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Favorite Health Food: riced cauliflower in "jumbolaya"

Favorite Sinful Food: icecream

My Preferred Method of Exercise: with a friend

My Approach to Weight Loss: keto + exercise

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10/23/2019 8:54PM in Back-To-School Slimdown - Win A Peloton Bike!
Joined planet fitness. And so far loving the vibe there! This week has been the first time I've ever gone to the gym without a buddy. In a new town, no friends yet. Bring it on dietbet 💪

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- Slim -

Today's stranger, is tomorrows best friend!

Megan C.

You can do it!! Good luck!


10/07/2019 5:13PM in Back-To-School Slimdown - Win A Peloton Bike!
Trying to stay motivated. Yesterday I started T25 and today I finished my second workout of it. 25 minutes. (doesn't sound like much but it's kicking my butt so far!) Does anyone else do home workout videos? If so what are you doing or what's your favorite?

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ari W.

Steve, there are a lot of comments and he’s pretty active. He tried to respond to what he catches. He has a Facebook group “Joel freeman fitness” and we get a lot of responses there too. Understand that comments will get missed but he’s definitely more active than a lot of other hosts


T25 is fab! I really enjoyed it but didn't make it past beta round...would happily start again but I just picked up TurboFire like @Crystal S

How are you enjoying T25?


09/25/2019 8:39AM in Back-To-School Slimdown - Win A Peloton Bike!
Have been working a lot this week and managed to stay on track. Lost 1 lb this week. Total 11.4 since we started this challenge. I squeezed in a few small yoga workouts but I am going to try to be under 200lbs before the official wiegh in! Wish me luck! 6 days until we weigh in! Good luck everyone!💪💪

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Lolly G

Good luck! You can do it!

Seth U.

Keep it up!

Shannon Q

09/25/2019 7:44AM in Back-To-School Slimdown - Win A Peloton Bike!
  • Forgot to post this earlier!!
    Day 59 meltcon!!! I say I melted some fat...so much so it got in my eye!! Lol the video is the 100 second challenge at the end of the workout!!

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Such an inspiration! Love your posts!

- Slim -

Keep it going Super Shannon!

Delia F.

09/25/2019 7:40AM in Back-To-School Slimdown - Win A Peloton Bike!
  • Great morning workout with my daughter Mona.

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Delia F.

:joy: :laughing: Slim I don’t know how to ride a bike, my husband and father-in-law do enjoy riding. My daughter also know how to ride a bicycle.

- Slim -

  • Well Delia, it sounds like time for you to learn!
    I'm sure that beautiful daughter of yours will be
    happy to help you :-}

Allie B.

09/25/2019 7:22AM in Back-To-School Slimdown - Win A Peloton Bike!
This game has definitely taught me how to stay consistent! Had a lot of wine Friday which led to over eating on Saturday.... instead of beating myself up I used those extra calories to fuel a 4 mile run on Sunday! Come Monday morning I weighed the same as I did on Friday :)

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Awesome! Enjoying life and still staying on track! Get it girl!


09/25/2019 5:08AM in Back-To-School Slimdown - Win A Peloton Bike!
.2 pounds from my month goal. Less than half a pound to go with a week left! Now is the time to make sure I don't self sabotage and think "i lost so earned these cookies, bread, etc."

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Joanie- not lost like i didnt win, lost as in "i lost weight so i get a snack".


Liesl - Ha!!! Got it :joy:


09/24/2019 10:19AM in Back-To-School Slimdown - Win A Peloton Bike!
RUN your OWN race
to the beat of your OWN drum
(starts at 1:20)
Nobody is even close!

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She was very focused and NEVER looked back!


Wow! She looks like a gazelle running, amazing! Takes a great amount of training and focus.


09/24/2019 6:36AM in Back-To-School Slimdown - Win A Peloton Bike!
Does anyone use a myzone belt?

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You'll have to let us know how you like it, very cool!

- Slim -


Betty K.

09/23/2019 6:06AM in Back-To-School Slimdown - Win A Peloton Bike!
Hey everybody- do you have a support network? Someone to help you and keep you accountable to stay on track with your food plan? A workout buddy? Or do you find certain people seem to try to sabotage your efforts?

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Aaron C.

My sister and db friends are what have kept me going so well. My wife is very supportive too, and is starting to get into it a lot more now too since having a baby a few months ago which is nice too. But i definitely enjoy coming onto db daily to support and get support in a couple of the games I play (definitely suggest KingFattyCakes ShameGame if you like a fun group)

Dawnell G.

I have no body. These posts are what keep me going. My husband eats the worst and i mean the worst. He is the type that has a nice body, fills it with junk and doesn't gain anything....yet
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