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Kasey S.

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Ilana Muhlstein

06/17/2019 5:59AM in Summer Strong Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
  • Alright everyone, it’s time to lean in to the challenge and realize how sweet it’ll feel when our hard work and increased efforts pay off.

    First bonus challenge I have for you is to click the “invite a friend” button and send an invite to at least 2 people. This is the push many of our friends and family have been waiting for. They nag and complain about wanting to lose weight and this fun approach and engaging group is what they need to succeed.

    Plus, the 3 people who get the most people signed up will win a 30 minute video counseling call with me.

    The more people in the game, the better the energy, incentive money, and your personal accountability. With these types of conditions, anything is truly possible.

    #letsbreak100k #letscrushourgoals #letsneverlookback #mondayvibes

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Stefanie L.

Done !

Mallory K.

Exactly what I need to get back into weight loss mode following vacation!

Ilana Muhlstein

06/16/2019 3:53PM in Summer Strong Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
  • Who’s ready to rock this with me???? I’m so so excited! This is my first diet bet and I’m going to take it seriously. I’ve been in maintence mode for the past 8-9 months but I want to hit my 4% goal in the next 4 weeks and push myself and you all every step of the way!

    It may seem like just a few pounds but it’ll make a big difference- especially in the heat of the summer. We can do this!!

    I know for me, it’ll take daily tracking and I’m setting alarms in my phone now to make sure I do. What extra efforts are you planning to achieve your weight loss??

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Celticchild I'd love tell you all about it! But I'm not sure if I can send you a direct message through here.... You can email me if you wanna chat @hoovlafitjourney@gmail.com or on Instagram happily_ever_klapper

bree m.

Make sure to get moving every day is my goal!! Maybe not always in the gym, but a walk around the neighborhood is better than nothing!! :blush:

Kasey S.

06/02/2019 3:38AM in Summer Strong Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
Any advice or tips?

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Angela S.

Keep focused. I’ve been living with my 2M Mindset since May 2018 but before the last DB was seriously mostly maintaining. It was just the push I needed to refocus and get back to playing my meals better and pushing off treats. I’m excited for another round to get me even closer to my goals!!

Cara S

Check in often, and just do your best. We're all here for you
Ruby accepted the challenge.
06/02/2019 3:12AM in Summer Strong Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
The pot is now $4,900

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Kasey S.

Bring on the weight loss!!

Cara S

Yep, I've got goals and want to reach them!

Lori K.

06/01/2019 10:18AM in Summer Strong Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
Hi all, this is my first time, so excited to be here!! 😊

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Kasey S.

Mine too!! We can do this!

Cara S

Welcome! You'll do amazing!

Kasey S.

05/30/2019 6:31PM in Summer Strong Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
My first time!! Can’t wait!

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Jackie Z.

Same here! So ready to start

Cara S

They are so much fun. The extra motivation helps so much