Fitness comeback of what I used to be, lose the baby weight, feel sexy for my husband

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Favorite Health Food: Green veggies steamed

Favorite Sinful Food: Doughtnuts

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Running, home workouts

My Approach to Weight Loss: Slow pace to build up tolerance to cardio again while eating right and making good food choices.

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Sherry D.

06/07/2020 10:23AM in Eat Better Transformer - Win $1,000 to Whole Foods!
Total blew this past week and gained back half of what I lost in my last game. Added 5 lbs into what I need to lose for the month.
Gonna stop beating myself up about it now though. Will spend today focusing on drinking my water and getting to bed at a decent time. And not letting my eating get out of control again. Baby steps!

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Naomi H.

I get it! I kept gaining back half my loss doing kickstarters and my long term progress was disappointing. I’m hoping that this 6 month challenge will help keep my off that yo-yo diet cycle.

Debbie B.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other in the direction of your goals.


06/04/2020 11:26PM in Eat Better Transformer - Win $1,000 to Whole Foods!
  • Beautiful 7 mile hike

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Escondido, CA - it’s called Stanley’s Peak

Lee Ann K.

Wow! That's so pretty!


05/31/2020 2:50PM in Eat Better Transformer - Win $1,000 to Whole Foods!
I have not done a DietBet Challenge since I found out I was pregnant. 8 weeks postpartum and I’m ready to lose the baby weight, Dr approved of course 😎

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Ericka L.

Congrats let’s work


I’m 2 years post baby still didn’t lose the weight so here I am! Good luck!