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To wear cute clothes that I like!

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Favorite Health Food: Broccoli

Favorite Sinful Food: Ice cream

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Dancing or walking

My Approach to Weight Loss: Intermittent fasting

DietBet Winnings: $108.78

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Nissa S.

07/08/2019 11:48AM in Felicia Fitness Health's Summer DietBet!
Hey guys,
Can you comment on what to do if you feel like you have plateaued? Felicia have you had experience with this?
On WW program.

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Clare J.

I double counted calories and points for a little bit. There were days where I was not eating enough and days where I was eating way too much. Helped me balance it out a bit and I started losing again!

Nicole E.

If you hit a plateau, try adding some interval training to your exercise routine (such as walk for 1.5 minutes, jog for 30 seconds, and repeat for 20 minutes), or try intermittent fasting for one or two days, or even try calorie cycling (find out how many calories you’re supposed to eat in one week, then split them up and alternate so you eat more calories on some days, and less calories on other days but still total your necessary weekly amount)

Felicia K.

07/07/2019 2:54AM in Felicia Fitness Health's Summer DietBet!
  • *GIVEAWAY* Good morning everyone! First of all, thank you so much for the love on my last post. 💗💙 we are so excited! I’m currently on my way to Florida to visit a friend! I really wanna try to stay good with my eating! We will probably go grocery shopping when I get there and she wants me to make some of my meals! We will be doing lots of walking I’m sure so that’s good too! Going to try and be as active in here as I can! I seriously love reading all of your posts! Let’s start today off with talking about non scale victories. There’s always so much focus on the scale (especially in a DietBet) but NON scale victories are just as rewarding and important. Getting a little farther in your daily run, clothes fitting better, new sizes, less winded, getting off medications, being able to wrap your bath towel around yourself, etc! Comment below a non scale victory you’ve noticed lately or one that you would love to have! Your comment will enter you to win $100 cash through PayPal or Venmo 💗 I will announce winner tomorrow! Happy Sunday everyone!

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Vanessa K.

who won?

Maggie M.

A love of new food! Overnight oats and fish and fruit, i am obsessed!


07/05/2019 5:13PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame28 #EndGain
Who tracks food? Do you eat back your exercise calories or no?

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Tessa B.

I have been eating them back and was getting success but it stopped so I'm gonna try not eating them back and see how that goes. PS my app factors in a deficit already so it's always under even when you eat them back


Tessa, my app is the same.

Nicole E.

07/03/2019 9:41PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame28 #EndGain
  • #WelcomeWednesday - Heyoo, I’m Nicole. I’m 26 and I’m a software engineer, twitch streamer, occasional YouTuber, and musician from Michigan. I play a lot of video games, make some video games, and produce my own electronic music (for now). I’m currently living in Japan to work on becoming a singer here, and that’s also a reason why I’m trying to lose weight (also to wear the style of clothes I like, and look the way I want to in them).

    I’m a virgin to the shame game, so let’s see how this goes!

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Welcome to the kingdom! Where abouts in Michigan are you from?

Nicole E.

Thanks, everybody!

@Becca, I’m from Farmington Hills.

Nicole E.

07/03/2019 6:08PM in Felicia Fitness Health's Summer DietBet!
Hey, all. I wanted to make another post about water and why you should drink it (besides the obvious reasons).

If you’re doing exercises that make your body burn fat for energy (such as walking), or are burning fat in general, the expended fat leaves some toxins floating around in your body which are only expelled by water. I know my reasoning for not wanting to drink a lot of water, especially at work, is that I don’t want to constantly be going to the bathroom. But now that I think about it, I DO want to go to the bathroom a lot!

Those fat toxins that need to be swept away with water actually leave your body by (you guessed it) peeing!!

So, since I’m the master of being dehydrated, let’s tackle water drinking together. My goal is to pee at least 7 times today (and yes, if you’re not used to drinking a lot of water, you’ll pee a lot until your body readjusts itself). Let’s pee out that fat! 😂

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07/03/2019 5:35AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame28 #EndGain - via iPhone
  • #WelcomeWednesday - Hey Fatties we have a lot of virgins and veterans and since we will be spending the next four weeks in this very intimate kingdom let’s get to know one another...

    Tell us a little bit or a lot about yourself like where you are from and any other odd facts about yourself that will help us get to know you.

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Nicole E.

Sara, you’re definitely as cool as me, if not cooler. I’m actually gonna move my comment to its own post so people who might not read comments can see it. Sorry for the double post! :sob:


Hahaha you are both wonderful!!!

Nicole E.

06/29/2019 9:22PM in Felicia Fitness Health's Summer DietBet!
Hey, everybody! Add me on MyFitnessPal so we can kick each other’s butts if we go over our calorie limit! Feel free to post your username below so others can add you too!

ID: Kaleido91

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Nikki J.



Mine is colortheplanet :blush:


06/28/2019 11:28PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame28 #EndGain
  • So why was I absent for a few months? New boyfriend and me moving in with him (still moving shit, I hate moving) and a surprise grandson! To bad that show about not knowing you're pregnant isn't on anymore or my kid could do it. Anyways, it's been crazy but in a great way. Happy weigh ins everyone and may you all lose 3.9% in 4 weeks

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Monica C.

Look st that cutie


Which one? :joy::joy::joy:

Nicole E.

06/27/2019 4:44PM in Felicia Fitness Health's Summer DietBet!
Hey everybody! This is one of my first diet bets. It starts just a week after my actual first game. I’m excited to be in this group, and I’m even more excited to get motivation, and motivate other people too! Let’s do thiiiiis!

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Amber D.

06/27/2019 5:16AM in Felicia Fitness Health's Summer DietBet!
  • Can't wait, this will be my 4th diet bet. My first was with Felicia and I won...lost my second one with Jessica and just won my third with Lexi... determined to win with Felicia again now that I've made it to onederland I'm focusing on my goal weight....-45 lbs down 65lbs to go!

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:thumbsup: you can do it !!

Nicole E.

Congratulations! You and I have a similar goal weight! We can do this!
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