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Nikki W.

01/05/2021 10:05AM in New Year New Mama
Hey ladies! I’m just curious as to if any of you do BeachBody workouts? I’ve done P90X in the past, but I kinda want to try something new. I started Piyo this week, but I NEED something more intense. I’m thinking about purchasing T25, insanity or something along those lines I would just like some feedback. Thanks! ❤

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Rachael L.

Yes I have had it for a few years now and love it. I just finished the 100 day meltdown and that was probably one of my favorites. I like the 21 day fixes too in real time and then I just started 9 week control freak. There is so many options that you can chose from.

stephany c.

I LOVE BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT. It tones really well once you lose the weight.

Jessica M. is now the MVP in the game! They invited 1 friend to the game yesterday.

01/04/2021 12:19AM in New Year New Mama

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Rachael L.

Rachael L. accepted the challenge.
01/03/2021 6:42AM in New Year New Mama
The pot is now $575

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Rachael L.

11/18/2020 10:29AM in Mitten State Slim Down
  • How’s everyone doing so far? Here is a few tips to help you get off those last few pounds before weighing in.

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Rachael L.

11/01/2020 8:28PM in Mitten State Slim Down

    I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and was able to stay on track for the most part. (We all need a cheat day here and there so it’s ok if you enjoy some candy. 😉)

    The challenge this week is drinking water. Sounds easy enough right? We all know how great water is for us but the amount we may get each day isn’t enough. This week I want you to try to drink half your body weight in ounces and keep track of it and share on Friday (if you would like) how many ounces you were able to drink each day and if you felt any different. I will also post some great TRICKS in the comments to help you out.

    Depending on how many people will accept this challenge I may have a TREAT in store. 😉

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Rachael L.

Kendra S.

I need to up my water intake!

Rachael L.

10/30/2020 6:43AM in Mitten State Slim Down
  • It’s Friday! How’s everyone’s first week going? I’m sure you are all doing amazing and I want to hear about it. What are your goals for the next few weeks?

    I know one goal I have is to stop the late night snacking and more water intake and try not to eat all my kids Halloween Candy. 🙈

    Monday we will be starting a weekly challenge for everyone for a chance to win a little treat from us.

    Here is a fun little workout chart that might help get you through the weekend.

    Stay safe everyone. 🎃💗

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Rachael L.

10/26/2020 8:05AM in Mitten State Slim Down

  • Hey everyone thanks for joining Kendra and I on hosting another DeitBet together. I hope you are as excited as us to reach our goals together.

    My name is Rachael and I am a Mitten Mama to 5 beautiful girl’s. I got introduced to Dietbet about a year ago and knew it was a right fit for me. I was tired of being tired and felt like I was taking it out on my kids so I knew I needed to make a lifestyle change. What I love most about Dietbet is you can do what fits you the best and you have a support team standing behind you cheering you on. Once you start feeling better and seeing results it will become an addiction. Plus who doesn’t want to win money while losing weight.

    Always remember why you started. Your fitness is 100% mental. Your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it.

    Last but not least we love seeing y’all active in the group. This is a great place to post different workouts and food to hold yourself accountable so please post away.

    Feel free to post a picture or a comment on “Why” you started. This picture is my “Why”. Not only do I do it for myself but my girls are my biggest motivators. I want to live a healthy lifestyle for them. I know if I feel good from the inside out it will help me be a better mother to them too.

    Best of luck to everyone! You got this!! 💪💖

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Rachael L. accepted the challenge.
10/20/2020 6:36AM in Mitten State Slim Down
The pot is now $70