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Kristen M.

09/09/2019 4:32PM in A New Beginning Money Challenge
  • Not sure if anyone follows any #beachbody programs, but I started this hybrid challenge today. It’s a good one. I usually follow the 21 day fix meal plan as well. 💙

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Cathy J.

I love Beachbody my daughter is a Beachbody coach. When they were selling the DVDs she bought them all and did them she said that way she knows how they are of a customer would ask about them and then she give them to me so now I have a bunch of them. But my favorite is insanity that really tones u up.

Kristen M.

08/07/2019 5:11PM in Jumpstart your July w/ Picktritionist!
  • So this has been motivating already- my goal was to do at least 30 minutes of exercise 5/week and I ended up doing it every single day. Started taking the stairs at work too. Now if I could just figure out how to get more 😴!

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Keep it up!!!

Kisha W.

Park further away from buildings. Walk to peoples office instead of calling/emailing them. Get up a little earlier if possible & walk. Walk during lunch and/or breaks. Make sure you get your 250 steps every hr.

Kristen L.

08/07/2019 10:33AM in Jumpstart your July w/ Picktritionist!
Feeling discouraged. Eating clean, walking 4 miles per day for 4 days, scale hasn't budged. Boo. :(

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Michele K.

Definitely make sure you are getting your water in.

Stephanie H.

How is it going now Kristen L? Have you continued your great work and seen any progress?

Sherry S B.

07/28/2019 9:18AM in Jumpstart your July w/ Picktritionist!
Is anyone following a specific diet or exercise plan?

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Sherry S B.

Hi Jessica, I meant 1000 calories, sorry.
Dukan is similar to keto just without the fats. And Dukan has a an attachbohase which lasts from 1 day to 10 days depending on how much total weight one has to lose.
In the Attack phase one eats only proteins. After this initial phase you can start with certain veggies and proteins till you get to your goal weight. Then the next phase starts etc etc


Oh ok! Makes sense! It sounds hard!