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michelle n.

01/20/2020 5:12AM in Back-To-School Slimdown - Win A Peloton Bike!
Monday morning vent...Got down to my smallest weight in forever and was only 1.7 lbs away from ONEderland. Then the weekend happened and small cheats turned into more bad choices and now I’m up almost 3lbs from my smallest weight. I joined a kickstarter that ends 1/28. I was soooo close to that goal & now I get to lose the same pounds I’ve already lost. So frustrating!! Why do I do this to myself?? How’s everyone else doing?

That’s for listening!

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weekends...ugh.... weekends are messing me up bad. I hate re-losing too!

michelle n.

Still over here waiting for the weight to come back off. Have over 4lbs to go for a Kickstarter challenge. Final weigh in is on 1/30. Feeling sooo far away!

Satine L.

01/17/2020 6:08AM in Healthy Habits Transformer
Did anyone else get a referee-verified message but it’s still asking you to weigh in for round 4?

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Judy D.

Mine went through fine. Maybe quit the app and restart it?

Karla S.

Hmm. That’s odd. Keep us posted on how it turns out.

Satine L.

01/16/2020 9:55PM in Healthy Habits Transformer
  • This new decade has been such a huge motivation, and most of my weight loss has been in my face and thighs WHICH IS AWESOME. So I'm getting on this before and after bandwagon to share! Show me your before and afters! I love seeing success stories.

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Satine L.

And my cankles are gone!!

Karla S.

Great job!!


01/16/2020 5:01PM in Healthy Habits Transformer
So far ahead on this round I’m weighing in in the evening, with a full belly, kinda constipated, with pre period water weigh in full effect lol

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I lost every single round on my last dietbet so I’m feeling pretty proud of myself

Thulz N.

Saaaaame here it is a pretty exhilarating feeling!!!

ashya c.

01/16/2020 4:35PM in Healthy Habits Transformer
Have lost 69 pounds since game started, im 40 pounds under last rounds weigh in. Sometimes I get frustated at how hard I work, compared to how slow it comes off but this games helps me remember how far I have come.

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46 lbs lost since game started with more cheat meals than I should have in the last month so staying the course like I know I can. You’re doing amazing!!!!


That’s amazing! Make sure you check the rules about losing too much weight though. I think there is a percentage limit on how much you can lose without being disqualified. Either way, I’d opt for the weight loss over the money.

Heidi S.

01/16/2020 6:55AM in Healthy Habits Transformer
  • My initial weigh in 9/16/19 and my round 4 weigh in 1/16/20. Happy for DietBet keeping me accountable and pushing to work towards my goals!

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Satine L.

omgosh I wish I had been doing weigh-in pics from the side! Congratulations on your success!


Great work Heidi! You look fantastic.

Karla S.

01/15/2020 6:15PM in Healthy Habits Transformer
  • I’m still 2 pounds away from hitting my goal. I think I’ll end up weighing in on Friday morning. The scale has only budged a couple of pounds over the last two weeks, so I feel like I’m “due”. I’ve been on point, so I really hope it pays off during the weigh in window. I made round 1 & 2, missed round 3. I really don’t want to miss another one. However, I started Dietbet in Aug 2019 and have seen a lot of progress. Even if I miss this weigh in I’m progressing!

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Great attitude!
Every pound that you lose is a WIN
Keep up the good work

Sarah W.

I’m in the same boat as you - missed round 3 and don’t want miss round 4, keep up the good fight, good luck tomorrow morning and party on to round 5 regardless what the morning brings!

Satine L.

01/14/2020 8:34AM in Healthy Habits Transformer
I. Can. Do. This.

I’ve been bouncing around right at or under this round’s goal. I just haven’t had the time yet to get into gym clothes and take the photo. I’ve just been weighing myself before I get in the shower in the mornings!! But either tonight or tomorrow night I’m doing it

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I can't remember! I think it was immediate but don't go trusting that!!

Satine L.

Hunger is the best spice I suppose hahaha. I can always hold off a few more hours ;)
Satine L. has weighed in at 152 pounds, up 1.2 pounds
01/12/2020 6:05PM in Back-To-School Slimdown - Win A Peloton Bike!

now at 100% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 8,169 pounds! Average is 12.1 pounds.

Satine L. has weighed in at 151.2 pounds, down 0.6 pounds
01/09/2020 12:05PM in Back-To-School Slimdown - Win A Peloton Bike!

now at 100% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 8,095 pounds! Average is 12 pounds.

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