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I’ve lost 20 lbs since February, but I have 45 more to go before I’m at my goal weight. I want to be healthier for my kids and for myself.

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Favorite Health Food: Smoothies

Favorite Sinful Food: Sushi🤷🏻‍♀️

My Preferred Method of Exercise: CrossFit

My Approach to Weight Loss: Low carb and working out

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Gluten Free Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $46.74

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08/12/2019 7:18AM in Memorial Day Transformer - Double Your Winnings
I’m so tired of doing the right stuff and not seeing results. That being said, I definitely won’t quit. But i’ve realized that the things that worked for me when i lost 20 pounds last year, are not working for me while i try to lose my last 15 pounds. Is it true that the last 15-20pounds are the hardest to lose? How to make it happen? Anyone else here on same patch in their journey?

Anybody who is successfully knocking fat off in their last 10-15 pounds? Got any tips?
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I can say this, I came into this weighing 145 (really though 147 consistently) and I'm consistently at 136 now. Water consumption has been a major key to my success.

Drink. All. The. Water! Lol

This past week was kind if a step back week - I didn't drink 100+ oz of water every day, and I only worked out, kind of half assed, 3 times on top of eating way too many calories. As a result, I am still stuck at 136.

I started drinking my water again religiously and the bloating has gone back down, the micro shifts in my body size and scale are there, but I have to work doubly hard to make it happen. I've cut out as much extra sugar as possible and I'm really going hard on my workouts (goal is 4 days a week + xtrain with yoga once a week).

Like Sara S said, I definitely bank those extra calories to use for another time because I always end up using them. I find that I also do better if I have my simple carb intake in the morning and afternoon, then eat veggies and protein in the evening (I eat a vegan diet).

Look at what you are eating- are there any culprits that can be hindering your goals like hidden sugars, excess simple carbs, too much coffee creamer (that's a big one for me)...

How much water do you drink a day? Truly think about it. My goal is always a gallon a day, but I'm happy if I get to 100oz. If you aren't drinking 96+ oz (three large nalgene bottle worths) then start doing that immediately for one week and see what happens!!!


@schuyler22 i love how you pour your heart out into all your posts and comments. and i remember you always keep telling everyone who needs help, how important water it :) thank you so much for the encouragement. i have started tracking my water and will definitely see how it goes! :)

Di H.

07/31/2019 4:04PM in Fatgirlfedup's July Jumpstart Dietbet
  • Been craving lasagna since the weekend. Bought the ingredients except I used eggplants instead of lasagna noodles.

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What a brilliant idea! I love eggplant I need to try this!



Jisel P.

07/30/2019 8:02AM in Fatgirlfedup's July Jumpstart Dietbet
For those who’ve been losing weight for a while...do you have any tips for continuing on your weight loss journey after the initial motivation and excitement starts to fade? I started about two months ago so I’m still in the honeymoon phase of what will likely be an 18 month, 80 pound journey. But I know my history and my patterns, and I know that at some point the motivation I feel right now is going to decrease, and that’s usually when I stop trying. I want this time to be different, so I’d love to hear what you all who have been losing for months or years do to keep going!

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Creating a routine for myself. Not making it anymore optional than brushing my teeth. Failing and trying again.

Jisel P.

Thank you everyone for all the tips/advice. I've also been listening to a podcast called Half Size Me, and one of the things the host says it that you should only do things you can do forever because it's not like everything ends the moment we reach our goal weight -- maintenance goes on forever and ever, and from what she says, is even harder than weight loss! It sounds like just working to put those habits in place right now while the motivation is high is the best thing I can do, so that when the motivation is gone, they are like second nature. Thank you again everyone!

Trish J.

07/30/2019 6:45AM in Fatgirlfedup's July Jumpstart Dietbet
I AM SO FRUSTRATED this round! I could just cry. I've been working hard, I've been keeping AT LEAST 1,000 calorie deficit every day, some days I've had a 1500 calorie deficit(not from starving, but from extra activity) and that darn scale will. not. budge. Any hints for getting off the dreaded plateau? I've lost 80 lbs total, so I know how to do it the right way, but being stuck this close to my goal is driving me crazy!

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Molly E.

Maybe you're eating too little?


Exercise calories burned are easy to overestimate


07/28/2019 10:21AM in Memorial Day Transformer - Double Your Winnings
  • I’ve made weigh in for second month!!! Been Diet Betting since January 2018. Feel off only once. Learning to become the new me.... healthier, happier, and thinner in that order! Down 70 lbs so far. Not bad for a 61 year old.

kanji watanabe , Steppenwolf and like this photo.

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That’s an amazing accomplishment! Well done!!


great job! i really like that you have stuck with it for so long.

Nicole M.

07/28/2019 9:01AM in Memorial Day Transformer - Double Your Winnings
So, I still made the weigh in and was under a pound! (It’s still pending approval). But I can’t help but be super disappointed in myself. I got myself down to a little over 149 to make the win for a kickstarter I was in that ended last week. I was so proud of myself. Then the past 6 days I went to a family reunion in Washington, where the family we stayed with literally told me “we avoid all things healthy”. Everything they gave us for food was full of fat, salt, sugar and carbs. Even though I worked out still every day, I didn’t have healthy options for food. We were in the middle of nowhere on a lake house and we were their guests so we ate what we were given. I figured maybe I’d gain a pound which was okay because my goal for this transformer was 153, which I was way under. I weighed in today at 152.4. What?!? I gained almost 3 pounds?! In 6 days?! Thank goodness I’m still under for the weigh in for round two... but I REALLY didn’t expect that big of a gain on my trip. I’m really hoping part of it is bloat from airline travel and excess salt. Hoping a few days back on track will drop my weight a little. I’m just disappointed that I back tracked some of my progress. But I sure am thankful I still (pending referees) won the round.

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Nicole M.

Thank you Cris and Rebekah! Really appreciate the pep talk and support!

Ann Marie

Totally agree with the other comments. I’m positive most of the gain is just water retention. Focus on drinking more water the next few days and I’m sure, it will come off.

Barbara E.

07/28/2019 8:24AM in Memorial Day Transformer - Double Your Winnings
I hit my Goal #2 weight. 😊 However, I’m going on vacation for two weeks and I’m worried about hitting my next goal. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

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I’ve been on 2 vacations out of the country since this diet bet started. My advice is stay as close to your normal diet as possible. Drink a lot of water and if you decide to go off your diet, watch your portion.

Alex R.

I’m going on vacation also! Gonna be a tough round this time :sweat_smile:

Sharon B.

07/28/2019 4:11AM in Memorial Day Transformer - Double Your Winnings
Wow only just scraped through this time with not an ounce to spare. I think next month is going to be even more difficult with a 2 week holiday in the Greek islands for my big birthday.
Good luck everyone!

Ifailedgym , Ann Marie and like this comment.

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Same here. Gonna have to really push hard next month.


Happy birthday and do lots of walking.

Sarah W.

07/24/2019 5:48AM in Memorial Day Transformer - Double Your Winnings
  • So I'm not really one for sharing pictures of myself, but I'm just so excited and happy right now! I have figured out what works for me, and I actually really love what I'm doing. I've lost about 20lbs in 4 and a half months, and I still eat dark chocolate every day Lol! Keep going everyone! Even if you know that you won't make weight for round 2, keep at your goals! Do it for yourself! No one else can do it for you.

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Tattooed mom-

Amazing! You look great!

Ann J.

Great job. Very motivating!


07/23/2019 10:12PM in Drop it like it's hot with Jasmine!
I didn’t make this one but I wanted to say a huge congratulations to everyone who did!

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Sherry P.

This is the first one I have made. In the past I have lost weight on dietbet, but have not made my goal. But I've managed to keep the weight off using diabet. So I always counted the weight loss as a win! Keep moving forward


Very true!
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