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Amber A.

08/06/2019 7:48PM in You are CAPABLE ❤
Lots of driving today! I had to go back to my hometown bank to get a new debit card..I had $250 of unauthorized charges on my card that I cannot get back 😭 so I had to go cancel my current card and get a new one. On the positive side I was proud that I didn't give into the stress and emotional eat on my car ride!! Small victories like that make me so happy! How was your day?!?

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I am sorry about your bank card, I would fight that tooth and nail. Proud that you didn't give into the food! I am doing ok. trying to catch up on rest from an emotional weekend with my mom in Massachusetts. I am listening to my body and allowing myself to go to be earlier. I usually stay up late because i don't want to miss anything but I get up at 4 so I walk around like a zombie half the day haha


I just saw this but any time, you can call if it's easier. I'll be home all day :heart:


08/04/2019 3:10PM in You are CAPABLE ❤
  • I didn’t eat many veggies this weekend while out of town. Got home this morning and was craving veggies so bad. Stir fried, Korean marinated beef and a BIG bowl of my prized Siberian yellow cherry tomatoes that I grow from seed every year

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Those tomatoes look especially good!

Michaele M.

Looks yummy!

Kellie A.

08/03/2019 10:40PM in You are CAPABLE ❤
Amber have you decided if you will be hosting another bet after this one?

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Love your group too.


This has been a great group! Lots of activity on the page. Love that


07/28/2019 10:51AM in You are CAPABLE ❤
  • This morning my 4yo daughter was coloring and after feeling down and being hard on myself last week I decided to make some notes to put around the house. I'm no artist but I've really enjoyed seeing these around today. I hope they'll encourage my 10yo daughter too.

Carmen R. , Momof2teensandatot and like this photo.

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Amanda, it really has helped me so far this week. I hung them up in very strategic places. Like the one that says Does this support the life I'm trying to create is on the cabinet door where my hunny keeps his junk food. Bc I've been very tempted to open it. Remember why is on the window sill above my kitchen sink bc I stand there washing dishes and use that time to remember why I'm making this change. The sun will rise is at my eye level of my bedroom door coming in so I can focus on that if I have an off day. Anyway, you get my point. Lol


I just was thinking of placing some and curious if you have seen them help. ty


07/28/2019 5:45AM in You are CAPABLE ❤
This post from 2012 came up in my memories this morning. This is why I count calories instead of WW. That eat 0 point foods till your full never worked for me. I never got full.

I have been following ww strictly since Jan 1 except on my two trips. I swim 5 mornings a week and walk 7 days every evening. I wake up most mornings feeling like crap. I am frustrated because I think I should be farther along than I am. When I go weigh in Tuesdays and lose either nothing or two ounces, ok so one week it was 8 ounces I just want to scream. What's the point

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Melissa. No not recently. For me the counting calories is working

Julie G.

Honestly, I understand 100%. The 2b mindset is eat veggies, basically unlimited. However, I need to track. I know I do. The only time I lose weight is if I track. Annoying, but true.

Amber A.

07/25/2019 4:17PM in You are CAPABLE ❤
  • Made my favorite tonight!! Shrimp stirfry is one of my go to dinners! Great way to get lots of veggies in... what did you have for dinner?!

Dawn H. , Gabby S. and like this photo.

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Kellie A.

Some mini beef ribs and half a plate of green beans. Definitely time to go to the grocery store :smile:

Kate Z.

Looks yummy! I had bbq chicken and broccoli with a small side of spaghetti and bruschetta sauce.


07/25/2019 3:09PM in You are CAPABLE ❤
Ugh I am doing so terrible. I do awesome during the day because at work i really dont have time to snack but the past two nights i have been TERRIBLE! I have got to get my head back in the game.... I still have like 13.9 pounds to lose. I have 3 days till I usually do my weekly weigh in i hope i am down.... Hope everyone else is killing it....

Kathy j. , Sara Thompson and like this comment.

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Devon S.

There's also a version where you do a 24 hour fast like once a week or something? Like you'd eat dinner then not eat again until dinner the next day. I couldn't do that though, I'd be a monster that afternoon haha


:( same

Shirley R.

07/24/2019 6:36AM in You are CAPABLE ❤
Im not sure what is going on :( im not losing, i do 8 to 10K steps a day, ive been getting my water in, & counting calories... the scale hasnt moved... anyone else in my boat? Am i at a plateau maybe?!

Amber A. , Karina and like this comment.

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IF has helped me reach the finish line but I am not a fan of it. i also did it last weekend to regain my focus and it helped.


I’m on the same boat! But it’s ok we can all do it
Mel accepted the challenge.
07/23/2019 8:26AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame29 #PeculiarFatties
The pot is now $380

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Welcome to the ShameGame ladies!!!


07/22/2019 2:47PM in You are CAPABLE ❤
Ladies and Gents....i haven't been on my game lately. I usually do a 3 mile walk and eat healthy but i've just been putting it off. We have 20 days left and i keep going up and down. Any motivation or achievements from you guys? Thanks :)

Kellie A. , ohmscheeks and like this comment.

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Leandi i totally love your response. Thanks! sometimes i just keep needing that reminder everytime i'm feeling low. I'll keep moving on. :)


I love what Leandi said. All the little stuff adds up. I try to be more mindful of my movement. I moved my daughter's car seat to the opposite side of the car. I walk around the driveway to the mailbox instead of cutting across the grass and I park further away at the store. Things like that add up. I also have my "why" written down and posted around my house.
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