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Alle G.

10/12/2019 4:26PM in Felicia Fitness Health's Fall DietBet
I have been doing awesome since I restarted Sep. 9 and have gotten blue dots (I do WW) every single day for the past 5 weeks. To say this is a huge accomplishment for me is an understatement because I have done WW so many times over the past 20 years and have never been this motivated or committed.

Which brings me to an issue. Monday morning my husband wants to go out to breakfast. I figured on going to a place where I knew the points, like IHOP or Cracker Barrel. But I'm struggling with the mindset. Intellectually, I know that this is a lifestyle and that I need to be able to let go every now and then, but I also am really worried that if I let myself not get that blue dot, use too many of my weeklies, that it's going to set me off on a binge and I'm not going to be able to regain control again.

Has anyone else struggled with this? I will say that many years ago I struggled with anorexia and bulimia, so I do have a long history of eating disordered behavior, but also I am morbidly obese right now and so I do need to do this for my health.

Also, if you go to Cracker Barrel or IHOP, what do you get for breakfast to stay within your points? I get 35 points daily and 42 weekly if that helps.

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Bethany M.

I have found that even when I make the choice to order foods that I don't normally eat anymore, they make me feel horrible and I also can't finish them like I could before. How did it go?

Alle G.

It went perfectly!!! I actually ordered a breakfast that had a sampling of things, and I would try a bite and then decide if the points were worth it. I wound up spending only 12 points at breakfast, when I had budgeted 20!

Felicia K.

10/12/2019 4:25PM in Felicia Fitness Health's Fall DietBet
I want to apologize for not commenting on everyone’s posts today. It’s been a LONG day and I’m so beyond exhausted. I will do better tomorrow 💗 I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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It's the weekend you deserve a break too!


Never apologize! You’ve got a family and a busy life! We understand :heart:

Taylor K.

10/12/2019 11:05AM in Felicia Fitness Health's Fall DietBet
Took two days off from walking/jogging. The first day I was just feeling so blah and it got the best of me. The second day (yesterday) I went to a pizza joint with my family. I wasn’t planning on eating pizza but they didn’t have a lot of options for salads and were almost $10! I will spend a little extra money on healthy food but $9.25 for a salad with ham on it? Ugh lol anyway. I ate two slices and had a $3 side salad. Before I would beat myself up and let the bad habit carry on. But this morning I had eggs and turkey bacon, made Felicia’s chicken broccoli and rice casserole for lunches this week (so good but not huge on the broccoli) and went on a 1.5 mile walk/jog. Now to get ready for a wedding and eat something healthy before I go so I’m not tempted to eat everything there!

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Laura E.

You got this!

Bethany M.

Way to get out there and live without beating yourself up!!

Felicia K.

10/09/2019 8:10AM in Felicia Fitness Health's Fall DietBet
  • GOODMORNING!!!! First of all, congratulations to yesterday’s giveaway winner- Heather Rae! Please email me at feliciafitnesshealth@aol. com
    I can’t even believe we are 1 full week into this DietBet today! I don’t have anything specific planned to talk about today! I just want to check in with everyone. How are you doing? Great? Not great? I want everyone to comment/make a post about how we are HONESTLY doing and help encourage and inspire on another. Talk about something you are proud of and something you want to improve on moving forward. Remember we still have 3 whole weeks left to go! If you’re feeling discouraged in any way, let this be your kick in the butt to DO THIS THING!

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I’m sticking to my meal plans each day. But there was some major gym drama this week and haven’t I worked out since Tuesday.

Mindy W.

I have cut out sweets this last week and I’ve been shocked at how often I’m tempted to grab a little something sweet. It shows me how often I do this on a regular bases. It really adds up! I’ve seen a good change in my weight with giving up the sweets and pushing the water!


10/07/2019 7:53AM in Felicia Fitness Health's Fall DietBet
  • 40 mins on the stairmaster and 362 cals burned. I was DRIPPING sweat and panting, even slow on level 4 but nonetheless, I DID IT!! 👍💪💪

Clovia W. , Bethany M. and like this photo.

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Brooke W.

You inspired me to definitely go the gym tonight! Thank you! I was losing motivation while I sit at work right now

Felicia K.

AMAZING! Stairmaster is no joke!!!!

Felicia K.

10/02/2019 8:07AM in Felicia Fitness Health's Fall DietBet
  • Congratulations to yesterday’s $100 winner- Hannah W !!!! Please email me at Feliciafitnesshealth@aol. com
    Today I want to talk about WATER! There are so many amazing benefits of drinking lots of water and I know SO many people struggle with it! I SWEAR by it for helping me not be bloated/retain water and salt. I always have a water jug close to me at all times! SET AN ALARM if you have to as a reminder! Get into a habit/routine of it and it becomes so much easier! 1/2 your bodyweight in OZ is the recommendation (if you weight 200lbs, you want to shoot for 100oz of water per day) We can make today a thread of checking in! Check in here throughout the day and comment how many Oz you have done for the day! Seeing everyone else drinking their water can help motivate you to grab a glass! ANOTHER GIVEAWAY COMING TOMORROW! I’m so impressed with everyone so far and LOVING all the posts!😍

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Betsy D.

  • I love my Bubba water bottle with straw from Walmart. It holds 22 Oz and I fill it up 4-5 times a day.

Jessica S.

  • On refill 3 of this 24 oz bottle!

Felicia K.

10/01/2019 7:13AM in Felicia Fitness Health's Fall DietBet
  • LET THE GAME BEGIN!!!! I thought I would start off the bet with $100 cash giveaway (PayPal or Venmo!) Listen up for the instructions. I want to talk about PLANNING. The biggest tip I give everyone is MAKE. A. PLAN. Set yourself up for success. Whenever I was in a funk on my journey or wanting to start fresh... I would clean out my pantry and fridge and RID the house of any temptations! Sit down, make a plan for the week. Write down what meals you’ll have M-F and write out a grocery list based on that. That way you have fresh groceries, fresh meals, and you don’t feel frazzled and unprepared. I PROMISE this can help you so much! I write out a list of my meals, lunch ideas, snack ideas, and put it smack dab in the middle of my fridge door so I always know what we have that I can grab rather than making an excuse and getting fast food! So tell me what YOUR plan is in the comments below and you’ll be entered to win the $100, I will announce the winner in my post tomorrow! I encourage you all to read through these comments to get ideas from others! And WELCOME AGAIN!😍

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Stefanie E.

I have made grocery lists and doubled up on recipes so half can go in the freezer and there are no excuses for not having any food at home. I prepped the fridge with easy grab and go snacks-hard boiled eggs, veggies, pre counted bags of nuts

Katie H.

My plan is to get rid of all the quick starchy snacks and go get more fruits and veggies! And ordering peanut butter built bars

Sola O.

09/26/2019 2:55PM in Sweatin Through September W/ Franny
So my NSV. I am overwhelmed right now. So far I have lost 65 lb is 4 months and I look in the mirror and I don’t see it though people tell me how much I have lost weight. Today I went to Target, when I go to target I usually go straight to plus size but today I just decided to try straight size guys I fit in a XL at TARGET! I am screaming, laughing and crying at the same time. I still don’t want to buy anything I am waiting till I loss 100 but I am overwhelmed and ecstatic. I love life more now I can do what ever without breathing like I am dying. I am will be there o know that.

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Kim R.

FanTAStic!!! As someone who once dropped 75 pounds, I encourage you buy yourself something—at least one thing—at your current size. It will make you feel great to wear something that fits and flatters your new shape, giving you more motivation to keep going. And besides...You deserve it!!

Anastacia D.

Big congrats. Super proud of you & you’re encouraging us with your testimony


09/24/2019 2:25PM in Sweatin Through September W/ Franny
  • Final challenge! Post that you completed or tried it by this Friday to be entered into a giveaway for an Airfryer!!
    Winner will be randomly selected from the comments of this post only!

    4 days guys!!!! We’ve got this!!!


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I did it!

Maria T.

Tried it


09/13/2019 6:15PM in Sweatin Through September W/ Franny
  • Franny, I watched your IG stories and honestly thought about what you said about food addiction.

    Food addiction is real and powerful! Today was a long stressful day at work. I didn’t leave till 6:30pm and I’ve been obsessing about burying my stress in a pizza or popcorn. To be clear: NOT a slice or a handful... but a whole pizza or large bag of popcorn.

    [Yes, a slice is fine. Using food to deal with feelings is not]

    I picked up some flowers on my way home, because flowers always make me smile. I had to go to a top cabinet to get the exact vase that I wanted, and this tub of icing was on the shelf.

    My first thought - grab a spoon and dig in.

    That was a scary first thought. I haven’t done that in many years... but that was where my head was. I stopped myself from doing it, and I’m sure this is something that I’m going to always have to do with.

    Now to get through this stress without making any bad choices...

    (Hubby and I took the dog for a long walk, and I made Real Good pizza for dinner)

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Megan O.

Awesome job!


Love this and so proud of you!! Everyday we have to fight
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