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Michelle A.

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Michelle A.

09/24/2019 1:08PM in Syd's Fierce for Fall DietBet! Extra Prizes $
Just sharing that I ate Taco Bell for lunch and don't feel the least bit guilty. I've been eating so much better over the past few months. Working hard, getting steps in, etc. So I refuse to look at this as anything other than one of those "just gotta have it" meals that happen every so often.

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09/19/2019 8:59PM in Syd's Fierce for Fall DietBet! Extra Prizes $
  • Grocery shopping when you’ve got goals! Anyone else love Aldi?

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We have one the next town over. They've really changed for the better compared to 10 yrs ago. I shop there a lot more often now. Can't beat the prices. :) you've got a gorgeous assortment of healthy foods in your cart!

Gina G

Yes I love Aldi too :blush:

Michelle A.

09/17/2019 7:57PM in Syd's Fierce for Fall DietBet! Extra Prizes $
  • Tonight's walk. Hot and humid, but done!! 👍

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Madison O.

09/17/2019 7:46PM in Syd's Fierce for Fall DietBet! Extra Prizes $
My office peeps !!! If y’all barely get steps in at work, tell me how you get active ?!
I’m a full-time college student and I work part time in an office and it’s been so hard to maintain a constant activity level.

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Michelle A.

I work in an office all day too. I make a point to walk around the campus at lunch and get the rest of my steps every evening. Find a good pod cast and go. You've got this!


If you have the option of a standing /adjustable desk, those are helpful as you can do some in-place walking. Definitely take some walks throughout the day.

Judith D

09/14/2019 9:15PM in Syd's Fierce for Fall DietBet! Extra Prizes $
  • I gained a kg since the end of last diet bet ????But I guess that’s just what it is, time to get it off again ! Should get to 99kg to win this time. That’s below 💯 ! Haven’t seen that in at least 6 years.. Very excited 😆 but also a bit scared since I’ll be on vacation during final weigh out, oops..

    Add me on IG @wholy.guacemoly 😎

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Michelle A.

I'll be on vacation for part of this challlenge too. I know I'll be walking a lot, but the food.... oh the food. Lol. Starting with good habits and hoping to maintain them throughout the next 4 weeks.


09/10/2019 9:17AM in Syd’s Summer Lovin DietBet! Weekly Prizes $$$
  • Made my weight goal... started this Journey at 230lbs and i weighed in this morning at 166.9lbs!! Been some nasty bumps along the way but i pushed through... I BELIEVE IN ME!!

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You look wonderful! Congrats! I’m so close to you! I started at 240 and I’m at 164! Go us!!! It’s also taken me almost two years.


Kate, i love BeachBody. They have so many different workouts to choose from i never get board. I do not starve myself. I eat healthy and in moderation. A big step was doing intermittent fasting... look it up! Its healthy and works amazing

Michelle A.

09/08/2019 5:47AM in Syd’s Summer Lovin DietBet! Weekly Prizes $$$
  • After all of the emotional ups and downs, I hit my goal this morning! First time I have ever stuck with my workout, water, step and food plans and the hard work paid off! Now to maintain until weigh in. Good luck everyone!!

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Kate R.

Congratulations on oall of your hard work and progress!! Keep the momentum going!

Michelle A.

09/06/2019 6:23AM in Syd’s Summer Lovin DietBet! Weekly Prizes $$$
Serious willpower going on over here. My boss brought in fresh donuts. Glazed are my biggest weakness. Send me strength!!

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Syd Journey

You got this girl!!! Doughnuts are so tough!!

Finding Torikins

09/06/2019 5:28AM in Syd’s Summer Lovin DietBet! Weekly Prizes $$$
I may not make my goal and I’m trying to not freak out because I may also make it if I’m lucky 😂😂. It’s a weird mix of emotions and I had to share it.

Vivian T. , Sarah D. and like this comment.

Michelle A.

I'm right there with you. Fully confident one moment then praying for a miracle the next.

Michelle A.

09/04/2019 5:50PM in Syd’s Summer Lovin DietBet! Weekly Prizes $$$
I've been hitting my step goal, water goal and food goals, but don't think it will be enough to meet my weight goal. So sad.

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Michelle tell us more about the problem. Maybe we can help...

Michelle A.

I started so strong but now I'm so close to the goal but afraid it's not attainable in the couple of days we have left. Oh well... at least I'm on the right track.
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