Dawn J.

I've always been the bigger girl growing up. For once in my life, I want to focus on changing that.

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Favorite Health Food: Salads

Favorite Sinful Food: Craft Beers

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Beachbody MM100

My Approach to Weight Loss: Keep it consistent, don't give up

My Weight Loss Program: Optavia 5 & 1 Plan

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: iwatch

Fitness Devices: iwatch

DietBet Winnings: $71.05

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Dawn J.

06/03/2020 4:01AM in Franny's May DietBet
I didn’t win the game but I’m still a winner I weighed in at 153.6 and down 148.2. I don’t think I could do anything more to win this game other then it just the wrong time in the month for me.

Congratulations Winners!
Good Luck Franny on your surgery ❤

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Good attitude! That’s a great result. Keep going :)

Barbara M.

Agree! I tried really hard and I almost made it as well and ironically I made my goal today! Down over 10 pounds! So happy to see success! Congratulations to all of the winners but also to all of us for just joining the game and not sitting on the sidelines and watching!!

Dawn J.

05/30/2020 4:53AM in June Jumpstart into Weightloss Mode
Hi, I’m Dawn I live in Indiana . I’m needing this help me kick my last 15 lbs .

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Lily K.

05/28/2020 3:08PM in Franny's May DietBet
  • 10 Rounds day 5 done!

    I was so tired today, and I REALLY didn’t want to work out. sat on the couch in my workout clothes for 15 minutes waiting for my preworkout to kick in lol but sooooooo glad I got it done!

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Dawn J.

Way to go..I Love that program I did 2 rounds of 10 Rounds loved it . I need something different to do this month.

Lily K.

I am loving it so far. I love kickboxing but also heavy lifting so I like the mix. Wish they were longer but it allows me to add on


05/28/2020 2:55PM in Franny's May DietBet
Hi all and happy Thursday! Quick check in to see how everyone is doing. Hoping you all are pushing these last 4 days of our game and getting ready to WIN and get your money back. I know the last few days can be tedious and the best thing I can recommend is keeping everything exactly the same if you are at your goal or close to it. Don't change anything to drastically sometimes that can end up causing our body's to be surprised and unsure of what to do LIKE HOLD ON TO THE WEIGHT vs lose it. Make sure you are getting your water in, moving your body and constantly reminding yourself why you're doing this. If you feel like you are far from your goal I hope you don't give up and find it in yourself to finish strong win or lose.

I have been super mentally pre-occupied with my upcoming surgery with only 10 days to go today I'm feeling excited but also very anxious. I know this is going to really change my life in the short term and long term aspects! Short term I know mentally it's going to be draining but long term I also know that this is what I want and need to really feel like the weight loss chapter has come to an end. Not that I don't want to lose more weight because I do but I think the next chapter will allow me to really tone and shape my body even more so than I can now. I was 182 on Saturday and haven't weighed since then, probably wont until its time to weigh out. My goal is 177 and like I said earlier this month it seems unattainable. I am excited to see what I weigh after surgery and after I have fully healed.

Looking forward to the workout bet that is starting on June 1st if you need a little break from the scale join us!!! To sign up go here:



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Times going to fly by and before you know it, it'll be time for your surgery. I'm so excited for you Franny!!! Wishing you a safe surgery and a quick recovery.

Amy S.

Think I’m going to make this one. And I’ve discovered yoga and love it.


05/27/2020 9:26AM in Franny's May DietBet
  • Sorry this is a day late.. but congrats to Laura and Fran! Please send me an email with your PayPal or Venmo so I can send you your cash prize! Thanks to everyone who’s completed the challenges and keeps participating as I post them.

    I am hosting a workout bet that starts on June 1st 8 workouts will be provided very similar to the ones I post here. The game is only 2 weeks long and the bet will be $10! Would love to have you join me. My next dietbet won’t be until July.

    Here’s the link for the workout bet


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Way to go ladies

Dawn J.

Congratulations you two

Dawn J.

05/21/2020 4:31PM in Franny's May DietBet
  • Workout out to 21DF - Cardio fix did some walking on my treadmill

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05/21/2020 12:12PM in Franny's May DietBet
Hi Team Happy Thursday! Took a much needed rest day yesterday after quite a few intense home workouts my body was very appreciative. I also figured I would take my rest day in the middle of the week vs the weekend which generally is a better idea because when my rest days fall on the weekends they can turn into bad diet choices. I hope you all have been able to keep on track and stay positive through our quarantine craziness! I will be posting a new workout challenge tomorrow in hopes of something to look forward to and an opportunity to move your body a little more than you normally would. I have been seeing more and more posts of people in certain states back in their gyms which is exciting and gives me a little hope for California but I know that is a long ways away for us. I feel like the quarantine and me being out of the gym has in a way mentally prepared me to be out for my tummy tuck. I mean I know I won't be fully prepared but I do think its get me in a mind set of not having many options as far as things to do. I know physically it will be much harder but I will get through it.

We've got 10 days left of our game and were heading into the holiday weekend it's important that we stay focused and on track. I am going to make some ribs on memorial day (crock pot style) any tips or recipes are appreciated! What are everyone's plans?

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Dawn J.

Not sure hubby still has 700 acres of corn to plant so if it’s nice he will be busy. So I’ll be grilling maybe some steaks.

Lauren H.

My boyfriend's family does an annual crab boil on Memorial Day. Unfortunately our pup just had surgery so I will be staying home with her. Luckily I dont care for seafood :grin:

Dawn J.

05/18/2020 8:15AM in Franny's May DietBet
I made it through the weekend. Our state has opening up Hair, nail salons restaurants only at 25% capacity but it felt good to get out. I was a little scared but after going in one of our favorite restaurants it wasn’t bad. I did notice I didn’t go crazy in making bad choices I stayed on my clean eating. It’s Monday a new week and divided to add a goal this week which I have been slacking in Steps - so my goal is to get 10,000 each day in pulse my 30 minute workout program. 

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05/18/2020 7:39AM in Franny's May DietBet
2 weeks until weigh-in and 4.9 lbs to go... How is everyone else doing?

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Alexa M.

4 lbs to go for me too! I’ve lost 5.1

Christine R.

3.3 to go. Getting a little nervous but still pushing on 100%

Kelli S.

05/18/2020 6:37AM in Franny's May DietBet
  • Wins from last week: Took my three boys hiking 3 separate days for a total of about 8.5 miles, all of them with my 30# nugget on my back and some of them carrying at least one of the bigger kids. I felt strong and empowered.

    On the other side, I took a mental health break from worryng about my food for most of the week. I had a handful of really on track meals and continued my IF but I also ate A LOT of hot dogs and brats and potato chips.

    I went into the week 2# lower than my goal and I'm starting this week only 19% of the way to my goal but I'm not mad or sad about it. I've been SO on track since February and I needed a week to JUST BE. I'm starting this week with a renewed drive to eat healthier bc so much of weightloss starts in the kitchen.

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Dawn J.

You have great goals .. you got this specially if you keep carrying that extra weight help on you back and hip:wink:
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