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Nicole G.

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Nicole G.

09/05/2019 6:10AM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
Woo! I overcame a terrible gain in the first half of this round and beat it by a pound! I am so proud of myself (and shocked that I’m somehow a pound less than yesterday). Who else feels like a boss right now?

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That’s great! Keep it up!

Michele S.

I somehow lost a pound since yesterday, too. Love those unexpected big drops!

Nicole G.

08/28/2019 12:45PM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
Gained in the beginning, but muscled my way back and as of today, I have met the first round’s goal (actually surpassed it by 0.1 lb) So this week I need to maintain, at best, but hopefully continue my progress. Cheers, y’all!

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Nicole G.

As an aside, today is the first time I’ve seen my weight start with “21...” in about NINE YEARS! I had gotten up to 267 at my highest known, last year. I started IF at the end of May of this year at 247. Forgive me, but I am proud of myself today lol

Christy F.

Keep it up!


08/23/2019 10:25PM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
Well fuck, I ate like 3000 calories today. I've been feeling like I need a fast, so guess I'll do a water fast tomorrow to make up for it. Anyone have tips to keep cravings down while dieting. Everything will be great for about a week or two then I just get the overwhelming cravings to eat everything.

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Nicole G.

I third intermittent fasting! My cravings are WAY down since I started at the end of May. It’s also super sustainable for me, since I still let myself give in to cravings in my eating window and adjust my calories for the rest of my eating window accordingly. But those instances are few and far between anymore. I went from eating an average of 2000-2500 calories a day, to 1700, to now finding it easy to stick between 1300-1400 (I NEVER thought I’d be content with this low of calories per day!!) I’m still over 200 lbs, so I’ve got a LONG way to go, but IF has made it an easy hike rather than a mountain climb of a journey.

Christin A.

We have all gone way over in calories. I haven't done very well doing a complete fast. We still have a ways before weigh out. I'd try to get back on track and see how close you come. You could do the IF too and see how you like it. I eat all my calories by 2:00.

Nicole G.

08/21/2019 9:49AM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
Woo! I lost what I gained last week and am back on track. 51% towards the first challenge. A little more hard work and I’m there 😊

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Nicole G.

I believe in you! And any progress is good progress :blush:

Michele S.

I am behind in my pacing because of vacation but am working hard to catch up!

Nicole S.

08/20/2019 6:48PM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
  • Any walkers out there? I’m kind of curious what every one else is doing? I started a month ago saying I would go out and walk at least 1/2 hour a day. But now I really push myself, well I think I do LOL. So walkers, how long are you walking, how fast, how many miles, how often?!?!

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Nicole G.

I don’t walk outside because I live in Florida and get light/heat triggered migraines, but I walk in place in my house. Not nearly as fast as you do, I don’t think. I’ve never actually clocked myself

Sandra D.

I do every other day when on track anywhere from 30 mins-1.5 hrs and try to do 2-4 miles but also throw in interval jogs into each session and increase the distance and length of time in the intervals about every week

Nicole G.

08/16/2019 9:10PM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
NSV: I successfully increased my plank workout from 5 reps of 10 seconds to 5 reps of 20 seconds (I’m a super weak beginner) AND after doing 15-25 second wall squats for several weeks, I did one today for 45 seconds! (I do a single wall squat for as long as I can stand it every time I go to the bathroom) And I’m especially happy because today was my first day back at my exercising after almost a week off for vacation. I guess my body needed the rest 😝

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Nicole G.

08/14/2019 7:38AM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
Finished my mini-vacay and 4 cheat days. As expected, I gained weight this week, but fortunately not enough to push me over my starting weight. I’ll have to push hard to meet the first challenge goal, but I’m certainly going to try!

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Samantha M.

It's ok to gain a bit of weight and have rest days. They're important for your mental health and overall wellbeing. Glad to hear you stayed accountable and are ready to get back on track and keep going!

Christy F.

08/07/2019 4:27PM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
I'm trying to come up with small steps that are easy to put into my daily life that will help with weight loss. What kind of ideas do you have?

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Zarina L.

Target 100 by Liz Josefsberg is a book that is in many public digital libraries you can check out for free or buy it outright. She is a former WW guru who worked with their celeb clients and tech products. She talks about how to instill habits around several targets around weightloss. It is not a WW product and promotes general tips for weight loss with creating habits as very important. I got the audiobook. I like the reminder that these areas are "targets", you can always win the game by consistently hitting the outer rings of a bullseye. Perfection not required. Good luck with your journey!

Christin A.

I use my fitness pal app and log everything I eat. I also log my weight loss. It is quick and very motivating to see my long term weight loss. In terms of food, I eat mostly protein, fruits and veggies. Have really cut down on junk and don’t keep it in the house. Meal prep is important for busy schedules.... too easy to run out and get junk food when not prepared.

Nish A.

08/07/2019 11:36AM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
Hey guys! How many of you are doing IF or OMAD or extended fasts? Personally, I’m doing OMAD and I feel great. I do get hunger pangs at times but it passes.
Hope to hear and learn from your experiences. :)

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Aaron A.

I just started 5/2*, which is kinda-IF. I've done pretty well just cutting calories, but I figure this will help me ease into the maintenance phase.

* two days a week of very low calories (in my case, 800), other five days at maintenance level (2,500).

Christin A.

I usually eat all my food between 6am and 2pm, so that is an 8 hour eating period. However, I’m also eating mostly protein, fruits and veggies and counting calories. Seems to be going well so far. I don’t get hungry as long as I eat pretty high protein (more than 80 grms)

Nicole G.

08/07/2019 8:33AM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
I weigh myself every Wednesday for my overall progress (I began my journey on a Wednesday a while back), and according to today’s weigh in, I’m already 42% of the way for round 1 (I actually GAINED 1.2 pounds this week, but I regularly weigh more on weekends and I weighed in for the bet on Sunday when I joined it) I kinda feel like I accidentally cheated the system a bit 😕 BUT I’ll make up for it with my FOUR cheat days this week 😵 (kids birthday party followed by a mini vacation with friends) I’ll be pushing myself hard until Saturday, when I’ll be TRYING to be mindful while enjoying my break. I’ll maintain my IF times, but macros and calories might as well be thrown out the window lol God help me.....

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