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Noel T.

01/06/2020 6:16AM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
What’s everyone eating? Anyone on Atkins, Keto, Low Carb, etc?

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Ryan T.

Weight watchers green plan here!

Michelle C.

01/05/2020 8:19PM in The 2020 Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus & Gift Card Giveaways!
Guys, I'm intermittent fasting right (evening #4) now while Google searching Belgian waffle cookies. Someone save me!! 😂😂😂

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Michelle C.

I'm doing 13 hour circadian rhythm fasting each night. I eat proteins, veggies and complex carbs during the day and drink tea to keep me full at night. I'm also trying to tackle an unhealthy sugar craving. I've been fine the first few days but today natural cravings are hitting me. Just had another cup of lavender/chamomile tea to calm myself and get ready for bed

ash baum

Put that comp away!!

Shanaz A.

01/05/2020 3:21PM in The 2020 Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus & Gift Card Giveaways!
  • Air fryer chicken breast, prep for the week

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Jac Lyn

Great idea!
Jac Lyn accepted the challenge.
01/04/2020 2:31PM in Autumn Calabrese's 2020 Resolution Solution
The pot is now $314,100

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Maria H.

11/25/2019 1:41PM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Starter
  • Is my 3rd db consecutive and I have won all 3. 208.4 at my first db and 186.8 today i am -21.6 in 3 months. AND TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY I CANNOT BE MORE HAPPY.. CONGRATS TO EVERYONE

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Linda O.

Yay for you!! & Happy birthday!!


Happy birthday!!

Jac Lyn

11/25/2019 12:00PM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Starter
  • Yay yay yay!!! So proud! All the hard work paid off! And this was hard but I’m so happy I didn’t give up! Thank you to all of you for your support and thanks to DietBet for keeping me on track!! A clean diet and exercise does wonders. I haven’t been this weight in a long time, and I’m so thrilled!

Bex , anon-b0e9e378-75b6-49fe-a5c4-e5a52d29812b@09e1024b-6625-4ab6-89e5-45b126635573.anon and like this photo.

adriana s.

So awesome! Congrats!


11/25/2019 11:47AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Starter
Love the trophy 🏆 that pops up when you reached goal ! That’s so cool 😎. High five who added that!

Bex , anon-b0e9e378-75b6-49fe-a5c4-e5a52d29812b@09e1024b-6625-4ab6-89e5-45b126635573.anon and like this comment.

Jac Lyn

I agree!

Lucie G.

11/25/2019 10:50AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Starter
  • Third DietBet and third win for me! So happy because this one was hard!

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Jac Lyn

Exactly me too!! Great job!

Jac Lyn

11/25/2019 8:48AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Starter
A super strict diet and LOTS of cardio got me just past my goal!!! Thank you everyone for your support! 😊👍

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Jenelle A.

Great job!!


11/25/2019 6:55AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Starter
  • This has been a year of challenges and victories. I have lost 35 pounds so far but still have a long road ahead. I beat this DietBet and I’m so happy! Congrats to all that did and don’t give up for the ones who fall short! Good job everybody!

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Jac Lyn

You look fit! Great job!


awesome !!
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