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To be healthier. To feel better about myself and to have more energy.

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Favorite Health Food: Brussel Sprouts

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Allie S.

08/22/2020 5:04AM in Getfitwjessicas August dietbet!
Yesterday was a bit rough for me. At work, a customer asked me if I was pregnant. I was so uncomfortable and awkward in the moment, and could not get away fast enough. I am at my lowest weight since high school (179) and was so sad the rest of the day. I could have gone off the deep end with my eating, but I didn’t. I had already made plans to go to a friends last night, so I did that enjoyed myself and didn’t go crazy. Honestly, I’m not totally over the comment, but I’m going to try my best today to stay on track.

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Jolee S.

Allie! Omg. That’s the worst. The good thing is you’re putting in the work to change things and the even better thing is that it didn’t cause you to respond in an unhealthy way! Good for you. That’s something to be proud of for sure

Marilyn P.

Allie S this happened to me in the lobby of my building filled with people. I just looked at the guy (yes a guy :persevere:) and said “Nope just fat” and smiled. He was so embarrassed, he apologized and I just said “your not the first to think so” and shrugged my shoulders.
I’m sure it wasn’t the reply he was expecting.
Remember is the attitude you reply to a situation that makes a world of difference. Good for you for not letting the person dictate your evening. Glad you had fun with your friends

Ceci B.

08/10/2020 1:00PM in Getfitwjessicas August dietbet!
What is everyone doing for weight loss? I’m trying to drink water for most of the day whenever I get hungry but I don’t have a real plan.

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Starr F.

Hi there. I usually use WW but during the quarantine I feel like I’ve derailed. Started a Whole 30 yesterday to curb the sugar, gluten and dairy cravings and to cut down on bloat. Lots of water. Lots. Pee away the pounds.

Meghan B.

I track my calories to stay in calorie deficit