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Felicia K.

07/23/2020 6:50AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • You know how much I preach about sustainability, so here we go again! ITS SO IMPORTANT. When this dietbet is over I know it can be easy to celebrate with food. But lets get ahead of that.

    FIRST, is it okay to celebrate with a cupcake or a meal out with family? SURE! But don’t let that turn into multiple meals/days and slip back into the old habits. Lets come up with some non food related rewards that you can treat yourself with!

    A new outfit
    New workout shoes
    Fitbit/Apple Watch
    Get nails done/pedicure
    Get your hair done!

    EVEN IF YOU DO NOT LOSE THE 4% I WANT YOU TO CELEBRATE ANY WEIGHT LOSS YOU HAD BECAUSE YOU ARE AMAZING. Not losing 4% DOES NOT make you a failure. I am SOOOO proud of you and you should be too! ANY weight loss should be celebrated and rewarded and not hitting the 4% goal doesnt mean you just give up! KEEP GOING.

    Comment below a non food related reward you have planned for yourself! I will pick 2 winners to win $50 PayPal to go towards that 😍

    CONGRATS to yesterdays 4 AlanuNu gift card winners. I AM SO INSPIRED looking at that workout thread! You guys are AMAZINGGGGGG and I wish I could give you ALL a freakin gift card!

    Felicia B.
    Alisha B.
    Sonshine mama
    Allie B.

    Please email me at feliciafitnesshealth@ with a screenshot of your dietbet profile for confirmation

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Amanda W.

I’m booking a massage for myself when I’m at 180 lbs.

Kristin M.

A new outfit for the fall

Felicia K.

07/18/2020 6:04AM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
  • END OF THE WEEK CHECK IN! “So, how are ya” Saturday is what I’m calling it lol!

    Congrats to the giveaway winner from yesterday

    Caleb T. Please email me at feliciafitnesshealth@

    How are you doing? Did you stick to that meal plan this week? Is there something you struggled with that you feel you could do better with this week? Comment below a recap of your week, how you are feeling, and what your goals are for next week!

    I will pick 2 people from the comments to win $50 PayPal cash! Im doing this because l feel like its an incentive for you guys to actually THINK and write these thoughts out. I know it helps me at least!

    Remember tomorrow is Set Up Sunday so start thinking of the meals you want for the week! SO MANY NEW IDEAS from this diet bet lol!!


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Sarah O.

I'm sticking to the healthy foods and portions that were outlined to me by my dietician. I don't feel my clothes fitting any lighter but hoping to see a change this week. I'm not feeling discouraged just more motivated now to try even harder. I journal all my food I eat but thinking it could be my thyroid but still waiting for my doctor to answer me back if she can prescribe me medication after I got blood work and my dietician worried about my TSH levels.

sharon c.

I’m frustrated because I really worked the program(7 blue dots), exercise daily... but lost Nothing! I lost 4.2 lbs total in the previous 2 weeks & thought that was good but now I’m worried I won’t lose 1.8 to goal.
I’ll try to eat clean next week (no Smart Sweets or Halo Top snacks)

Felicia K.

07/09/2020 6:48PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
Weigh ins will begin soon (about 24 hours) and once they do, you will see an option on your main page to begin your weigh in process! It will walk you through it all but here’s a quick run down
You will see a special word. You will write this word on a piece of paper and put it next to your scale. Snap a pic of you standing on the scale. You will also take a picture of your full body on the scale (if you don’t have anyone to take your photo you can use a full length mirror or set your phone up with a timer) Once you submit these (100% PRIVATE, only the DietBet judges will review them), you will be good to go!😍 You can technically weigh in 14 days into the game (which I don’t recommend. Try to weigh in ASAP so you have all the time to lose!) But my point is, there’s no rush! If you weigh in a few days late it’s ok! If you have any questions let me know but like I said , they will walk you through it and it’s pretty simple. WHOS EXCITED!!!!!???😍😍😍

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So excited!! First one ever!!

Kimberly K.

I was able to weigh in and input my pictures this morning… Was that too early??? 

Kristen D.

07/07/2020 12:31PM in Felicia Fitness Health Dietbet
This is my second diet bet and I did not take the first one seriously. I have been doing WW since March and I’m down 21 lbs so I feel motivated to finish this one strong. I’m trying to hit my next milestone of 30 lbs off so I signed up for a little additional motivation. Good luck everyone!

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Felicia K.

WOW congratulations on 21 lbs!:heart_eyes: