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10/20/2020 3:25PM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
  • The snow started 4 hours ago and we have about 4 inches. I’m definitely having leftover Spanish Stew for supper tonight.

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Where do you live?


Laura, I’m in Wisconsin.

Felicia K.

10/20/2020 10:08AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
  • Yesterday’s giveaway winners:

    Mz Jumpoff
    Julia M

    Please email me at Feliciafitnesshealth@aol. com


    I LOVEEEEE seeing everyone’s transformations. So motivating and inspiring 😭 I am so dang proud of every single one of you

    Sometimes (especially when first starting or when stuck at a certain weight) we can get discouraged not seeing a physical transformation. Which is why focusing on NON SCALE VICTORIES can help keep us going!

    How are your clothes fitting? Can you go longer on the treadmill? Your Fitbit band is fitting more loose. SO MANY. This was my favorite. Being able to wrap my towel around my body. But when I FIRST started , having to pull my pants constantly was annoying but such a good non scale victory for me!

    Comment below a non scale victory you’ve had on your journey!💗

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Ashley T.

Went down a size in dresses!

Alyson B.

One of my NSV’s has been saying YES to participating in events with my friends and family instead of saying no for fear of how people would think I looked. I spent almost 20 years saying NO to everything. Every time I say YES and show up to ANYTHING it’s a NSV!!

Felicia K.

10/12/2020 8:34AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
  • GOODMORNING EVERYONE and happy MONDAY! A new fresh week!!!!! Let’s start it off with a water challenge. I’ve been slacking the last few days so I NEED THIS!!!! It’s also my time of the month (first cycle since before I got pregnant with Jax, my cramps are insane) so I need to debloat!!!

    Make a water goal and check in here throughout the day. My goal today is 150oz. Off to a late start, just started on my first 40.

    I’ll pick 2 winners tomorrow from the comments to win an iron flask!

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MaryBeth A.

I hit 100 ( my goal) and had a la croix

Miriam M.

My goal is 128 oz. I am fasting from 5pm to 9 am so was able to reach my water goal

Felicia K.

10/05/2020 6:14AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet

    I am sure a lot of us are feeling so motivated and excited thanks to this diet bet. But remember its OKAY that some days you just aren’t! Part of what makes this journey so hard is that you WILL NOT always be motivated. Its impossible. If you go into this thinking you NEED motivation to get things done…you will never succeed. Pushing yourself through those moments is the hardest part of the journey but it is what will take you all the way to your goals

    My husband ALWAYS told me that the days you DO NOT want to eat right/get to the gym are the days that will give you the results. THOSE are the most important days. The consistency and the strength you have mentally will take you so far. There were 1000000 times when all I wanted to do was lay in bed, but I kept remembering what my husband would tell me. He was SO RIGHT. Consistency is one of the most important parts of a weight loss journey. Are you going to be PERFECT? No. It doesnt matter what you do SOME of the time, what matters is what you do MOST of the time. Always remember that.


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Kalie A.

  • I’ve gained so much more confidence back, and am re learning to stand up for myself and how to be me again! I’m more than a mom and I’m more than a wife, I am my own person.


Increasing my water has had so many other benefits throughout my journey so far. My goal is typically 150-170oz a day!

Felicia K.

10/03/2020 5:45AM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
  • I just like to do a little check in on Saturdays and prepare you for the week ahead. HOW IS EVERYONE DOING?! I know we just started but I want you to reflect on the last few days.

    ***Tomorrow we will be doing Set Up Sunday so start thinking of how you want your meals to look for the week! I will be doing this also and posting here!***

    Comment below and tell me 1 thing that went well this week and 1 thing you really want to work on for the week ahead! I will pick 2 people to each win $50 PayPal cash!

    My goals for this week are to STICK TO MY MEAL PLAN to the T! And to get my butt to the gym every day that I can (working around husbands work schedule) and to do AT LEAST 20 minutes of cardio along with my lifting. Since in maintenance I’ve usually just been doing 10 minutes but I really want to get leaner for this photoshoot so I’m going to push myself this month!

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Kaylah B.

I’m down 2.7 lbs! This past week I stayed within my points most days but dipped into my weeklies a few days. My goal this week is to stay within my points as strictly as possible and to drink more water!

Cassandra Y.

One thing that went well was my run friday night. It's cold but I brought both of my kids. My three year old held my hand. I teared up. My 9 year old who gained a little ran with me too and didnt stop even though I knew he was struggling. We then weighed ourselves sunday and figured out how much water we all need to drink to help our bodies. This is turning in to a family thing this time which makes me more accountable because I'm on stage with the biggest audience ever!

Kayla D.

08/18/2020 12:49PM in Flex Kickstarter
  • Quick little workout during lunch. This DietBet is a lot harder than my first one. The pounds are not coming off as easy.

    Any suggestions?

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Kayla D.

Thanks! I was thinking intermittent fasting might be a good option for me since I have not been working out in the mornings as much.

Fran F.

I have been drastically reducing my carb intake and drinking at least 1/2 my body weight. This seems to have help me quite a bit!

Betsy Y.

08/18/2020 10:17AM in Flex Kickstarter
  • Not stopping

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Sheryl W.

Keep it up you've got this

Denise L

08/15/2020 8:17AM in Flex Kickstarter
Were in the home stretch. I'm sure some have already finished but it appears I'll be in it till the very end. 1.7 pounds to go. Who else is still in the fight?

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Sarah W.

2.4 to go! I’m going to try my best & if I miss by 0.5 lbs I’ll be disappointed- BUT I know I’m in a better place than when I started.

Suzanne S.

Me! 1.7

Betsy Y.

08/14/2020 8:00AM in Flex Kickstarter
  • Lunch prep Happy Friday

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Sheryl W.

Caprese salad?

Betsy Y.


Sheryl W.

08/12/2020 7:54PM in Flex Kickstarter
I've won this bet and have signed up for another Flex Kickstarter wishing everyone good luck here!

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Betsy Y.

Thank you excellent congratulations :tada::balloon:
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