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09/12/2019 1:01PM in Fallin' Into Fitness with kpnfit!
  • 20 paused squats today! 💪????
    Already done with mine, how about you? 💕

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09/11/2019 4:24PM in Fallin' Into Fitness with kpnfit!
In about a year I went from 200 lb to 147, but have since gained some of it back, currently just under 160. I’m hoping to get back down, but Id be happy just stopping the gaining trend. Is it just me or is it even harder to lose weight that’s been regained?

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Maryanne D.

I do believe that maintaining the weight is the hardest. I did 3 dietbets in a row to lose the 35 pounds I wanted to lose. I am on this one to lose the last 5 pounds I want to lose. I weight every single day since that is what I did during my dietbets. If I gain more than 5 pounds, I will go back on dietbet again to lose that 5 pounds. I am NOT ever going back to where I was. I wish you the best. It is a struggle.


I went from 250 to 185 and now I’m back at 250 and this time is definitely harder


09/10/2019 9:41AM in Fallin' Into Fitness with kpnfit!
  • 25 squats today! 💪????💪????
    Write “done” in the comments if you already did! ⭐⭐

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Kelsey Lue



09/09/2019 11:47AM in Fallin' Into Fitness with kpnfit!
  • I hope I can create the habit of drinking lots of water everyday ☺☺💧

    Got this bottle on amazon for anyone wondering

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Kelsey Lue

Love this!!

Mikaela S.

Such a cool water bottle


09/09/2019 8:30AM in Fallin' Into Fitness with kpnfit!
  • I challenge you all to do 20 squats today! Comment done! In the comments if you already did! 💪????💪???? done with my 20 squats, how about you?

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Done! :raised_hands:

Kelsey Lue


kennedy n.

09/08/2019 7:54AM in Fallin' Into Fitness with kpnfit!
hey guys!!!

giveaway time!

comment on this post with 2 of your goals for this fall! ill be picking winners (3 of them!) this week to get either the gym guide bundle or the home guide bundle!

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1. I want to become healthier overall I read in an article that only losing 5 pounds can help your heart sooo much, I want to start eating cleaner and drinking more water :droplet:

2. I want to get into the habit of going to the gym again, I want to become stronger and have more endurance

Joy G.

1. Meal prepping on Sundays to avoid being tired during the week. (Early to bed, early to wake)
2. Eating at set times! (No mindless snacking)


07/23/2019 1:26AM in Keepin’ Fit For Summer with kpnfit!
How do you get paid and when do you find out how much you win?

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Cash out?


Your earned money goes back in your bank account Monica. You can cash out or use it toward another game.


07/19/2019 6:40AM in Keepin’ Fit For Summer with kpnfit!
Two quick questions:

Is the final weigh in time midnight (presumably 11:59pm) on Tuesday July 23rd PST? I just wanna give myself a full 4-weeks before my final weigh in, as I joined 2 days into the Diet Bet.

Also, how and when are winners paid? Does it just automatically get credited via the method you paid by? Thanks Xx

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Elissa S.

Mine does too. How early can you submit your final weigh in? I made it and submitted today cause mine says the 21st.


Should be tomorrow - the top of the page will change as soon as you can and you'll get an e-mail. Don't think whatever you submit today counts just yet!


07/19/2019 4:53AM in Keepin’ Fit For Summer with kpnfit!
I did it! 10 pounds down now! I’m so nervous because I still have to maintain it, but I feel positive! It was hard since my birthday was in the middle of this, lots of foods and cake 😭

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You can do it! Drink lots of water

Ashley W.

06/27/2019 11:00AM in Keepin’ Fit For Summer with kpnfit!
What is your weakness food? Mine is chips! That crunchy salty goodness... I just can't stop once I get going. 😋

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Janessa W.

Wine and cheese

Jules J.

Cheetos and Mike and Ike’s
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