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Jeanetta L.

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Carol F.

08/26/2019 4:38PM in Jumpstart your July w/ Picktritionist!
I lost weight, just not enough to split the pot which is okay. I’m still a winner regardless because I didn’t gain or stay where I was. Now to readjust some things and keep going. It comes off slow, but at least it comes off.

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Jeanetta L.

Same here. I’m gonna try again!


Me too! Menopause makes it very challenging. I will try and keep trying. It is slow going but worth it.


08/06/2019 9:26PM in Jumpstart your July w/ Picktritionist!
  • Only had 20 mins to exercise so I made the most of it with intensity!

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Jeanetta L.



07/28/2019 2:01PM in Jumpstart your July w/ Picktritionist!
Welcome to the DietBet! I'm your host, Michael Pickett! Let's start with some introductions:

I'm a firefighter/paramedic in Arizona and I've been married for 5 years with a 1 year old daughter. DietBet helps me stay motivated to keep myself healthy for my career and family!

*I recently finished writing my e-book, "The Ultimate Guide to Fat Loss" and it's available to DietBet players for FREE (usually $20). Go to www.picktritionist.com and use code "dietbet" at checkout to get your copy for free! I studied nutrition in college and worked as a personal trainer for years. I tried to condense all my knowledge into an easy do-it-yourself guide to weight loss. It's designed to help you learn why and how weight loss works. Hope it helps!

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Simona A.

A lot of moms :) I wanna be a mom. I got married a year ago and slowly put on some weight. Giving up gym didn’t help either :/
Living in Poland btw and going on holiday. Hahahahaha I didn’t think this through lol


Hey, my name is Kryssy. I’m from Georgia and have a fitness account on Instagram following my weight loss journey @krys_gets_fit_
I’ve been doing weightwatchers since january and have lost 41 pounds! Super exciting! I’ve done 2 diet bets before and won both by the skin of my teeth so I’m looking to blow this one out the water. I love diet bets because of the support and love whether we win or lose. Good luck to everyone!!

Sherry S B.

07/28/2019 9:18AM in Jumpstart your July w/ Picktritionist!
Is anyone following a specific diet or exercise plan?

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Sherry S B.

Hi Jessica, I meant 1000 calories, sorry.
Dukan is similar to keto just without the fats. And Dukan has a an attachbohase which lasts from 1 day to 10 days depending on how much total weight one has to lose.
In the Attack phase one eats only proteins. After this initial phase you can start with certain veggies and proteins till you get to your goal weight. Then the next phase starts etc etc


Oh ok! Makes sense! It sounds hard!