?

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Make sure you're not actually eating enough calories. This was my problem! Raised my calorie intake, stopped binge eating, started losing again!


These are all great tips! Thanks, everyone!
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