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Jean Chandler

04/15/2020 6:42AM in Mindful Transformer - $2000 of Wellness Prizes!
I hate missing the weekly weigh ins! Especially since I'm a DietBet pad member, haha. I'm waiting on my new scale to be delivered after my last digital one ended up seriously damaged being moved around.

Thank goodness for Amazon~ <3

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Melissa M.

Amazon is getting behind. I’m waiting for my electrical piano to be delivered...

Sharon M.

Hope you are able to get it quickly.


04/15/2020 6:20AM in Mindful Transformer - $2000 of Wellness Prizes!

We offer weekly Progress Prizes to DietBet Members who complete Progress Weigh-ins. 


This week’s prize is a Peloton Essentials Package. The bike is just the beginning. Enjoy complimentary workout shoes, weights, headphones and more. 2 players get this $2,404 prize. 


Be sure to submit a Progress Weigh-in by 11:59PM PT tonight to be entered. You know you’re all set if your Membership page says “Entered to win.”


Not a DietBet Member? Click here to become a member today for prizes, exclusive features, and added accountability. 

Progress Weigh-ins and Progress Prizes are weekly member-only features that reward you for keeping yourself accountable. Not a U.S. resident? We’ll provide the cash value of the prize. Have more questions about membership? Check out the FAQ here!

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Melissa M.

I’m in! I would love this bike. I had my eye on it for a while now :)))))

Amy J.

04/13/2020 9:21AM in Mindful Transformer - $2000 of Wellness Prizes!
I just took a walk during my 15 min break from work. OMG, I should not be this tired 😂😂. I've got to keep this exercising going 😳.

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Brittany C.

You got this!!! :heart::thumbsup:

Caroline K.

Tiffany, StepBet is helping me too! I try to get up from my “desk” (laptop on couch lol) at the bottom of every hour for a few-minute jog in place. It adds up and keeps the blood flowing.

Shannon H.

03/29/2020 10:15AM in Mindful Transformer - $2000 of Wellness Prizes!
I quit smoking 7 days ago and I'm out of work and stuck at home like a lot of people. I'm really afraid that I'm going to start packing on the pounds. I'm sucking on straws instead of lollipops and cough drops, like some well meaning friends suggested. Any former smokers have any tips?

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Amber B.

Well - when I quit I focused on running. For the first time I could enjoy using my lungs for taking breaths during cardio. The further behind me smoking got, the faster I could run :) I had smoked for 10 years by then.

Teresa T.

I quit almost 2 1/2 years ago and I cut the straws up the length of the cigarette and kept them in a pack. They were the same shape & size of the cig, so I would hold one in hand and"smoke" it when driving, when it socializing, etc. It was the holding & hand eye. You can do it, just one at a time. Download ebook "Stop Challenge, Choose"

Judy M

03/29/2020 7:42AM in Mindful Transformer - $2000 of Wellness Prizes!
If I make this weigh in, I’ll be shocked. I’m stuck in the house (like everyone) and can’t stay out of the fridge. What is everyone doing to eat right? Any ideas??

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Heather A.

And by “throwing out“ if it’s untouched shelters could really use it!

Mercy A.

I’ve found that preparing elaborate, but still healthy meals is helpful. Then you’re still spending time “in the fridge” and with food but it’s effort going into something healthy.

Melissa M.

03/23/2020 7:30AM in Mindful Transformer - $2000 of Wellness Prizes!
Guys, what’s your favorite
Quarantine- healthy food & home fitness exercise??

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Stephanie R.

I love Beachbody workouts.
And basically any whole30 type recipe!


My usual food plan includes fruit- fresh or in a smoothie w/ green juice, veggies & a protein. I found some high protein/lower carb snacks from Off the eaten path that I love, nice crunch and not a full on carb load. My secret weapon is portion control by splitting it up into small jars and not eating directly from the bag as I used to do (and still sometimes fall victim to). Exercise is 30 minutes on rowing machine every day, cleaning and recently I began using my treadmill while I brew my morning coffee pot (takes 7-8 minutes) so I walk for 10 minutes at 2.8 mph on 3 incline - gets me warmed up and my heart pumping and I feel like I earned sitting and enjoying my coffee. Every little bit counts!

Melissa M.

03/22/2020 7:45AM in Mindful Transformer - $2000 of Wellness Prizes!
I gained weight 😔 stupid self-quarantining....
okay, now I will throw out (give away) anything that could make me gain weight. Starting with the peanut-butter...

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I read an interesting paper once about successful long term weight loss, and the authors categorized successful people as either moderators or abstainers. Moderators love to have big bags they can portion out because knowing they always have more calms them. Abstainers (like me) need their trigger foods to be away from their kitchen environment because having open big bags just makes us go have more.

Sounds like getting away from the peanut butter might be a great choice, and I bet your friends love you. Good luck to you and all of us working on our relationships with food.


Peanut butter is good if you're eating it on an apple. My son just brought home two boxes of junk food that he had in his dorm room! And I am definitely am abstainer, or should be...I'm definitely not like one of my college friends who could eat HALF an Oreo as a snack. No, half a sleeve is a snack.

Melissa M.

03/14/2020 7:27AM in Mindful Transformer - $2000 of Wellness Prizes!
WA state has all students staying home and many workers as well.
Being home right by the kitchen has made me eating a lot. I have to TRACK CALORIES now to stay focused on my weight goal.

Being healthy is so important right now!

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