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09/27/2020 8:01AM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
Hello everyone! Any other plant based peeps out there? I’d love to keep in touch and share meal ideas if so!

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I am vegan and would love to share recipes! I need to change it up!

Robin N.

I’m mostly plant based, I have seafood a couple times a week though. I’m still up for recipe sharing.

Mariana I.

09/26/2020 4:06PM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
I finally weighed myself after months ‘off the wagon’ and ... yikes! My immediate reaction was to sulk in self pity, and eat my feelings with a sleeve of oreos. It’s time to break the cycle. I put down the cookies and took my kids out for a 20 min walk and stuck to clean eating, even when faced with a barbecue of epic proportions. Step one is allllll mental.... get your head in the game... I’m currently writing down all my reasons “why” I want to WIN this bet .... what’s your reason?!?!?! Good luck everyone !!!!!!!! ❤

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Trish M.

My why is I want to be the best version of me by the time I reach 50 which is 3 years away. I want to feel better at 50 than I did at 30!

Mariana I.

Those are amazing.!!!!! I relate to every single one of your answers. I’ll post my long journal entry with my “whys” on Monday !!!! Top of the list is to lead by example so my daughters grow up in a healthy environment and grow to be health conscious/have a healthy relationship with food (because I never did .... but I’m learning)

Noemi M.

09/25/2020 1:25PM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
Hi everyone! Nice to see such a great group mix of newbies and experienced weight-loss-journey companions...anyone else from outside the US? I‘m from Switzerland and all that Corona kept me eating all of our amazing Swiss chocolate around me...🍫good to pass on the blame on national heritage 😅

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Malti S.

U.K. :wave:


Panama :pa: :wave:

Jenna D.

09/25/2020 1:06PM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
Hi this is my first DietBet! Does anyone know if we weigh in weekly?

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Angelica C.

How much is it to be a member


Extra $5.

Sheila H.

09/25/2020 12:59PM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
How exactly does this work? I joined one 4 years ago and never did anything with it.

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Noemi M.

You weight in, lose 4 percent of that weight in 4 weeks, weight out, and win ;) what else do you want to know?

Sheila H.

Awesome! How do we weigh in, will there be a link?

Samar K.

09/25/2020 12:55PM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
So tomorrow morning we weight and post one full body on scale and one scale picture here. Correct? Is there anything else that needs to be done? Thank you

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Noemi M.

You don‘t post it in this section here, but by going through the weight-in process at the very top of this window (above the newest comments, where you should see a countdown right now). After the countdown finishes, there will be a button for the weight-in that‘ll lead you through. Best of luck :muscle:

Samar K.

Thank you:blush:

Alison B.

09/24/2020 5:58PM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
Anyone else worried - working out hard although shape will change could impede numbers on the scale?

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Noemi M.

This is a legit worry for a challenge that measures pass/fail mainly over weight...but the scale is not everything! Can you think of some other measures of success even if the scale doesn‘t go the way you want to? Think of things 35$ is a small price to pay for if unavoidable :) the money is mainly there for the extra motivation and accountability on your way :muscle:


You know, take it slowly. Start with walking and add 10 mins of workout everyday. There are so many 10-15 mins workouts on YouTube.
Then you can start upping the intensity. You got this!!!

Megan Davies

09/21/2020 11:37AM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
  • Hey everyone!!
    One more week to go and want to make sure you’re ready!
    First, you are welcome to follow whatever workout or nutrition plan your heart desires.

    If you are interested in doing my program, Muscle burns Fat, and do not already have access, click this link for your options: . Lots of different options ranging from digital streaming only to the Challenge Packs. Challenge Pack options also include access to Beachbody’s premier nutrition programs 2BMindset and UPF. Also, you can do the program without the Bod Ropes until they arrive so don’t let that hold you back!

    If you are new to fitness you can also do my program Clean Week for free by just creating a free Team Beachbody account here: Clean Week is designed for beginners to get moving and learn about Beachbody. Clean Week also comes with its own nutrition and recipe guide in the get started materials if you need a free meal plan!

    FOR EVERYONE! I am challenging you to 10,000 steps daily once we start! If you’re a beginner you can build up to 10, or if you’re more advanced aim for 12-15. Most of us will need to go for an actual walk to reach this goal daily. Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) training is a great way to add activity and calorie burn to your day without beating your body up with MORE heavy or fast paced training. So give your workout your ALL, then go on a recovery walk (or walk can be done anytime)! Walk like you’re late for a meeting though, not like you’re measuring the sidewalk. You can use a number of different apps to track this for free just look up pedometer and choose one that works for you. I personally use my Apple Watch. Share below what you use!

    Once we start I want to see those sweaty selfies daily and how many steps you took! Let’s hold each other accountable!
    We start on the 28th! You'll be able to start weighing in up to 2 days before that!


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So excited for my 2nd dietbet! I did MBF and think I’m going to to MBFA for this one. I usually get about 12-14k in steps but need to be consistent with it. We got this guys!!

Tanya K.

I'll be using my Fitbit! Super pumped for this challenge!

Sienna S.

09/16/2020 8:44PM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
  • Hey everyone! My name is Sienna and I’m from Northern California! I’ve been on my journey for about a year now but REALLY started to see major results when I had the privilege of being in one of Megan’s MBF/MBFA test groups! With her AMAZING programs combined with the 2BMindset nutrition program I have lost 20 pounds and 23 inches! But I have hit a little bit of a plateau so I am so excited to have the extra accountability and motivation! Can’t wait to get started with you guys! ♥ Currently on Round #3 of MBF! 🙌

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Noemi M.

Wow this is so impressive! Best of luck for your journey onward :heart:

Sienna S.

Thanks so much!! :hearts::hearts:Excited to be here and continue moving forward with you all!! Bring on the better days! :raised_hands:

Tracy D.

09/15/2020 6:14AM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
I’m in north central PA. I lost 70 pounds using Beachbody nutrition (UPF) and workout programs from April-December 2019. I would like to lose the last 5-10 pounds but have been on a plateau since. Just finished MBF and MBFA and loved them both. Plan to do them again. Hoping this group will help me lose the last little bit of weight! ❤

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Megan Davies

Home stretch! Great job. 70 LBS LOST IS INCREDIBLE! Welcome!

Noemi M.

Wishing you the best of success! Last mile is aleays the hardest they proud of what you‘ve already acheived and take it as proof that you are capable