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Brittany W.

08/15/2020 11:25AM in Instant Loss End of Summer Shape Up
  • Let’s talk about snacks!?

    I LOVE snacks! All kinds of snacks. Especially lately. I’ll forgo dinner in lieu of platter of snacks.

    When I decided to begin weeding out more of the heavily processed junk in my diet I was also mindful to replace old favorites with healthier alternatives. Paying attention to portion sizes and moderation is key!

    Here are some of my favorites.
    Instead of a bag of Hot Cheetos I’ll have some @traderjoes Jerk Style Plantain Chips.

    Instead of a glass of wine I’ll drink sparkling water.

    Instead of generic gummy bears with food dyes and corn syrup I’ll have @smartsweets

    Other favorites are banana chips with almond butter, dark chocolate, nuts, popcorn, fresh fruit, and dried fruit.

    This is of course a better not best situation but I’ve found that sometimes eating things that are *better* instead of always feeling pressure to eat what’s *best* keeps me on a healthier path long term.

    What are some of your favorite *better* snacks?

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Rebecca B.

  • I love the Outshine frozen fruit bars. Cold and refreshing and only 60 calories vs hundreds for ice cream

Angela S.

  • I found these today and they are yummy!
Natasha T. accepted the challenge.
08/05/2020 6:42PM in The WayBetter Transformer - $1000 in Wellness Prizes!
The pot in Round 1 is now $1,260

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