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01/14/2021 7:07AM in The Real Results Transformer - $1000 in Fitness Tracker Giveaways!
Can someone explain to me the weigh ins? I am looking at progress weigh ins and it says "this weeks submission: Not Submitted!" We just weighed in for the start of the game on Monday. And I did submit my weight for the start of the game.

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For this transformer game, you weigh in at the start of the game. Every month throughout the six month game, there is an official weigh in - those are verified. But weekly progress weigh-ins oprional and are unverified. If you weigh in every week by Wednesday, you're eligible for the drawing for weekly giveaways for the whole of DietBet/Waybetter membership. That is seperate from this transfotmer game.

Rebecca W.

Also, the optional weekly weigh-ins for prizes are only for people who pay for a membership. If you don’t pay for a membership, you can’t submit a progress weigh-in on a weekly basis (you can and should still submit the monthly weigh-ins at the end of each round). If you’re not a member, you can update your weight in an official weigh-in but you don’t have to submit any proof and you don’t get entered for the drawings.


01/12/2021 12:10AM in The Real Results Transformer - $1000 in Fitness Tracker Giveaways!
Round rules reminder! We want you to be as prepared as possible for your transformation journey so you can feel extra rewarded when you're done. Here's your goal for each round:

Round 1: 3%
Round 2: 6%
Round 3: 8%
Round 4: 9%
Round 5: 10%
Round 6: 10%

Pro tip: submit an official weigh-in at the end of every round - you'll start collecting winnings every time you meet your round goals, and max out your earnings at the end!
If you miss your Round goal, or don’t submit an official weigh-in, don’t worry! You can still win future Rounds and the big pot at the end of the game.

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All winnings are awarded as "points" to your DietBet/WayBetter account. You can then request a Payout via PayPal (you will pay a transaction fee I believe usually 3%). WayBetter also allows you to withdraw via a paper check for a small fee, but better than a percentage.

Gayle O.

There is only a fee for immediate PayPal transactions- nothing if you are willing to wait a day or two for your winnings.


01/09/2021 6:59PM in The Real Results Transformer - $1000 in Fitness Tracker Giveaways!
I tend to drop weight fast. If I do the Dietbet till the very end, I will definitely
lose 100lbs in 6 months. I currently weigh 368.3. How much am I allowed to lose by Round 6 without being disqualified? Thanks.

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Thanks Amie N. I am excited too.

Jill O.

Super excited. This is great!