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10/14/2019 9:59AM in Syd's Fierce for Fall DietBet! Extra Prizes $
Anybody else feel like they dont see that much results 😭 I would assume got to join maybe 2 or 3 diet bets before you actually start seeing results. Cause I submitted my final weigh in today and i feel like i look the same 😭

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Syd Journey

It honestly took me a good 2-3 months before I could actually see a change in my body. But keep going! I promise it will start to show soon :) Also take a ton of pictures! Those really help with comparison. proud of you!

Ashley P.

It's tough to look at yourself dozens of times a day and see a difference. I try to go off of how my clothes fit, how much easier a workout is, how I feel in general... keep it up, you'll feel great!

Ashley P.

10/14/2019 7:27AM in Syd's Fierce for Fall DietBet! Extra Prizes $
Yesterday I was a half a pound from my goal and today I am two pounds away... what?!?! Apparently going to be kicking my butt as hard as I can today

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We got until the 15th (tomorrow at midnight)! Keep pushing!

Grace N.

In the same boat, only had .5 lb to lose but today the scale tells me 1 lb to lose. Will drink tons of water today and more cardio today to see if it comes off. Weighing in tomorrow.

Elizabeth G.

10/06/2019 6:09AM in Syd's Fierce for Fall DietBet! Extra Prizes $
I’ve got to be honest with myself and everyone else...this has just not been a good time from me. I joined this DietBet to lose weight for a friend’s upcoming wedding, but putting a time limit on moving towards a healthier lifestyle was not at all a good move for me or my mental health. I haven’t been participating at all in the challenges, and instead I’ve been binging on terrible foods and lounging around the house constantly. The result? I’m like 2 or 3 pounds heavier than my starting weight. Obviously there’s no way I’m going to win the DietBet, but as I sit here on my couch, face swollen like a tick and body stiff from lack of use, I know something needs to done, and it’s better late than never! Yes I lost $30, but I’m hopefully also gaining a sense of motivation to actually take control of my health, and that’s priceless. Plus, I just like to think that I donated to everyone else’s progress, which has been so wonderful to hear about. Only one week left—I know you all will do great! And as for me, I’m ready to use this last week to jump start a healthier lifestyle that will, hopefully, last forever.

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Its never too late to decide you want to do something/anything about what doesn’t make you feel good and happy. You’ve got this. Even if you didn’t win this, you still can walk away having gained a new perspective. Even if it’s a small step, it’s better than nothing at all :two_hearts: sending love and good vibes your way


I’m with you in that an artificial goal (the wedding), isn’t a good motivator. This time I’m rocking it because I took some time off to focus on what I want & need. I’m doing this only for me! It’s made a big difference. When I want to binge, I can ask myself if that will make me feel better. The answer is “No” and I find the reasons I need to keep doing what moves me forward. When you’re ready, do it for the most important person,... YOU!

Ashley P.

09/22/2019 11:15AM in Syd's Fierce for Fall DietBet! Extra Prizes $
  • Did my first 5k in a year this morning, which felt good. NSV though was coming home to shower and truly love myself enough to put effort into normal clothes and a little makeup. Seems silly but I always have this "whatever, who cares" attitude about my appearance when enda up making me feel like I look frumpy and ends up making my self esteem tank. Viscous circle!!! Instead I literally spent 5 min on my make up and chose non-leggings to wear. I really do feel better about myself because of it! Self care!

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Steph Curry

I can completely relate to this.



Ashley P.

I have been working super hard this month but between my chronic disorders and my period coming today- I don't think I will make it. Buuuut NSV today- I wanted chocolate so bad and really reasoned that if I wasn't going to make my weight anyway, why not just binge? But instead I reminded myself that I am not on this journey for a diet bet but to be healthier long term and sliced up an apple instead. For a life-long emotional eater this is a huge victory!

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Wendy C.

  • I too was craving chocolate last night. I ate a tablespoon of raw cocao nibs one at a time. It satisfied the craving!


Well there’s always next time! Impossible to lose 6lbs in 3 days. Im not giving up but i have to be realistic

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There’s still a chance!


Same boat. Keep going anyway!

Kara A.

  • I don’t feel comfortable sharing anywhere else, but here’s my progress so far. The left pic was taken Aug. 24, and the right taken Sept. 10. I have a longggggg way to go, but there’s about 14lbs difference here. We’ve been doing keto and DDP yoga. I’ve met my goal by a couple of pounds, but I’m scared aunt flow is going to throw me off. Really want this to be my first diet bet win!

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Your hard work is showing!!!! Nice job!!!

April L.

That is awesome! Keep up the good work!


  • Reached my goal yay !!! Congratulations to all of us !! We are doing amazing 😊🙌???? If you have an Instagram account please add me so we can motivate each other and get ideas for recipes, tips, etc. Adding photo so the comment doesn’t get lost. IG @helanny_fit

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Ashley P.

Get it! @msashpez

Linda O.

Woo Hoo !! U go girl!!


I found out I have a thyroid issue so now I know why weight loss has been a struggle for me for some time.

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I’ve been battling my thyroid naturally for two years. Finally got it back to a normal level. Eating clean (and as organic as possible), exercising and reducing stress will do wonders for your thyroid!


Knowing will turn a page for you and that can be a very good thing!


I hate this! I was already at 34% now I’m at 6%

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Ashley P.

Started my period 2 days ago and the scale showed the bloat for real... :sob: we can do this, though! Just push through, do 5 extra minutes, walk a few extra flights of stairs, drink another cup of water... we are too legit to quit


Thanks ladies :blush:
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