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Caitlin H.

07/15/2019 5:01AM in 509s DamnFine DietBaddies
Baddies !!!!!!!
As we wrap up game 2 I just wanted to take some time to say a few things...
First and foremost ... win or lose I am so proud of everyone in this game. I have said it before and I’ll say it again... dietbet victories to me are not based on what you’ve lost but everything else you have gained in the past 4 weeks. I love that I have gained this supportive community full of baddies !! During these 4 weeks I shopped in a mall !!! I went out for daily walks/hikes... I did not reach my 4% goal but all in all I am happy with the past 4 weeks.

Secondly I wanna apologize for not being the best host I could be these past 4 weeks. I was surprised with a surgery from the very start and struggled to bounce back. I am so happy that so many of you continued to stay active and engage !!!

I want you guys to know that for game 3 I am back !!!!! It is my promise to each of you that I will be the best host I can be for our next game !!! I owe it to all of you and owe it to myself !!

Who’s joining us for game 3 !!!! Don’t forget you can roll over your winnings !!!

I will be getting on a desktop later and announcing all give away winners !!

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When I started I put in $60 of my money. I haven’t touched my point/money since (about a year and a half) it’s rolled over to right over $200 but will be over $300 after this month. I played 3 $35 games this month and managed to hit my goal!! I was worried I wouldn’t the last two days. :joy:
You can play 3 games at a time - so as long as I keep myself accountable I try to do that to make triple the wins!


Caitlin... you were awesome! Through all your ups and downs you were able to continue getting back on track! Thank you for you honesty and support of all of us!!!

Heather F.

about 4 hours ago in Losing_with_liz DietBet
It wont let me load my photos.

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Jill K.

Same go onto the desktop version, it works there

Tina L.

For my phone (an Android), apps work better after I've restarted my phone. If that doesn't work, contact customer service. They had me email my pictures to them. I used my laptop to do it.

Daisy V.

08/15/2019 7:11AM in Losing_with_liz DietBet
If we have reached our goal do we need to weigh in again at the end?

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Liz S.

Yep! There will be a final submission:blush:

Jill K.

Yes, either the 19th or 20th you have to submit a final weight

Daisy V.

08/12/2019 9:24AM in Losing_with_liz DietBet
Aaaaand I started my first postpartum cycle. Here is to hoping the extra bloating goes away before final weigh in :/ I’m going to have to work extra hard to make this goal!

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Jill K.

Hi, increase water, avoid salt, and eat asparagus! Good luck
Jill K. accepted the challenge.
07/23/2019 4:34AM in Losing_with_liz DietBet
The pot is now $3,340

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Kaajal Thukral

07/15/2019 10:12PM in 509s DamnFine DietBaddies
Damn I am still 500 GMs away from my goal weight. What is the deadline to send in our final weight for the game?

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what the girls are saying and flush out with water

Kaajal Thukral

Yes.. that’s the plan.. did one hour of cardio now and would do it again in the morning I still have 14 hours to go.. I am
Going to do everything in my hand to close this.. thank you so much for the support guys :raised_hands:

Jill K.

07/15/2019 7:16AM in 509s DamnFine DietBaddies
Congratulations to everyone that won! We did it! Let's keep going until we all reach our goals!

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but you did it1 YEAH! I am rolling into FGFU today I can't wait two weeks, I will be a cheater of food if I wait lol

Caitlin H.

Ahhhh !!!!! I love this !!!! Love all the support !!!!!!! Hope to see you in the next game Jill!!!!

Chelsey B.

07/15/2019 5:17AM in 509s DamnFine DietBaddies
Guys! I FREAKIN DID IT! IM SO SHOOK! I made my 4% lost 😊😊😊😊😊 I’m so surprised I did it, I’m so dang excited! This is only the beginning! I’m now down 31 pounds since Having my son in February. I lost 14.4 lbs just on DietBet!

Elizabeth S. , Caitlin H. and like this comment.

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Caitlin H.

Yasssss true Baddie right here !!!! Congrats babe !!!! Come join us in the next one !!! Keep crushing these goals !!!!

Caitlin H.

07/14/2019 11:39AM in 509s DamnFine DietBaddies
Who’s ready for weigh in tomorrow ?! I am seriously so proud of everyone in this game !!!

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I’m hoping my hubby gets here early tomorrow ( im at our holiday home and forgot to bring scales) I’ve been ill so do t think I’ll make it but I can only see if he brings them fast enough . I’ve not been weighed in over two weeks but I was 88% then so you never know x I’d like to make it ive only ever lost bets due to car crash and one diagnosed with arthritis in my feet as I couldn’t walk I dropped out x


Ugh I spoke it into existence... hopefully the scale will like me tomorrow

Jill K.

07/14/2019 8:01AM in Punish the Pounds with Picktritionist!
If you have to redo your photos do you still have until the 15? I just made it and I drank alot of water before I realized they weren't accepted yet

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Yes you can cancel what you submitted and redo it. You may have to do it from desktop version rather than mobile
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