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Sarah M.

Two kids and two thyroid diseases have left me looking.... frumpy.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: ...... uhh.... chicken caesar salad? lol

Favorite Sinful Food: All the butter.

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Anything but running.

My Approach to Weight Loss: Get it done.

DietBet Winnings: $23.68

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Maria O.

08/10/2019 6:45PM in Midsummer Melt with Franny
So I went to Dave and Buster and I did good at least we will know if my good was good enough.i had to be of the dog in a pretzel dog no pretzel, one mini lettuce taco, I also had Tuscan chicken Alfredo with zoodles instead and I drank Coke Zero no alcohol.
To me that’s a good day. Hopefully no water retention tomorrow.

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Sarah M.

I'm going to the D&B in Philly this weekend! Hope I stay on track too! Way to go!

Sara B.

08/03/2019 8:19AM in Midsummer Melt with Franny
  • Hi everyone. This is my first diet bet. I was a size 4 before I got pregnant and ended up gaining 100 during pregnancy and have managed to stay around 195 for an entire year, thank God, despite all the incidents (my newborn son's open heart surgery being one of them and the least of them at the moment). I want to get back to a 4/6 and though I've been mindful I haven't been doing enough. So now I'm recruiting Jesus to help me with it too and doing some extra on top of it. I am Vegan/Vegetarian and I make sure to have at least "1 power hour" a day (yesterday it was 2 power hours) An hour I dedicate to the gym and any time I have left over goes to cleaning my home and arranging things for the next day. I walk on an incline and I do what's called "Swan Arms" from ballet beautiful. I also incorporate some element of fasting and praying. I am nervous because I have two of these things going (diet bets) and I am really investing in myself. I work 11 hour shifts out in the Florida summer heat 4 days a week so I cut down my soda, monster, Redbulls and switched over to water, flavored water, and flavored sparkling water. There is no reason why I should not succeed.

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Much love to your son, courage!!


I couldn’t fix anything until I “recruited” Jesus! Since then, it’s been a whole new ball game!!! :pray:

Kim C.

08/02/2019 7:09AM in Midsummer Melt with Franny
I’ve lost the last few DietBet’s I’ve joined. I’ve gained back the weight that I lost. I’m so discouraged. I tend to stress eat. Trying to overcome that habit. I would love to know how everyone copes with it.

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Kim C.

Thank you for the suggestions. I will be trying them all.

Casey M.

I stress eat too, and did a lot of that while in grad school writing papers. I fixed myself a big plate of crunchy veggies and snacked on them. I knew I’d “need” it and when the craving hit I was ready. Now that grad school is done I’m fasting until noon every day and that influences how I eat the rest of the day.

Kelly N.

07/31/2019 10:58AM in Midsummer Melt with Franny
  • Hi everyone, Kelly from London 🇬🇧 this is my first ever DietBet I have been following Franny for a while on Instagram and wanted to finally take the leap! I know this is going to be a challenge as I've always struggled loosing weight and keeping my motivation especially when I hit road blocks! I've got a long way to go and my goal weight would be 180lb (currently 289lb) but I'm really ready for this Kickstarter to give me the boost I need! I can't wait to be inspired to keep going by all of you amazing people!

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Sarah M.

You got this - and I have never seen a human with orange hair... how freaking cool!


Good luck and I love your hair x


07/28/2019 6:28AM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
Weigh in is tomorrow!! Wishing you all the best!!!

Vacation got the best of me! I didn’t do as good as I wanted!

But only makes me want to push harder next month!!

Feel free to join August diet bet with me!

Continue the meltdown w/bee💛

Will definitely do group chats I think that motivates us more too !!

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Wow thank you bee.goes.keto the diet bet has me very motivated lost 9.3lbs this month barely made the diet bet but 8m glad I needed that extra push waiting for august diet bet


Thanks for hosting! Just submitted my photos, looks like made it despite shark week!


07/08/2019 2:47PM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
Roll call! Also, how’s everyone keeping up?

Jackie- Chicago burbs, down 2.6 lbs so far.

Currently egg fasting. Planning a 72 hr fast 7/28-30th @jax_wentketo

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Tee, down about 2 lbs, eating less and trying to mostly do it in 8 hour windows, exercising about 4 days. Wanted to increase my step count to 10k more days, but ankle was bothering me and only got 8500 steps one day, close enough, left the gym and was feet better the next day, did 17k steps yesterday with friends outside after work. Eating more fresh veggies and pickles, less high calorie snacks or late meals, smaller portion sizes.


Melissa-East Texas - down 1.2 lbs. Harder to manage around the holidays and I know it is my carb intake. We bought a huge watermelon and my husband isn’t a fan, so I’m the only one eating it and it busts my carb intake through the roof

Amanda M.

07/06/2019 9:38PM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
Omg this sucks the scale keeps going up. What am I doing wrong? I just can’t figure it out, I’m clearly loosing inches but not weight. Ugh

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Michaele M.

Gaining muscle mass?


Gaining muscle would be my bet. Have you been strength training this week? Also second suggestion to review your food logs.
Sometimes changing up either your exercise or what you eat helps. If you’ve had more-or-less the same types for foods for a week, your body starts to adapt.


07/03/2019 1:02PM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
How will you be successful on the 4th?

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Jennifer D.

I have a F45 Circuit training class and Kickboxing class in the morning....If I jump start my day in a healthy way I will be able to make healthy choices the rest of the day.

Sarah M.

Staying at home with the husband and kids, making them a nice, classic 4th dinner and cooking myself up a turkey burger so I'm not too left out!


07/02/2019 9:09PM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
What did everyone have for dinner?

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A peach, cup of red grapes, string cheese stick, 3 radishes, and an peanut bar.


Homemade tinga lettuce wraps


07/02/2019 10:28AM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
Anyone here doing specific diets? I’m just starting Jorge Cruise’s Cruise control diet, a variation on intermittent fasting.

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Michaele M.

I do lower carb.


The recommended food on cruise is low carb too. Just supposed to eat all the calories in an 8 hour window. Look forward to seeing results!
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