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Trista M.

04/19/2020 12:41PM in Fight through April w/ Franny
  • Y’all I really think diet bet is the best. The pic on the left is me January 1st and the one on the right was this week!!! I didn’t even notice a difference in myself until I put these pics next to each other

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Bethany M.

Woohoo...great job!!


Congrats!!!! This is amazing!!!!

Sara M.

04/18/2020 3:32PM in Fight through April w/ Franny
  • Caught Corona, been really sick for most of this diet bet, but kept my eating on point! It's been 2 weeks and I'm finally feeling well enough to workout! And I'm only a pound from my goal! Positivity and determination are key y'all!

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Wishing you a fast and speedy recovery, darling :hearts:

Megan O.

Glad to hear you're feeling better!


04/07/2020 3:48PM in Fight through April w/ Franny
  • Challenge #2 winner is MEGAN please email me! Next workout challenge will be posted tomorrow morning doing a $35 cash giveaway straight to your PayPal or Venmo. Giving you your bet back.

    FYI winners are chosen at random from the comments of the challenge posts :)

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Megan O.

THANK YOU! I forgot to check and just saw it now. I never win anything!


04/04/2020 12:55PM in Fight through April w/ Franny
  • Happy Saturday team I hit the pavement today.. 5 miles later I’m beat but PROUD. I’ve been trying to run 3-4 miles a day since the gyms closed this is the longest distance so far and a good pace. I take a few walking breaks once I hit mile 2-3 but pretty steady running other than that.

    If you want to head out for a walk or jog and have a distance in mind that you want to hit just make sure you hit your half way point before you turn around to head home. I wanted to run 5 miles today so I made sure I ran 2.5 miles from my house so I’d have to do the 2.5 miles back ;) MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

    Here’s your weekend workout challenge jump rope needed, if you don’t have a jump rope job in place.

    1 minute jump rope
    10 burpees
    1 minute jump rope
    10 burpees
    1 minute jump rope
    30 sec plank hold
    1 minute jump rope
    30 sec plank hold
    1 minute jump rope
    10 burpees
    1 minute jump rope
    10 burpees

    Giving away a box of builtbars to one winner from the comments of this thread if you complete the workout! Modify where needed, if you can’t do 1 minute change the duration if you can’t do 10 burpees change the reps! Winner will be picked Monday morning 💪????

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Challenge CLOSED


Seems like my weekends are so busy I always miss out on the challenges!


04/01/2020 1:49PM in Fight through April w/ Franny
Here's a work out I'm challenging you all to complete today or tomorrow. I will pick one winner from the comments on Thursday evening and send the winner a box of BUILTBARS.

4 rounds - 1 minute per movement (rest when needed)

1 minute of cardio your choice (jump rope, jog in place)
1 minute of jumping jacks
1 minute of mountain climbers
1 minute of air squats

REST 1 Minute (then repeat)

Work is a total of 20 minutes including rests please post proof below in the comments that you completed it a picture of you post workout or a pic of your activity tracker. Tag me on IG if you post it. Also, if you can not do 4 rounds please modify it to whatever you can do. If you can not do a minute of jumping jacks please modify it to 30 seconds ETC. make it work for your fitness level!

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Megan O.

Forgot to comment. Done!


Megan O. accepted the challenge.
03/30/2020 6:02AM in Fight through April w/ Franny
The pot is now $5,915

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Noelle F.

03/30/2020 3:23AM in Fight through April w/ Franny
Yay!! My first diet bet! What is everyone doing as their main form of exercise?

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Christine K.

Walking as my gym in closed Normally the gym

Chelce P.

Weighted jump rope and yoga