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Allison W.

06/03/2021 4:02AM in Memorial Day Meltdown with Ilana Muhlstein
  • Dirty 30 is done for the day! Got these endorphins moving and I feel great! Now to make healthy food choices!

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Heck yes, I love 21 day fix!

April M.

Look at that smile!!

Laura F.

05/12/2021 3:49AM in Gut Check with Autumn & Bobby Calabrese
  • Protein shake,
    Hard boiled eggs,
    Salad with tuna, quinoa, hearts of palm and beets
    Whole wheat pasta, broccoli, chicken, konjac noodles, tomato sauce
    Not pictured: protein Ice cream for dessert!

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Amy M.


amanda a.

05/07/2021 1:36PM in Gut Check with Autumn & Bobby Calabrese
  • Quinoa & brown rice penne with Spinach, ground turkey, garlic powder, a dash of sea salt, and a little olive oil!
    Y’all, this is SO good!
    Also, I’ve only, ever, had regular and whole wheat pastas.. but this is seriously the best tasting pasta I’ve eaten!

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amanda a.

@Amanda M,
It was Great Value Organic Brown Rice & Quinoa Penne Pasta! (:
I’ve posted a photo in a comment above! Delicious :yum:


Looks tasty!

Dara M.

05/07/2021 1:13PM in Gut Check with Autumn & Bobby Calabrese
  • Total Body Tone OTW Phase 2 ✅
    My belly is still not the happiest but I also need to be more strict. I met with a GI on Tuesday and she put me on the FODMAP diet as well.

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Laura F.

Cute work out buddy!!

Dara M.

Brenda, the FODMAP diet stands for fermentable sugars, oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols (artificial sweeteners ending in “ol”). It eliminates certain types of food that increases IBS symptoms. You can google it for the list of food it says to avoid.

Autumn and Bobby

05/05/2021 8:46AM in Gut Check with Autumn & Bobby Calabrese
Good Morning y'all, its day 3, how's everyone doing?! I know today is Cinco De Mayo, remember to follow the Gut Check protocol properly its no alcohol and no corn, that doesnt mean you can't still have fun and celebrate today if you would like. You can make a virgin margarita. Here is the recipe.

2 oz of fresh lime juice
2 oz of fresh orange juice
2 oz of fresh lemon juice
1/2 tsp agave
1 cup ice

mix all ingredients together in a shaker cup, pour into glass and top with soda water. I like a lemon or lime Perrier. Garnish with lime wedge.

When it comes to chips, guac, and salsa. We have great guacamole and salsa recipes on Fixate. You can use fresh veggies to dip in your guacamole. If you really want chips try Siete grain free chips.

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Laura F.

Made the kids tacos and I had Taco salad!! But my avocados

Deborah D.

I didn’t see a video for yesterday or today. Did I miss something?

Kristen B.

05/04/2021 10:43AM in Gut Check with Autumn & Bobby Calabrese
  • Kept my potato skins vegan using black beans instead of breakfast sausage and eggs. Still good!! The Vegan Queso is a staple in my house now so I happened to
    already have some made. 😋 Added some roasted yellow squash on the side for a green.

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Kristen B.

Carey - the Vegan Queso is a recipe that Bobby made and released on Instagram. It’s supposed to be in Fixate as well but I can’t find it. I don’t know the rules if I’m allowed to share the recipe?

Jennifer H.

That looks amazing!!!