Colette S.

For the high I get knowing I’m becoming healthier and gained control of a bad habit.

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Favorite Health Food: Fruit and veggies

Favorite Sinful Food: all sweets

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Cycling

My Approach to Weight Loss: Scraping by the weigh ins

DietBet Winnings: $905.65

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08/20/2021 10:38AM in New You By 2022 - Win a $1,000 Wardrobe!
Happy Friday all! Salut! It's our anniversary Saturday -- dry aged steak, wedge salad and corn! Yummy

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Colette S.

Congratulations :blush:


Thank you, Colette!

Corri F.

08/19/2021 2:40PM in New You By 2022 - Win a $1,000 Wardrobe!
Thank you all for the well wishes for my puppy. Only one antibiotic in her and she already seems to be feeling better.

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Sweet! It's nice when it's an easy solve. Glad she's feeling better.

Colette S.

That’s a relief, thanks for letting us know.

Corri F.

08/19/2021 4:11AM in New You By 2022 - Win a $1,000 Wardrobe!
Stress must be my friend. My weight was up yesterday, but today I weighed in at around 2’s weight. Onward and downward. Good luck all! Please keep our five month our puppy in your thoughts and prayers. She is a sick little girl with blood in her urine. Vet is thinking UTI, but running tests to confirm.

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Colette S.

Hope she gets better soon.:pray:


I hear UTIs are common in some dogs. Hoping she's on the road to getting better! Congrats on the weighin!


08/05/2021 9:29PM in New You By 2022 - Win a $1,000 Wardrobe!
  • The alternative to weight loss surgery! Lol!! out here in these streets in the heat after work.

    Ive put on a ton of weight (my own faught) now i must do what i have to do to get it offf. I look at old pictures and wonder how did i lose control, how did i get here, could it have been my divorce, or any other life stressor. I dont know, but what I do know is its up to meeeee to fix me. ??

    ?This is me, being transparent. ??

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Ticoty she her

274 this morning! So another pound and a half today!


How's it going Shellystarr?


07/23/2021 2:45PM in New You By 2022 - Win a $1,000 Wardrobe!
  • This is my first diet bet after being out of commission for the last 8 months due to blood clots in my lungs… In the last week I have already gone from 444.8 to 435.4 between eating low carb/keto, drinking more water & starting to do cycling with my Cubii pro 2 times a week.

    My goals for this diet bet are:
    Lose at least 45lbs in total
    (400lbs at the end)
    Cycle at least twice a week
    Short bits of walking twice a week
    Drink 3-6 bottles water each day/night

    If anyone wants to add me on IG I’m there as Tinas_Low_Carb_Log 💗

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@Shellie I cycle inside.. I have the Cubii Pro that I use in my living room as I listen to my kpop playlist lol…. And yeah it was really scary ESP since it took SO long to get my warfarin levels stable (3.5 weeks!) but they had me on IV thinners while I was getting that established thankfully and I’m just waiting on the scar tissue to heal fully now but that can take up to 3+ years so I try not to focus on it as much as possible…

@AliC thanks hun I am definitely doing MUCH better!!! And I’m kicking butt already for this round!!!

@Colette thanks so much hun!!! Good luck to you too I hope you reach your goals!!!


You’ve got this Tina! Keep up the good work and remember that slow and steady wins the race. :blush: