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Emina M.

06/30/2020 5:48AM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Slim Down
Lifted weights at the gym this morning and then decided to walk home from the gym since my roommate drove us. It took about 35 minutes to make it home and boy am I sweaty! Time to make some scrambled eggs with a salad (cucumber, avocado and tomatoes) for breakfast with some whole grain toast 😊

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Great job!! Sounds like a very yummy meal

Emina M.

05/12/2020 11:47AM in Syd's May DietBet!
  • If you’re in need of a sweet treat I would recommend making protein pudding! I used sugar free chocolate pudding mix with 2 chocolate premier protein shakes and crushed up a Oreo cookie (Trader Joe slims) and it has over 15 grams of protein per a serving! Mine is two servings since I have extra calories to fit it into my day 😊

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Emina M.

05/12/2020 11:15AM in Syd's May DietBet!
  • Did a run this afternoon and I didn’t feel like dying so much nor did I throw up 😂 running isn’t my strong suit because I have asthma but I took it at my own place and I’d say it’s still a win ☺

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Nejla T.

You go girl!!

Carrie J.

05/11/2020 7:59AM in Syd's May DietBet!
Hi everyone! My name is Carrie I’m from Washington, DC. Today is my birthday and i thought ‘what better time to start than today!?’ Over the next 4 weeks i want to jump start my weight loss. My long term end goal is to lose around 25-30lbs.

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Carolina H.

Happy birthday!!! You’re gonna kill it!

Carrie J.

Thank you all :relaxed:

Kayla k

05/11/2020 7:38AM in Syd's May DietBet!
Laziest healthy meals? Or even snacks. When you don’t feel like cooking?

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Emina M.

I do ritz low sodium crackers with tuna and sliced cheddar cheese which I cut up into squares and sprinkle everything but the bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s with a side of cucumbers, grape tomatoes and carrots - this is my easy lunch when I don’t feel like cooking

Cassandra T.

Oatmeal is so easy it’s barely considered cooking. Leftovers is also always a great option. You can make a big pot of food one day per week so that on lazy days you can eat some of that. Chili is a great reheat food.

Emina M.

05/09/2020 12:52PM in Syd's May DietBet!
  • Coconut flounder and asparagus with a side salad with ginger vinaigrette and water for lunch today ????

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Yum :blush: