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Emina M.

08/22/2019 5:46PM in Breanne's Fat Blast
I got discharged from the hospital today after an unexpected abnormal finding during my chest CT (I have chronic asthma) and the doctor told me to not push myself the next few weeks so I can fully heal and recover. He said no excessive weight lifting or anything that makes me seem like I’m straining my chest while working out. I need some ideas to keep working out but much more lightly. I asked if I could do the elliptical and cardio but he told me to take it easy for a bit. Any ideas? I’m stuck...

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Emina M.

Thank you :relaxed: that is my plan! I’m 4.4 pounds way from making my goal. I can do this!



Emina M.

08/16/2019 9:45PM in Breanne's Fat Blast
  • I am officially down about 20 pounds this summer. I didn’t think I would make it this far but I’m still going pretty strong. Happy I managed to push myself ☺

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Kristi R.

Awesome job! and over the summer is hard to do so be proud of that!



Laura V.

08/16/2019 8:07AM in Breanne's Fat Blast
Breanne, what do you think about Kodiak Cakes Powder? The ingredients and macros do not see too bad. Your thoughts?

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Laura V.

Thank you both :-), I will try Pamcakes.

Emina M.

I personally really like Kodiak cakes especially the chocolate chip waffles I make in the morning sometimes with berries on top and sugar free syrup :yum: it keeps me full for longer and personally I’m someone who needs something with more carbs in the morning to keep me going longer throughout the day!

Heidi R.

08/16/2019 7:49AM in Breanne's Fat Blast
  • I've been using this on days that I need a little more protein. 20 grams of protein, low carb, and 90 calories. Doesn't taste to bad.

Amanda O. , kimberly c. and like this photo.

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Emina M.

I have yet to try this! I currently drink a premier protein shake that is chocolate flavored and it’s like I’m drinking chocolate milk because it’s not chalky like most protein shakes :relieved:

Heidi R.

kimberly c. I buy it on Amazon. I usually mix a little diet juice in it.

Emina M.

08/14/2019 9:28AM in Breanne's Fat Blast
  • Workout completed for today before I head to work even though I could barely get myself out of bed this morning I still managed to make it to the gym for a bit ????

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Davina B.

Great job Emina!

Emina M.

Thank you!

Amber G.

08/14/2019 8:54AM in Breanne's Fat Blast
I said NO to a donut today. That’s huge for me...I love donuts.

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Breanne F.


Amanda O.

Same struggle today over here today. Woohooo for sticking to the plan :raised_hands:

Joanna B.

07/10/2019 4:41AM in Keepin’ Fit For Summer with kpnfit!
69%! What’s everyone else at?

Dustin M , Niqa K. and like this comment.

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Barbara N.

61% this morning.

Emina M.

71% and have another 2.4 pounds to go in the next 10 days!

Mandy A.

07/02/2019 5:32AM in Keepin’ Fit For Summer with kpnfit!
How long do we have to submit our final weigh in after the last day? I just realized I will be camping on the last day and won't have access to a scale 😬

Hermissionpossible , Niqa K. , Erin T. , Lena T. and Abraham G. like this comment.

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Can you pack your scale do it in the bathroom for a hard surface? If you tent camping? I hope you can find a way so you don't lose because of vacation

Mandy A.

I'm going to try to figure something out. Maybe I can find a drug store lol.

Emina M.

06/28/2019 11:07AM in Keepin’ Fit For Summer with kpnfit!
So I was shopping at Target earlier for some cute outfits because I’m headed to Cali after this dietbet and I had to get a smaller size than normal, I’d say that’s a NSV!!! Happy Friday everyone

Abbi Zaboo , Christina W. and like this comment.

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Christina W.

Non scale victories are the best , keep it up luv

Emina M.

Thanks ladies :heart:

Ashley W.

06/27/2019 11:00AM in Keepin’ Fit For Summer with kpnfit!
What is your weakness food? Mine is chips! That crunchy salty goodness... I just can't stop once I get going. 😋

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Janessa W.

Wine and cheese

Jules J.

Cheetos and Mike and Ike’s
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