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Noelia R.

08/11/2020 8:50PM in Getfitwjessicas August dietbet!
Just joined! Not sure how often I need to weigh in?

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Kristen H.

You paid the extra $5 for the membership (hence the orange name and star) so if you weigh in every week I think you get entered for prizes through diet bet! But Jolee is right— for this game, you only have to do beginning and end

Noelia R.

Thanks Kristen.

Cassie W.

08/11/2020 8:33PM in Getfitwjessicas August dietbet!
Does anyone have any tips for shin splints? I have been running/walking 3 miles every night for the past 2 weeks with minor shin splints. However, tonight I experienced stabbing shin splints that wouldn’t go away until I limped a mile home and even then I experienced a lot of swelling and pain. Usually I am the type of person to push through the pain but I am hoping resting for the rest of the week well help whatever is going on heal

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Cassie W.

Honestly, my shoes right now aren’t the best to be running in. Do you have any recommendations in brands of shoes that have helped you Jolee?

Kristen H.

Agree with Jolee! Get good stabilizing running shoes. I like Aasics personally. And then ice for sure, even several times a day if possible. Bio freeze roll on is a lifesaver for me


08/11/2020 7:24AM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
  • So excited to get back to my routine with this Dietbet :) I was cleared to start working out again yesterday after 10+ weeks of post operative rest. I’m ready to crushhh💪💪

    150 down... Hoping to cut about 15 to 20 more in 2020 ❤❤ cheers to everyone being a winner!

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Lily K.


Kristen H.

Love the OTF shirt!

Jolee S.

08/08/2020 8:49PM in Getfitwjessicas August dietbet!
The app is glitching or something and won’t upload the photo of me on the scale. It doesn’t matter if I already have it in my camera roll or try to take it right then.... Anyone else having this issue? 😫

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Kristen H.

This happens often and people usually have success deleting then redone loading the app and signing back in!

Becky M.

Yes, just happened to me. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and it accepted my pictures.

Kim W.

08/08/2020 6:17PM in Getfitwjessicas August dietbet!
Does anyone know if Can i submit my photos tomorrow 8/9/2020 as i don’t have a full length mirror and need to go buy one!

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Yep I didn’t take my photos right away and there was message under my game telling me how much time I had left to submit. Check there just don’t forget to submit on time :blush:

Kristen H.

Put your phone on a counter with the self timer for a fully body shot!


08/08/2020 1:09PM in Getfitwjessicas August dietbet!
We don’t have to submit our weight everyday right? Just once in the beginning and once at the end?

I saw the “submit unofficial weigh in”

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Kristen H.

Right, the unofficial is for you to keep track of or to enter in weekly giveaways if you’re a member (which you’re not) :)


Ohhh, I see. Thank you!

Teresa B.

07/17/2020 8:37AM in Franny's July Dietbet
  • 7300 steps in the books by 8:30. See please my support group below ????.

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Kristen H.

Beautiful pup!!! They’re the best motivator to get your butt out the door lol

Mila E

07/15/2020 9:17PM in Franny's July Dietbet
  • Tonight’s dinner salmon, spinach, broccoli, mango salad.

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Kate B.

This looks ammmmaaaazing!!

Kristen H.

YUMMMMM this is beautiful :heart_eyes:


07/14/2020 10:02PM in Franny's July Dietbet
  • Nothing to brag about, compared to others.

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Audrey W.

Any weight loss is worth bragging about! You did that! :raised_hands:

Kristen H.

Amazing!!! Miss OTF so mych, can’t wait till they open back up here

Kristen H.

07/13/2020 11:45AM in Franny's July Dietbet
  • My lunches this week... salad just has mixed greens, balsamic dressing, cooked quinoa, and cherry tomatoes. Egg salad made with eggs (duh), shredded chicken, 0% fat Greek yogurt, mustard, celery, carrots, and a dollop of light mayonnaise to give it that richness. Served on top of a whole grain English muffin and a couple extra tomatoes for good measure. Really delish and filling!!

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Maddie J

That looks sooo yummy and colourful :heart:

Bethany M.

That egg/chicken salad sounds amazing!!
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