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Favorite Sinful Food: Cake

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Tasha S.

07/16/2019 5:56PM in Summer time slim and trim
  • Woo Hooooo! Thanks guys for the support. 😊

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07/16/2019 11:22AM in Summer time slim and trim
  • 3 months is the difference between these 2 pics! So happy I finally decided to put my health first this year and to form habits that I will hopefully carry with me for the rest of my life! AND thank you, Jess, for being the inspiration I needed and for hosting these games. I love the accountability that dietbet brings and I doubt I would have made it THIS far without that accountability and the support from all of you ❤ I still have a ways to go but progress is progress!

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Aw omg look at the difference!!! You are killing it girl!!:heart: I would love to share in on insta! What’s your @ ?!


It's @madeleinestach !


07/15/2019 7:24PM in Summer time slim and trim
I KNEW I was excited to SUBMIT my weight I am down ANOTHER POUND thats 13 pounds in 4 weeks☺☺☺ 😀I won guys... just need the "I Won" screen to from DietBet

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Bonnita P.

Me too. I’m down 10.6 lbs in four weeks.

Tasha S.

Wooo hoo. GREAT JOB. I lost 11 pds and was hard on myself for not doing more. But I should be super proud and realize that now.


07/12/2019 8:32PM in Summer time slim and trim
Just want to encourage those who still need to lose weight in this crunch time. Two weeks ago I was a little more than a pound away from my goal. Then I got my hair braided, which added 2 lbs to my weight, and somehow despite trying my best to lose weight, I was going up and not down. In fact, on Monday of this week, I had about 4 pounds to lose to win this. I was a little discouraged but decided not give up and come up with a different strategy. So I decided to go pretty strict keto, stay in my IF window, and drink more water, along with exercising before any food intake. Low and behold this paid off big time! I’ve lost over 6 pounds since Monday! I went from being in danger of losing the challenge to being comfortably under goal weight at this time. Don’t give up in the final push and see if this strategy helps you too. We’ve got this!

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I have so appreciated your positivity and encouragement this game!!

Way to go you are unstoppable!


Thank you so much Hollie! We got this!

Karen A.

07/07/2019 3:27PM in Summer time slim and trim
Happy Sunday,
I'm looking to upgrade my fitness tracker. I currently use a Fitbit Flex 2. Any suggestions, I'm looking to upgrade tomorrow. Thanks!

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I absolutely love my Fitbit versa! It looks similar to an Apple Watch without the price tag of an Apple Watch and I love the functionality of it.

Tasha S.

I love the New Versa I just got... and now I can download Music directly onto it so I dont need to use my phone for anything while at gym it's all on my wrist :blush:


06/28/2019 6:33AM in Summer time slim and trim
Do any of you all use a daily water tracker, if so what one do you use?
The one I had was super annoying with the ads

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Sweet yeah i just checked that out and its very easy



Tasha S.

06/27/2019 9:41PM in Summer time slim and trim
Ugh Frustrating... Lost 8.2 pds my first week and this week I get my period. Gave into my craving today with some chips and half a musketeer. Feeling supremely Guilty now. Booo!

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Tasha S.

Yes.. I didnt lose any weight after having a slice of pizza also yesterday but I didnt gain either. I will def be back on track tomorrow .

Tasha S.

Glad to see I'm not the only one.

Paula C.

06/22/2019 4:09AM in Summer time slim and trim
Off to Hampton beach today .. running in Smuttynose “will run for beer 5k” tomorrow .. Gonna try to be good today.. tomorrow.. not so much .. Monday is another day!! Have s great weekend ! We finally are seeing some ☀

Big Mama Kate , Sandy and like this comment.

Tasha S.

As in New Hampshite? I'm from Nashua. Live outside of Vegas now. Miss it back home. Hope you enjoyed your run!!!

kenya l.

06/21/2019 11:31AM in Summer time slim and trim
Who is eating 1200 cals?? Im trying it and I’ve been so hungry 😥

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Tasha S.

Yes I also do lowest 1200 - 1500... but I've started to drink about 120oz of water a day and fill up on proteins and good green veggies. They are more filling. Just change up recipes or seasonings and u wont get as tired. We're all diffirent... if you're body is sluggish maybe your body is telling you something.


I've been doing it for months and it's so hard.

People argue that it's not sustainable, but it doesn't have to be! Once I get to my goal weight and I want to maintain I'll be able to eat a lot more than 1200 calories a day because I won't need to have a deficit.

So I just tell myself that this isn't forever and once I get to a maintenance point I'll be able to eat closer to 1900 calories a day and will have so much more wiggle room.


06/17/2019 8:15AM in Summer time slim and trim
  • Hi guys, I'm Hollie, looking forward to getting to know everyone throughout this game!

    I started my weightloss with my first dietbet last August and it was the gamechanger I always needed and helped me lose 65lb.

    I still want to lose another 70lb, but unfortunately I completely fell off the wagon the last month and gained back almost 15 pounds ugh

    Never done any of Jessica's games before but ready to get back in the right headspace and on the right track again.

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Tasha S.

You can do it!


Love your shirt
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