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Christine B.

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-1.3% Since last weigh-in-2.2 lbs
-1.3% 1-Month Change-2.2 lbs
-4.1% Lifetime Change-7.3 lbs

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Kelley C.

08/17/2019 12:09PM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
When do we weigh in? Tomorrow or Monday?

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Christine B.

You have until Tuesday night at 11:59 but you can submit your final weigh in tomorrow!

erica s.

08/17/2019 9:17AM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
What’s the MAXIMUM weight % can you lose without being disqualified? I read somewhere that you’re disqualified if you lose too much. I’ve lost about 8% and I’m just curious if that’s too much? Does anyone know?

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Well done! Did you lose that fast going Keto? That’s the only way I’ve done it. Congratulations:)

erica s.

I’ve been so stressed with work and a limited diet range because of gallbladder issues that I haven’t been eating much. I didn’t realise how much I’d lost till I weighed myself. I was freaking out hoping i wasn’t disqualified cuz of it but I’m just gunna squeak by without being over 12%

Christine B.

07/25/2019 3:37PM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
I have lost 4 of the 7 pounds I need to lose! I am super motivated now!!! 🙌

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Rebecca G.

Wohooo congrats on your success so far!!! You are going to do amazing :raised_hands:

Christine B.

Thank you, Rebecca!

Kelly H.

07/25/2019 10:57AM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
I’m interested in intermittent fasting. Anybody doing IF?

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Me! I love IF!

Ashley R.

Yes! It really helps me avoid boredom snacking!

Christine B.

07/22/2019 6:10PM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
Day 1: KILLED IT!! Food, exercise, hydration, and mindset were on point 💯🙌

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Shannon M.

07/22/2019 10:52AM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
  • Look at this girl... Not very happy with my health currently but excited to see where my journey takes me.

    10.6 pounds to lose to win this bet... It seems like a ton to do it in a healthy way. But I won't give up.

    If anyone would like to be an accountability buddy, let me know I'm in CST. I do WW and will be starting going to the gym as well.

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Natalie B.

I am doing WW as well!! We got this!


One day at a time! You got this!!!!!

Rebecca G.

07/22/2019 7:37AM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
WELCOME TO THE GAME!!! I’m so excited to start another great challenge with you all. Let’s ROCK this thing together!!! I’d love to get to know you all better: drop a comment on this post with some information about yourself and why you wanted to join this DietBet so we can all get to know each other! Don’t forget that if you share the game on your instagram account, you can post a screenshot of it on the other pinned post for a chance to win the $100 cash giveaway. I’ll pick a winner for that on Saturday: you can officially join and weigh in for the bet up to 14 days after it starts so lets try to GROW this pot before then!!!

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Christine B.

Have a chill weekend home with the family!

Candace S.

Who was the winner for Instagram? I can't find the post...

Katie S.

07/17/2019 9:31AM in My Girlish Whims Summer Heat Dietbet
The first day of this diet bet I’m flying back from Chicago.... any tips on traveling / eating healthy? Sssssooooo many crappy fast food choices!

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Rx Bars or Larabars are your best friend for traveling!! Always save me. That, and lots of water or seltzer water!!

Colette S.

Starbucks and their Protein boxes are pretty good on the go, they seem to be at all airports, too!