Jennifer S.

1. be the best version of myself
2. healthy role model for my son.
3. overall health

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: spaghetti squash

Favorite Sinful Food: pasta, ice cream, wine

My Preferred Method of Exercise: walking outdoors

My Approach to Weight Loss: slow and steady

DietBet Winnings: $53.85

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-0.3% Since last weigh-in-0.5 lbs
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-5.4% Lifetime Change-9.3 lbs

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Ilana Muhlstein

01/05/2020 8:18PM in Ilana Muhlstein's 2020 Kickoff Plan
  • Hi 2020 rockstars, bad@$$ bunnies and new friends!!! I’m sooooo ready to start this game!!

    I have been craving more of a fire beneath me, plus accountability and support to do so. This is my first January dietbet and the one I’ve been really looking forward to personally!!

    I’m focused on losing a couple of pounds, but more importantly, am in need of more overall control and structure in my eating. My first main goal is to get back and serious about food tracking. I’ve let it slip and I know that the 2B mindset tracker is what always helps me identify the bites, licks and tastes that are holding me back.

    In fact, right now my tracker is downstairs and eventhough I’m super cozy in bed, I’m going to get it and track right after this post. Wait, no- let me go get it now. Hold on.

    K, I’m back. See- that’s the kind of accountability that I’ve been missing!!!
    And to set me up for success tomorrow, I put the tracker in my purse and brought up my whole purse. This way I can’t leave the house without it and will make sure I have it with me all day tomorrow.

    It takes serious work and thinking to start new good habits but the more effort you put in, the more effortless is becomes later.

    Now tell me about you! What goals you want to focus on first to dial down your nutrition and drop some serious pounds?

    (Ps if you don’t know where to start, get the 2B mindset program, , which is complete with everything you see to lose weight happily and keep it off for good)

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Kim P.

I am looking to get my nutrition back on track. I ran the Chicago Marathon in October and felt I could eat what I wanted since I was running so much. Now I am working on strength training as well. I just started Barre Blend and coupling it with running will hopefully give me good results.

Vix J.

I need to be in the next stone bracket by the end of this dietbet x

Jennifer S.

01/04/2020 4:47AM in Ilana Muhlstein's 2020 Kickoff Plan
Hi everyone! I am ready to get back in the swing of things! Too much holiday eating and vacation indulging! Here’s to mindful eating! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Danielle W.

01/04/2020 1:30AM in Ilana Muhlstein's 2020 Kickoff Plan
Super excited to get started! Following 2B Mindset for this diet bet, hoping that I can lose my desired amount of weight without working out (as I just cannot find the time to get a workout in anymore).

If I can find the time, transform 20 is on my list of workouts. We will see!

Goodluck all!

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Danielle W.

Thanks Allison! I am going to try to drink at least 1/2 my bodyweight in oz each day. :-)

Jennifer S.

Good advice

Mon SG

01/03/2020 7:53PM in Back-To-School Slimdown - Win A Peloton Bike! - via android
  • Today when I submitted my weigh-in photos I realised there's an unexpected (at least for me) benefit to the dietbet's weigh-ins: the before & after photos! I'm so amazed & happy at the difference between the first weigh-in & this one for the 4th round, so I want to share it with you!

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Wow, that's the best feeling when you realize, yes, you are making progress!! You look great!

Mon SG

:laughing: Thanks beachcalsix!

Jennifer S.

12/27/2019 1:30PM in Ilana Muhlstein's 2020 Kickoff Plan
Hi everyone! Looking forward to getting back on track! See you in 2020!

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Lisa H.

12/03/2019 3:02PM in Back-To-School Slimdown - Win A Peloton Bike!
It’s a good thing that the kickstarter I finished the other week put me several pounds ahead of my needed goal. thanksgiving weekend really messed up my eating plan. Mostly because we are now on day 8 of my daughter being in the hospital and I’m not the greatest at practicing self care when she gets hospitalized. But I still weighed in under the goal for this round yay. And even if she can’t come home yet, my daughter is starting to feel better yay. Getting there.

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Take care of yourself so you can be the best Mommy for your sweet daughter. Praying she’s well enough to go home soon. :heart:

Megan C.

So sorry for your daughter. Prayers for her recovery! And Congratulations on kicking butt this round!

Shannon Q

12/03/2019 1:13PM in Back-To-School Slimdown - Win A Peloton Bike!
  • Tried cardio blend from Barre Blend Workout!! You guys I can't wait till this program comes out! It starts the day before my bday!!!

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Lindsay R.

When does it come out? I used to do a barre class and it’s addictive!!

Shannon Q

Jennifer it is!
VIP early access is on sale now and it comes out January 13th.

Jennifer S.

12/03/2019 8:07AM in Back-To-School Slimdown - Win A Peloton Bike!
  • Being grateful today! I am down 9 pounds since starting. Did I win today’s round...NO... am I upset…NO.... I am thrilled I did not gain any weight in November. And I have maintained my loss thus far. Moving forward to the next round.... congratulations to everyone who is kicking ass!!! ????

    Not sure why the app cuts 1/2 of the post...oh well! GRATEFUL!!

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- Slim -

Congratulations Jennifer on your success!

Jennifer S.

Thank you Slim! You as well!!

- Slim -

12/02/2019 12:57PM in Back-To-School Slimdown - Win A Peloton Bike!
  • Miracles never cease!!!

    Needed 196.1....

    ..... nailed 195.8 and was it ever difficult!!!

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- Slim -

  • ^^^ My awesome buddy!!!

    Please add me to the list!

Jennifer S.


Jana M.

12/02/2019 4:04AM in Back-To-School Slimdown - Win A Peloton Bike!
Whose bright idea was it to sign up for a challenge with a weigh out right after Thanksgiving and New Years???? Oh yeah right that was me.

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Megan C.

Uggghhhh... seriously!

Jennifer S.

Exactly!!! :sob::sob::sob:
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