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11/15/2021 5:00AM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
If you drank half your body weight (in ounces) for 5 out of the last 7 days, please write **DONE** in the comments of this post! I will pick our winner tomorrow morning (11/16, the last day of our game) for the $10 Amazon gift card.

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Candice K.


Sarah P



11/08/2021 3:00AM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
As soon as you finish your 5th day of 30 minute exercise, please comment DONE in this post. You have until the end of the night to get your entry in. I will announce our winner, of the $10 Amazon gift card, tomorrow morning.

Early Bird Refund REMINDER
You have ***TWO DAYS*** to sign up for our December game and/or January game to be entered into our early bird refund raffle. We don't have a lot of people signed up right now, so it may be pretty easy to win. :)

We will be doing a drawing on November 10th for one December entry, and one January entry, to receive a full $35 VENMO refund (so make sure to sign up before then). If you sign up for December AND January, that counts as a double entry (but no pressure, because I know you may want to take a month off in December). If you’re not ready to commit to another game by November 10th, NO WORRIES. We will be doing the 2nd January drawing for an entry fee refund on December 23rd as well.

Nov 24 - Dec 21
Jan 05 - Feb 01

Here are some workout suggestions for the day if you need it. Feel free to scroll my other posts if you want to check out other recommended workout videos.

* 30 minute Beginner workout/low impact cardio

*Jillian Michaels 30 minute, advanced high-intensity

*30 minute yoga if you’re sick, or stressed:

You're doing amazing out there! Keep it up!

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Kayla F.

Oh no hopefully I’m not too late! Done!
Jessi Y. accepted the challenge.
11/03/2021 7:27AM in WIN A $100 BONUS IN THIS GAME!
The pot is now $70

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Way to plan ahead! Looking forward to crushing goals with you in the new year!

Jessi Y.

10/30/2021 7:43AM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!

So good 😋

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Looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing!


10/25/2021 10:00AM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
  • This post is for those who messed up this weekend.

    First of all, take a deep breath and recite these words, "I AM HUMAN. I AM PERFECTLY IMPERFECT."

    Next, take a moment to think about why you you feel off course: were you living in the moment and celebrating something/someone? Don't sweat going off course if that's the case. You have every right to LIVE and to enjoy food (even "bad" food, in moderation).

    Or maybe you were feeling some sad/negative feelings and you emotionally ate. If that's the case, it may be time to take a moment to reflect on what triggered you and how you can combat that again in the future.

    Perhaps you got a case of the SCREW-IT'S (like the image below) and you had a moment where you caved and gave up. To those people, we are only a few days into this game and there is soooo much time to turn a new leaf and hit your goal. Remember why you started this challenge and don't give up.

    Whatever your reason, if you went off track this weekend, take care to not "slash your other 3 tires" and make that weekend off-track become a week...month...etc.

    One mistake a lot of people make after a weekend splurge is being extra restrictive to try to "make up" for what they did "wrong." That is a good way to make your brain feel deprived, which can easily lead to a binge... and then a vicious, extreme eating, cycle begins.

    Try not to be extra restrictive today, just work today as if you would have if you'd been perfectly on point this weekend.

    Longevity is the name of the health game, not quick fixes/extreme actions to see results. There is time, so be careful and kind with yourself today.

    **Final reminder: to enter into this weeks challenge, introduce yourself to the team here on this dashboard page. I'll choose a winner for a $10 gift card on Tuesday, and will introduce the new challenge on Wednesday.

    xoxo, Kateka

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Jessi Y.

This is my new favorite group!! Thank you for this post :heart:

christa b.

Love the analogy of the tires. It’s so true!


10/23/2021 12:18PM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
  • I want to share a YouTube video I found with all sorts of low-calorie snacks for you. Likely, some of our organic eaters may disappointed in this video because of all the sugar-free/processed foods, and with that, I am sorry. Honestly, I wish I was someone who could eat an apple for dessert and felt satisfied, but it’s just not my reality right now (hopefully some day!). If someone gave me an apple for dessert right now, you’re going to find me hiding in the closet, downing a jar of Nutella. Other people may say, ‘How about just opt for real sugar and enjoy a small serving?’ And I am believer in that as well… but only when I feel like I have the discipline to keep my portion small. Sometimes, I just don’t have the will-power to have one small cookie, and I want a larger portion and that's easier to do with sugar-free foods. For now, to help me stay on track, I enjoy both real sugar, and sugar-free treats in moderation. It just depends on how I am feeling, when I chose either option.
    The ending of this video is a little awkward but I liked a lot of their ideas.

    Don't forget that even though it's the weekend, to do your best to stay on track. Even though it feels like a time to lounge and veg, try to get some activity in, and if you're going to splurge on your diet, just try to keep it portioned (no binging) and if possible, contained to one meal. *STAY IN CONTROL OF YOUR FOOD, DON'T LET YOUR FOOD CONTROL YOU.*

    My baby is asleep and I wanna go nap right now too, but instead I am going to go for a 30 minute walk on my treadmill (sweat towel in tow-haha). I have goals to hit, and dreams to fulfill. One workout, one day at a time! Stick with your goals!

    And if you haven't introduced yourself yet, don't forget to create a post to do that because on Tuesday we will pick a winner for the first weekly Amazon gift card.

    What are you doing this weekend to stay on track?

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Shadae T.

Great YouTube vid to share. This couple definitely helped me with my weightloss journey.


Thank you for posting this! I thought the you tubers were a bit “extra” but I loved their suggestion! I tried the jello and cool whip dessert and it definitely satisfied the sweet tooth without being super detrimental to my calorie count for the day!

Jessi Y.

10/21/2021 9:35AM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
Hi! My name is Jessi and I just won my first DietBet in a long while Monday so I’m excited to keep up the momentum. I am 4.5 months pp and I plan to keep making healthy choices that help me to feel good. I also plan on doing some type of movement (most days), other than keeping up with the kids. Excited for those challenge!

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Congrats on the last win! I live the idea of “feeling good”. I think that’s a great tactic, make decisions that help you feel good.

Hannah F.

You go girl!
Jessi Y. accepted the challenge.
10/21/2021 9:24AM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
The pot is now $4,480

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Lisa S.

10/21/2021 9:09AM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
Hello! I'm Lisa, I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. I barely made it through the last dietbet with kateka and Stu so I was hesitant to sign up this time! I gain so much from joining their group so I decided to do another game. In September I found out I am insulin resistant so my plan is to work on healing that foremost. That will include fasting, cutting back on processed foods- especially sugar, and prioritizing protein and veggies. I am a stay at home mom and do not have a lot of time to myself so honestly exercise is a struggle. Right now I am just working on getting more movement and doing activities that don't happen in the kitchen.

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Heather S.

You can do it!! Barley making it is still making it though. I’m glad you came and joined again. I was in the last one too.


It’s funny, I was just talking to a Kateka a couple days ago about doing an insulin resistance post. I have it as well, and it’s fascinating how it can make things so hard for weight loss. Cinnamon and garlic also help increase sensitivity, and as always, the classic cure-all, SLEEP! Good luck Lisa, so happy you are here with us again!


10/21/2021 9:00AM in October Strong with Kateka and Stuart!
  • I don’t think I’ve ever shared, here on Dietbet, some of the crazy things people have said to me about my body before:

    * “You’d look so much prettier if only you lost weight.”
    * (When I was engaged to Stuart, and eating ice cream at a work event), “Well, she obviously doesn’t care if she fits in her wedding dress or not.”
    * Where did you buy your jeans, I need to find some like that, that fit big butts like yours.
    * (When I was about to give birth to Henry one of the nurses said), “You’re chubby. Well, like.. you have meat on your bones. You’re not a toothpick. What I mean is, you’re stocky.”
    * “Did you know your butt jiggles when you laugh?”
    * “I guess Stuart doesn’t care if his wife is attractive or not.”

    And on and on. I am sure I am not alone in people making comments about your body too. I think it has been a battle for me to know that I am so much more than my body, when it seems like, good or bad, people will talk about my body to me. Their words get caught in my head, and even when I lose weight, suddenly all the praise I receive can sometimes make me uncomfortable because, again, it seems to validate that my looks should be the most important thing in my life.

    As you start this month please remember that you are MORE than a number on the scale, or a pant size, or someone else’s concept of you. Who cares what others think of you? It's not your job to make others like you, it's your job to make sure YOU like YOU.

    Yes, pounds lost is the name of the game here, but in the big picture, it’s not even close to the most important thing. Make sure you’re doing this game for YOU and not for anyone else, and that is has more to do with looks (I’d be lying, even after this rant, if I said it wasn’t somewhat important to me); maybe the bigger goal can be that it’s because you want to feel stronger/healthier/sleep better/manage your health/stress better. Non-scale victories are way more powerful than the scale. What non-scale victories are you looking forward to?

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Val E.

Girl, yes! It’s wild how freely some people comment on other people’s bodies. I try to be the person who doesn’t comment on weight gain or loss period. I’m talking you can drop 100 lbs and I’ll never say anything. I definitely have comments from decades ago even burned in my memory. While I no longer give them power, they’re there to guide me as I interact with others. I’ve lost a noticeable amount of weight the last few months and don’t know how to take the “positive” comments.

Lori M.

Being able to dress in whatever I want without worrying if someone is going to think or ask if my pregnant :s
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