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Lauren R. has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 0.6 pounds
01/23/2021 12:05PM in Season Changes Mega Transformer - $1,000 in Prizes!

Total weight lost is now 2,325 pounds! Average is 13 pounds.


01/11/2021 4:22AM in Season Changes Mega Transformer - $1,000 in Prizes!
Question for the group or the person in charge. I will be out of town later this week and this weekend. I might not be able to access a mirror that will allow me to see the scale and my full body. Can I do the end-of-round weigh in early? Will I be disqualified from the challenge if I am not able to do my end-of-round weigh in on time? I am not entirely concerned about winning anything this round because sadly, I am unrealistically over my end-of-round weight goal. Thanks, everyone, and have a great week!

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Lauren, thanks! This is good info. I am going to save it though since they only offer one exception. The weigh-in I am going to miss is an end-of-round weigh-in and I probably won't make weight anyway.

Laura G.

Since this isn't. Round 5 and you are going to miss goal anyways you do t have to weight in. Round 5 you have to submit whether you win or not otherwise you are out of the last round.


11/14/2020 4:50AM in Season Changes Mega Transformer - $1,000 in Prizes!
I didn't make it this time, but well done to all who did! Today's my birthday though so I'll get back on the wagon tomorrow :)

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alicia l.

Happy birthday! I also didn’t make it. Just missed by 2lbs. Next month we’ll get it!

Jess E.

Happy birthday! I didn't make it this time either, but I have lost about 15 lbs overall, so I'll call it a win. And we'll get there.

Keep up the good work!

tanya m.

10/14/2020 8:04AM in Season Changes Mega Transformer - $1,000 in Prizes!
So.... If you are paying monthly per round, it automatically charges your card? I was hoping to use the winnings for the following rounds

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Lauren R.

I’ve only done a month long one before so these long ones are new... any clarity would be helpful!


Why would we have a deficit? Each month you pay $75 and half goes to the round, half goes to round 6. Your winnings accumulate throughout the game and you get all winnings at the end or if you drop out. But the amount you've added to the round 6 pot is not refunded if you drop out. If you win, you won't lose money

Lauren R.

10/05/2020 12:40PM in Season Changes Mega Transformer - $1,000 in Prizes!
  • inspiring words to remember today!

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Kristen O.

Haha! So true!