Melissa F.

To be healthier. To feel better about myself and to have more energy.

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Favorite Health Food: Brussel Sprouts

Favorite Sinful Food: Cake/Cookies

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Peloton

My Approach to Weight Loss: Weight Watchers

DietBet Winnings: $40.83

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07/24/2020 3:53PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • When you want lemonade but don’t wanna spend the points, this is so good. 0 points

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Melissa F.


Shaina R.


Felicia K.

07/24/2020 5:35AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • Goodmorning guys and happy FRIDAY! We are at the end of week 2 already, how crazy is that?
    Yesterdays winners please email me at with a screenshot of your dietbet profile

    Annabel V
    Tarah B

    Today I wanted to talk about healthy alternatives. We are human, we crave foods! Its normal! And it’s OKAY to satisfy that craving. It is important for us to satisfy that craving in some way, otherwise it can lead to the restricting feeling that ends up in a full blown binge or massive overeating.

    One of the KEY things I did on my journey of losing -147 lbs was HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES! Finding healthier options of the things I was craving. Now that won’t ALWAYS satisfy that craving so if I was REALLY craving that mcdonalds cheeseburger for a week or so and an alternative wasn’t cutting it, I would get 1 in moderation and move on! However, making a juicy cheeseburger at home with all the toppings can be just as good and make you feel a sense of accomplishment, and probably won’t leave you with a massive stomach ache haha

    My 2 ingredient pizzaand COPYCAT KFC BOWL are examples
    I used to get a KFC famous bowl everyday in high school (I know…..I didn’t get over 300 lbs eating fruit 😑🙈) ANYWAY. Now I make them at home with healthier mashed potatoes, air fried chicken, lower fat cheese, gravy and corn! ITS LEGIT BETTER THEN THE ONE FROM KFC!!

    Small changes like this can make a huge difference so you aren’t feeling deprived of the things you love! I want you to comment down below a healthier alternative to one of your favorite foods that you’re willing to try this week (add into your meal plan for week 3)

    I will be choosing 2 winners to each get a 10 pack of CLIO greek yogurt bars (a GREAT alternative to cheesecake, and its covered in chocolate ????, thank you to CLIO for offering this giveaway!)

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Samantha W.

I’m going to try the 2 ingredient pizza this week, I’ve really been wanting to try it!

Janene R.

Is there a recipe for these swaps?

Cathi H.

07/11/2020 4:23PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
First DietBet! Hubby is doing it too!! Very glad my SIL asked us to do it with her!

The last 8 months have not been good for me. I lost my 24yr old son in a car accident, 8 days later lost my only sister suddenly, 2 months later lost my only brother suddenly then COVID hit! Last time I checked - which was probably a month ago I’d put on 35lbs. My last visit to the Dr was worse than the one 3 months earlier and it was bad! He told me - enough! I had to get back on track and take back control of my health. It’s time!!

I will weigh in tomorrow! Fair’s not going to be pretty! 😳 But I am so blessed & supported by my husband, our other 6 children, DILs, 4 grandchildren (soon to be 6- twins arriving by 8-10!) and my husbands entire family - they need me too, so I NEED this!


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Omg. I can't even imagine. My heart goes out to you!!

sharon c.

So sad! I can’t even imagine the pain you have had to endure! My condolences.
Melissa F. has weighed in at xxx pounds, up 2 pounds
07/11/2020 6:05PM in The WayBetter Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus!

Total weight lost is now 1,530 pounds! Average is 3.5 pounds.

Felicia K.

06/19/2020 6:15AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • HI EVERYONE! I am blown away by seeing all of you who have entered early! Such a great commitment to your health and wellness journey! I know quarantine has been hard on a lot of people mentally but also physically. Hopefully this will help you get that boost of motivation and support you need!

    I won’t start officially posting each day/ posting all the activities until the game begins but I’m so happy to see everyone here! Feel free to introduce yourselves and if you have any questions let me know! 💖 Once the weigh ins open I will explain everything in more detail and make my official welcome post!💗

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Can't wait to get started! Will be doing my weigh in soon. I hope I can find a few accountability partners on here!! Good luck everyone. We've got this

sharon c.

Is anyone else from Vancouver, Canada?


06/18/2020 4:38PM in The WayBetter Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus!
  • Anyone have clothes they want to fit better by the end of the game/the next few months? I bought this shirt a while back thinking it fit great at the store. When I got it home... not so much. I really like it, though so I kept it. Here is a before picture!

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Vanessa B.

I feel like many people can relate. I know that I am looking forward to fitting into some of my clothes too


I literally have a jacket I used to wear and love hanging on my closet door. I’m going to wear it again before the end of summer
Melissa F. accepted the challenge.
06/16/2020 7:39PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
The pot is now $1,995

Gail P.

06/14/2020 1:58PM in The WayBetter Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus!
Hi I've just signed up...where is everyone from? I'm from Nottingham, UK 😃

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NH, USA. I love how there are people from all over the globe!!!

Suzy Q.

Oklahoma !


06/10/2020 6:40AM in The WayBetter Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus!
Is this anyone else's first dietbet!? I'm excited and would love to connect with you! 😊

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Gail P.

Hi it's my first one :grin::thumbsup:


My first too!!