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08/13/2020 10:22AM in Instant Loss End of Summer Shape Up
Can’t remember - are you allowed to do more than one DietBet at a time? And if so how many?

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Kari L.

Yes, 3 at a Time. I staggered mine

Kristina L.

I am doing 2 right now.

Michelle S.

08/13/2020 6:58AM in Instant Loss End of Summer Shape Up
Does the app send prompts of weigh ins due?

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Michelle S.

Thanks Jamie

Kari L.

I get emails

Sarah F.

08/11/2020 9:16AM in The WayBetter Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus!
I weighed this morning and well under target, took the picture with the word then waited for my husband to come home and take my full length photo, which he did. Went to submit and it would not upload, so turned my phone off and on and then when I tried again the weigh in word was different and I am now heavier than this morning due to drinking lots of fluid. Not happy!!!!At all.

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rebecca w.

this would make me so mad, too.
i have found the "Help" option usually responds pretty quickly. (it's a purple oval button on my screen.) i would contact them and tell them you had trouble uploading the photo, because a LOT of people had that same trouble yesterday, so the referees and customer service reps should be aware by now that it was an ongoing issue.
if your pictures have the correct time stamp with the word from that time, they might accept it?
good luck!

Kari L.

I've had that problem last month. I ended up having to uninstall then re install the app


08/09/2020 2:25PM in The WayBetter Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus
  • This is when things get hard for me: when I’m feeling better, I’ve lost a couple pounds, I like how my clothes fit...and...I want a break. I want a break from eating less. I deserve it for doing so good for just one week right?

    CONSISTENCY! I have to be consistent if I want to lose the weight. I can’t have a cheat day right now. I deserve to keep feeling good about myself. I deserve to stop yo-yoing in and out of good choices. I deserve to stay on my calorie deficit. I don’t want to BINGE! In fact, that’s binging is the number one thing I want to REMOVE from my life. It’s supposed to be hard. I am strong enough to do this! I CAN!!!!!

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Sky D.

You got this!! And just piggy backing on what Alison and Katie said, definitely make sure you are eating enough!!! Also, don’t cut out your favorite foods!! Incorporate them into you diet! It really is all about balance!! Trust me

Kari L.

I feel you on all of this...I'm a horrible binge eater. I've been gaining and loosing the same 50 lbs for so long.


07/28/2020 10:58AM in MidSummer Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
I have a dilemma and need an opinion. I can no longer eat dairy, eggs, soy, and almonds/peanuts. I am having some trouble coming up with some ideas for meals. I also cannot do beef, tuna or salmon.

All I can think of is chicken, Indian food like rice and chicken tikka masala, Asian, and coconut stuff.

For breakfast I am doing oatmeal and coconut yogurt, lunch I guess I can do vegetables and chicken/beans, and dinner vegetable and chicken/pork/beans.

Are there any tricks I’m missing?

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Laura D.

How do you do with protein shakes? With almond milk?


Laura I just use water in shakes and almond flavor!

Diane P.

07/28/2020 6:34AM in MidSummer Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
I’m down 2.6 since this diet bet started. I need to lose 3.4 more lbs to hit my goal in two weeks. Now my scale won’t budge! I added more vegetables yesterday and when I woke up this morning I looked like I was pregnant. I’m so bloated. What is the best way to kick start my weight loss again? HELP!!

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Nancy C.

Probiotics should help with the bloating stock to the plate it method.

Are you having dinner late or around same time ? Dinner and done ? Is weight based on 8-10 hours of “dry “weight or are all these changing day to day.

Good luck

Diane P.

Nancy C. Thanks! We do have probiotics at home. I’ll try that. I weigh myself in the morning, naked and before I eat or drink anything. I dropped 1.2 since my original post. Now stuck again for the last two days. I’ll get there!
Kari L. accepted the challenge.
07/10/2020 12:28PM in MidSummer Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
The pot is now $17,955

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