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Beth R.

12/22/2020 6:58AM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
I just started supplementing with protein powders, trying to build a little muscle or at least maintain what I have while I finish losing weight. Anybody have some definite favorites? It’s kinda pushing my budget but I like the flavors of the product my friend recommended while she lost weight. What have your thoughts or experiences been?

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Shea F.

I love PE Science...you can go directly to their website or buy through amazon. I also like the vanilla vegan Sunwarrior (in blue tub).


Costco sells combat protein in a few flavors. It’s the cheapest per gram of protein I’ve been able to find anywhere by a wide margin and I think it tastes good too.

Jessica K.

12/16/2020 3:38PM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
  • ... that's 100 burpees (thrusters are burpees) ????

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Shea F.

Insane!! Way to go...that in one intense workout

Amanda E.

12/15/2020 10:06AM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
Well what I thought was a miscarriage followup appt today turned into me getting rushed over to have surgery to remove a fallopian tube and ovary due to an ectopic pregnancy that had apparently burst a couple of weeks ago when I thought I was miscarrying. I am thankful that it was successful and I got to go home, but definitely resting for the next few days. Prayers and positive vibes are welcome.

Focusing on nutrition and rest while I recovery. Hoping to start 2021 off strong.

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Amanda, I'm so sorry to hear about what happened and the surgery. Please take the time to practice self-care. Sending you hugs and prayers for a speedy recovery. :heart:

Shea F.

I’m sorry, sending you healing prayers

Shea F.

10/24/2020 12:25PM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
On to round 3! I am battling a bit of “diet fatigue” recently...going to meal prep this weekend and try some new recipes.

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Awesome, that’s what kept me on track.


That's great! :grinning: I've been wanting to do the same. Let us know what you come up with.

Shea F.

09/26/2020 1:37PM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
  • This DietBet was exactly what I needed to have a longer term focus on weight loss. I’m down almost 8 lbs and feel great. My two daughters joined me on a beautiful Sat morning hike. Focused on round 2 and keeping these healthy habits going.

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Jessica K.

Those cuties look so proud of you!

Shea F.

Julie C - this is Scottsdale, AZ

Shea F.

08/30/2020 3:45PM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
This is my first transformer challenge. I've don't kickstrters but decided I need more than 4 weeks of motivation. I am totally motivated to drop this extra weight and keep it off! Week 1 has been great with sticking to my meal plan and workouts.

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Sarah N.

Yes! Same here, I'm super excited. One week down.

Mo O.

Good Job!

Jessica K.

08/30/2020 9:46AM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
  • Sunday sweat sesh @ 24hr.

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Kelly S.

Where are you located? My gym has been closed since March, which is why I started the beach body workout program

Jessica K.


Heidi S.

08/27/2020 6:00PM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
Holy moly! Can’t believe I just signed up for this! It will be my 3rd transformer since last September! I am addicted! I won the first 2, and in it to win this one!! It’s not going to be easy, but I want to stay committed!! Starting weight last September, 186.6...today 151.4. Goal for end of transformer 136.3. This is UNDER my prepregnancy weight! Go big or go home 😊

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Katie S.

Thank you for sharing. This is so encouraging for me! Nice job on your weight loss journey!

Shea F.

We have about the same starting weight and end goal! You are doing awesome!