Chelsea O.

Regain control of my life, health, and fitness. I want to be healthier and move easier. I owe it to myself!

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Favorite Health Food: Grilled Asparagus or Brussel Sprouts

Favorite Sinful Food: Cheesesteak sub

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Cardio

My Approach to Weight Loss: 2 pounds at a time

My Weight Loss Program: 2B Mindest

My Diet Plan: 2B Mindset

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Map My Fitness

Fitness Devices: Apple Watch

DietBet Winnings: $232.13

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Chelsea O.

01/22/2021 5:02AM in TAKE BACK THE 2020s with Ilana!
Good morning ☀ from ONEderland

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Sara E.


Melissa B.


Elisa A.

01/22/2021 4:17AM in TAKE BACK THE 2020s with Ilana!
Y’all! I’ve been stuck at a pound from my goal weight for the past week! Help! What do I need to do to get things moving again!

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Jill G.

What works for me is really sticking the no carb dinner and not eating after dinner.......Stay the course you have 7 days and if you are tracking, drinking water first and,vegfies most at some,point your scale will show your efforts! You can do this.

Melissa B.

Sometimes you have to switch things up to see it move. We all have our favorites, but variety is good and sometimes a day of new foods will help. Good luck!
Chelsea O. has weighed in at xxx pounds
01/12/2021 6:05AM in TAKE BACK THE 2020s with Ilana!

Total weight lost is now 5,454 pounds! Average is 2.1 pounds.

Maggy V.

01/11/2021 4:28PM in TAKE BACK THE 2020s with Ilana!
  • Zucchini noodles with tons of flavour! Super delicious!!! 😊❤
    Nouilles de zucchini!!’ Très bon :)

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Chelsea O.

This looks yummy. What’s the recipe??

Maggy V.

Hello Chelsea,

I’ve used a tool to make zucchini noodles. I have grilled them a bit with olives oil, garlic, mushroom, red pepers, onions. After 5 minutes, I put some rosée sauce and a bit of proteins (i have used the rest of chicken).
When everythings is combined, I have put some cheese, spices and green onions. 3 minutes to broil in my oven :) that’s it!! Sorry for my english haha! im french :see_no_evil:

Katrina W.

01/11/2021 4:03PM in TAKE BACK THE 2020s with Ilana!
  • I Forgot what a butt whopping Megan’s MBF leg day is! My watch shut off at 34 min. There was still another 5 minutes left in this program. I think i can safely bet that I broke 400 cals in that workout! ????

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Chelsea O.

I’m doing mbf too! More of a hybrid with cycling through the peloton app, but loving her workouts. And I love her active recovery day.

Jessica J.

I did MBF leg day yesterday too, and I’m sorrrrre today! It’s a great workout!

Chelsea O.

01/06/2021 8:54AM in TAKE BACK THE 2020s with Ilana!
  • Made this tasty roasted vegetable lasagna from the skinnytaste meal prep cookbook. Perfect for this cold, windy day in Maryland!
    Veggies include: red and yellow bell peppers, zucchini, red onion, mushrooms, and fennel.
    Next time, I’ll replace the noodles with Zoodles so I can have this for dinner. #veggiesmost

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Sarah G.

Looks delicious!!


Just had a look at the book— looks great!

Ashlee R.

01/06/2021 4:13AM in TAKE BACK THE 2020s with Ilana!
  • Do I have to be a member to submit a weekly weigh in?? This is not my first DietBet and I always submitted weekly!
    But it just isn’t letting me unless I sign up to be a member

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Stephanie M.

Mine keeps asking me that everyday so I just keep updating my current weight and it enters me in for prizes

Ashlee R.

I didn’t realize you had to be a member to get this. The first time I did it, I got it free I guess.

Maria G.

01/05/2021 6:36PM in TAKE BACK THE 2020s with Ilana!
Is weigh in tomorrow? I don’t see the prompt.

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Maria G.

The last challenge I did there were weekly official weigh ins on Wednesdays.

Chelsea O.

The weekly weigh ins are for DietBet members. Everyone will still get the prompt in hopes that non-members will sign up for the membership (extra $5). I just scroll past.

Damaris L.

01/04/2021 8:47AM in TAKE BACK THE 2020s with Ilana!
Do we have to do official weigh ins every week?

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Chelsea O.

Only if you’re a DietBet member