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Melinda B.

11/08/2019 8:27AM in ThanksFITTING countdown w/ Franny & Vince
I looked for you on IG and there is 5 isfrannyfityet . Which one do I select to follow you?

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Melinda really? My IG is @Isfrannyfityet I have a verified account (blue check mark) and also @Isfrannyfityetdietbet

Melinda B.

09/09/2019 12:34PM in Battle With Becca
I’m not sure what is going on, but I have tried posting twice on here and it won’t post it. Anyone else having problems?

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Cheryl M.

I think Becca’s posts are stuck to the top so when you post you have to scroll down all her posts since the beginning to see it. I was just thinking my post didn’t show but it did just farther down than expected


Seems to be working now

Melinda B.

09/09/2019 12:32PM in Battle With Becca
  • Monday morning snack. I have found eating a snack between breakfast and lunch. Also a snack between lunch and dinner really helps me eat less.

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Melinda B.

09/09/2019 7:04AM in Battle With Becca
  • Monday morning snack. I have found it to be helpful to eat a snack between breakfast and lunch. Also between lunch and dinner. I’m not eating as much doing this and my blood sugar doesn’t drop.

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08/26/2019 6:35AM in Battle With Becca
Time for a little Monday motivation!

I want you to think about your why. Sometimes simply defining our why and stating it out loud helps us keep ourselves on track.

What’s your why?

Mine is I was afraid of dying early and leaving my kids behind. I was on the fast track to being bed ridden and I was afraid of what that life looked like for me. So I went out there and changed my future!!!

Tell us your why in the comments:)

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To prove to myself that I can do anything, if I actually put the effort in and to feel good in my skin again!

Carrie W.

My “why” is a closet full of size 10’s that I no longer fit into and I refuse to buy a bigger size! I lost 50 pounds 4 years ago and a bit has creeped back on. Not going to allow that amazing progress and hard work :sweat: to slowly regress back by buying a bigger size than another bigger size than another...
That said. Excited to be starting this diet bet group with everyone! :blush:

Melinda B.

08/24/2019 7:09AM in Battle With Becca
  • My snack at work.

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Melinda B.

08/22/2019 2:00PM in Battle With Becca
Good luck everyone! We can do this!!

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Janice m.

Thank You all for joining and glad to meet you all. I’m from Michigan! My motivation is I’m 60 and want to dress youthful and not in clothes that are “flowing

Erica L.

08/19/2019 2:31PM in Battle With Becca
This is my first diet bet, I'm trying to do one a month until the end of the year. I'm sooo excited!!!!!

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Me too!

Melinda B.

This will be my second one and it really helped me stay motivated. Good luck!